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New Evidence: Vitamin K2 Can Change the World

New Evidence: Vitamin K2 Can Change the World

NattoPharma USA, Inc. | 11-May-2015 | Video Video
Global heart and bone health statistics are stark, and they will not improve unless we address a pervasive issue: Vitamin K2 deficiency....

Staying Active for Healthy Aging with OptiMSM®

Bergstrom Nutrition | 16-Apr-2015 | Video Video
OptiMSM® is an ultra-pure, branded MSM ingredient that is ideal for products targeting consumers who want to stay healthy and active as t...

The Most Bioavailable Organic Form of Magnesium

Albion | 10-Feb-2015 | Video Video
Magnesium is needed for over 360 biochemical functions in the body, from energy production to sleep. But it has little ben...

Custom Extraction Made Easy With Javaplant, Pilot or Large Scale.

Javaplant | 04-Feb-2015 | Video Video
Javaplant offers customization, tailor-made to order and contract manufacturing to meet customers' specific and unique needs. Javaplant c...

RIMFROST SUBLIME krill oil: The Difference is Clear

Bioriginal | 04-Dec-2014 | Video Video
Discover the clear difference of RIMFROST SUBLIME krill oil- Highest phospholipid levels on the market- Consistently high Astaxanthin lev...

The New Chia . . . Valensa’s Perilla Products

Valensa | 02-Dec-2014 | Video Video
Valensa’s supercritically extracted Perilla products are a superior source of plant-based Omega-3 that’s better than Chia & Flax. Con...

New Advances in Calcium Absorption & Bioavailability

Albion | 14-Nov-2014 | Video Video
See the compelling science behind new advances in calcium forms & bioavailability. This essential mineral, known for its role in main...

XanMax® -The Patented Natural Lutein & Zeaxanthin

12-Nov-2014 | Video Video
Katra is a Pioneer in Lutein and trans-Zeaxanthin combinations. Its flagship product, XanMax®, gives you a distinct advantage versus mark...

The Truth About Weight Loss Claims

Pharmachem | 02-Sep-2014 | Video Video
Consumers are skeptical about weight loss claims because there have been too many diet products that make outrageous, unsubstantiated cla...

Astaxanthin Dosing – More ISN’T Always Better

Valensa | 21-Jul-2014 | Video Video
Valensa's President & CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck talks about proper dosing of Astaxanthin, the King of Carotenoids. He discusses the benefi...

Go Easy™ - Promotes Regularity and Gastro-intestinal Health

22-Apr-2014 | Video Video
Valensa's President and CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck talks about Go Easy™, a patented and synergistic formula that may provide consumers with a u...

Parry Organic Spirulina: Organic•Green•Superfood

Valensa | 18-Nov-2013 | Video Video
Valensa's President & CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck discusses Parry Organic Spirulina. He talks about the features & health benefits of th...

Prostate 360 Science & Innovation in Men's Health

Valensa | 07-Oct-2013 | Video Video
Valensa's President & CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck talks about how Prostate 360™ combines patented USPlus® Saw Palmetto Extract & Cranbe...

Krill’s Omega-3s: It’s All about the Phospholipids

Aker BioMarine | 23-Sep-2013 | Video Video
Ever wonder how omega-3s behave in your body? How they are delivered determines their health potential. Krill’s phospholipid-bound omega-...

Parry Organic Spirulina: Organic•Green•Superfood

Valensa | 13-May-2013 | Video Video
Parry Organic Spirulina is the World's Finest Spirulina. It is the only USP Verified, FDA GRAS & USDA NOP Certified spirulina. It is...

Lignans: Manage Hot Flashes, Support Breast and Cardiovascular Health Naturally

Linnea | 29-Apr-2013 | Video Video
Lignans are emerging as a key dietary ingredient for women’s health. Classified as phytoestrogens, lignans are converted in the body to e...

Gastrointestinal models (TIM) with high predictive power

TNO, research partner | 21-Mar-2013 | Video Video
Testing digestibility, availability for adsorption, survival of probiotic strains, barrier function, effects of prebiotic fibers, SCFA pr...

Superba Krill; Sustainably Harvested & Certified

Aker BioMarine | 29-Oct-2012 | Video Video
Krill supplements are the fastest growing omega-3 category today. But is it a sustainable source? Yes. Actually, the krill fishery is one...

Clinically Researched Formulation to Burn Up To 278 MORE Calories

OmniActive Health Technologies | 14-Apr-2009 | Video Video
For decades, scientists have known about the weight-management and sports nutrition potential of red hot peppers, also known as capsicum....