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Pycnogenol® Improves Fitness and Muscle Recovery

Horphag Research | 23-Jan-2014 | PDF Research study
performance, increasing endurance and reducing cramping and soreness by controlling oxidative stress in both recreational athletes and tr...

Beauty From Within – What are the keys to success?

Seppic | 25-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Beauty from Within is a strong growing category. It has promising future in the US especially if we educate the consumers. This White Pap...

Improve digestive health with Fibregum™

Nexira Inc. | 19-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Fibregum™ acacia gum is a source of prebiotic, soluble dietary fiber from all natural, non GMO acacia trees. With a guaranteed 90% minimu...

Gemini Pharmaceuticals Quality Partnership Program

Gemini Pharmaceuticals | 18-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Gone are the days when the Brand Owner or Own Label Distributor could abdicate the responsibility for the quality of their products to th...

Capros® Superfruit: Next Generation Product for Cardiovascular Health

Natreon Inc. | 17-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Capros®, backed by 8 clinical studies and one mechanism of action study, is an excellent product for Heart Health. In addition, it is a s...

SOD B® - A concentrate of youth

Seppic | 17-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
SOD B® - A concentrate of youthContrary to common perception, our body produces its own antioxidants called primary antioxidants (SOD, CA...

BioCell Collagen, a clinically tested ingredient for joint, skin and connective tissue health.

BioCell Technology, LLC | 17-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Download this white paper to learn about the multiple human clinical trials conducted on BioCell Collagen. BioCell Collagen works from wi...
Consumer interest in healthy, lower sugar products

Consumer interest in healthy, lower sugar products

Sensus | 16-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Half of US consumers surveyed say the fiber level of a food product influences their purchase decision. This is especially true for young...
Kyowa Hakko

Cholesterol support for low/med risk individuals

Kyowa Hakko | 28-Jan-2014 | PDF Clinical study
Millions of health conscious consumers are looking for nutritional support to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  With numero...

Valensa’s Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin Offers Powerful Benefits!

Valensa | 05-Feb-2015 | PDF Case study
One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants supporting joint, cardio, brain, eye health and overall graceful aging, Zanthin® offers one of...

InterHealth for all Your Diet Ingredient Needs

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. | 03-Feb-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
InterHealth’s weight-loss ingredients—Meratrim®, Super CitriMax®, 7-Keto® and LOWAT®—are backed by weight management clinical research. T...

An introduction to Maritech® fucoidan extracts

Marinova Pty. Ltd. – Australia | 02-Feb-2015 | PDF Application note
Marinova is an Australian biotechnology company dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of fucoidan extracts - complex sul...
Cerule, L.L.C.

Cyactiv™, a new, brilliant “blue antioxidant”

Cerule | 01-Feb-2015 | PDF Clinical study
Cyactiv™, a brilliant “blue antioxidant” provides a new path to a healthy inflammation response allowing for an active lifestyle and over...

Poultry Protein: The Complete Package

International Dehydrated Foods | 30-Jan-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
With the uptrend in protein-packed applications and increasing allergen awareness, meat protein can be a desirable alternative to plant-...
Enhanced GSH Blood Levels From Oral Glutathione

Enhanced GSH Blood Levels From Oral Glutathione

Kyowa Hakko | 02-Jan-2014 | PDF Clinical study
A recent human clinical trial showed that oral supplementation of Setria® glutathione (GSH) increased levels of GSH in the blood. The stu...

Where the world is going next for Vitamin D

PLT Health Solutions | 26-Jan-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Earthlight Whole Food Vitamin D is new: a ‘whole food’ ingredient made from mushrooms that delivers 40,000 IU of Vitamin D per gram – as...
Clinically proven to help maintain a healthy weight

Clinically proven to help maintain a healthy weight

Gencor | 22-Jan-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Slimaluma is the only Caralluma Fimbriata extract clinically proven to support healthy weight management. This patented, standardized ext...
The Most Bioavailable, Organic Form of Magnesium

The Most Bioavailable, Organic Form of Magnesium

Albion | 22-Jan-2015 | PDF Research study
Magnesium is required by over 360 biochemical functions in the body, from energy production to sleep. But, it has little b...
Oximacro®, a new cranberry extract with 36% PACs

Oximacro®, a new cranberry extract with 36% PACs

Faravelli Group | 19-Jan-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Oximacro® is a cranberry powder and liquid extract with the highest content of Proanthocyanidins (PACs, 36%) on the market.It is produced...

Salsulin™: an extract for blood glucose metabolism

Bioactives American Corporation | 19-Jan-2015 | PDF Technical / white paper
Scientists now understand that high-calorie, processed foods contribute to impaired glucose tolerance, which affects blood glucose metabo...

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