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September 10th 2014

Sports Nutrition 2014 explores the current market and future opportunities for the sports nutrition industry, valued at more than $30 billion (€22b) globally.

This free-to-attend one-day online event offers valuable insights and presentations about the key product segments, demographic groups and geographic regions in this fast-paced and exciting business sector.

Webinars, moderated by the award-winning journalists behind the NutraIngredients and BeverageDaily news sites, will focus on market opportunities, formulation and regulatory challenges and strategies for brand success.

Conference programme webinars:
SN14-WRBM1-NIU-Sports Drinks Divorce: A Two-Tier Market Emerges

Sports Drinks Divorce: A Two-Tier Market Emerges - by William Reed Business Media

Ben Bouckley -, Jack Owoc - VPX/Redline

Gatorade was born in 1965 and with it the sports drinks market. Initially targeted at...

SN14-Capsugel-NIU-Sports nutrition powered by innovative dosage forms

Sports nutrition powered by innovative dosage forms - by Capsugel

Dominik Mattern - Capsugel

Dominik will showcase how the latest generation of dosage forms can benefit to R&D and...

SN14-Roquette-NIU-… Pea protein promise… muscle mass

… Pea protein promise… muscle mass - by Roquette

Amy Fratus - Roquette, Aurélie Mauray-Soulier - Roquette, Catherine Lefranc - Roquette

Sports nutrition products are no longer niche items for athletes. They appeal to general consumers...

SN14-Kemin-NIU-XSurge™: Recover Faster for a Stronger Start to Every Workout

XSurge™: Recover Faster for a Stronger Start to Every Workout - by Kemin Health

Tatania Emmick - Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

XSurge™ is a patent-pending, polyphenolic blend of powerful levels of active constituents examined following an...

SN14-Rousselot-Flex & Go with Peptan Collagen peptides

Flex & Go with Peptan Collagen peptides - by Rousselot

Richard Schell - Rousselot

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and the main component of...

SN14-Glanbia-NIU-Next Generation Amino Acid Technology

Next Generation Amino Acid Technology - by Glanbia Nutritionals North America

Jeremy Bartos - Glanbia Nutritionals Customized Solutions

Amino acid fortification is a rising market trend with sports nutrition as one of the...

SN14-Sabinsa-NIU-For The Love of Sports Ingredients, Naturally.

For The Love of Sports Ingredients, Naturally. - by Sabinsa Corporation

Anurag Pande - Sabinsa Corporation

Today sports nutrition is one of the most promising sectors of the dietary supplement industry,...

SN14-WRBM4-WC-SL-NIU-September-2014-Sports supplementation for all, personalized for me

Sports supplementation for all, personalized for me - by William Reed Business Media

Aurélie Mauray-Soulier - Roquette, James Collins - Arsenal Football Club, Mark Gilbert - / ESSNA Member, Shane Starling - NutraIngredients-Europe

For many consumers, there is a distinction between sports nutrition products for elite athletes and...

Arsenal FC scores speaking slot at Sports Nutrition 2014

Arsenal FC scores speaking slot at Sports Nutrition 2014

Sports Nutrition 2014 explores the market and future opportunities for the sports nutrition industry, valued at...

Ripped like Rambo, smart like Picasso! VPX rips up sports drink rules

‘Get ripped like Rambo and smart like Picasso!’ VPX rips up sports drink rulebook

VPX/Redline CEO Jack Owoc tells Sports Nutrition 2014 delegates how to create a creatine-based sports/energy...

2014 - 2015

The new NutraIngredients-USA online forum concept has been developed by our editors to feature the most innovative and thought provoking companies and personalities in the nutrition and dietary supplements market and provide fresh insight into the issues shaping the market via a more interactive format. This new series of one-hour live discussion forums will delve into hot topics such as cognitive health, functional foods, and going non-GMO that can easily be viewed from your computer live or on demand.

Conference programme webinars:
Forum: Trends in Functional Foods

Trends in Functional Foods - by William Reed Business Media

Eric Schnell - Metabrand, Hank Schultz -, Jason Sapsin - Fox Rothschild LLP, Jeff Hilton - BrandHive, Kantha Shelke - Corvus Blue LLC, Risa Schulman - Tap~Root

Pills or foods? That is the choice many consumers are making, and, depending on the...

Forum - The Nutraingredients-USA Forum: Cognitive Health Forum

The Nutraingredients-USA Forum: Cognitive Health Forum - by William Reed Business Media

David Barnes - Standard Process, Mark Strobel - Euromonitor International, Rob Paul - Nawgan Products, LLC, Stephen Daniells -, Virginia Giddings - Abbott Nutrition

From omega-3 to magnesium, and from ginkgo to curcumin, there are plenty of options for...

Thursday 13th February 2014

As consumer demand for functional foods and supplements containing healthy lipids and oils continues to soar, global demand for fish oils and omega oils (omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, & omega-9) will continue to climb.

Yet the massive market for these mega-ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy oils: from antioxidant-rich olive oils, to healthy vegetable and seed oils, and the growing interest for herbal oils and supplements – the market is booming.

While research on the benefits of supplements and health focused functional foods may take centre stage for many, tackling the challenges of sustainability, supply chain management, and formulation in finished products are all vital for future success.

In this NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator online event, we bring you the latest consumer and market insights, scientific developments and technical innovations in the nutritional lipids and oils space.

Conference programme webinars:
October 2, 2012

It's a generational thing! From infants to baby boomers, the market offers lots of products showing how preferences and needs differ from one age group to the next. The markets in individual categories are growing rapidly. For example the rising ageing population means products targeted at the elderly are increasing with focus on energy, cognitive health and bone and joint health.

Providing the right nutrition at progressing life stages can play a key role in reducing the risk of developing a number of conditions, from cancer to diabetes, osteoporosis to obesity. The right nutrition for the right age group also increases the feeling of day-to-day wellbeing.

Successfully developing food, beverage and supplement products for different age groups requires a deep understanding of tastes, health conditions, and spending power, but which groups show the most market potential? What do different groups look for in a food, beverage or supplement? Which are the health benefits they look for the most? And how can successful formulations be translated from one generation to the next?

LifeStages2012 will focus on the very latest opportunities in this sector, including the ever-expanding Kids health category, a detailed overview on the different age groups in the life stages markets, life stage product opportunities in emerging markets and of course marketing and advertising to the modern day world.

Conference programme webinars:
1st February 2012

Probiotics may have taken some time to seep into consumer consciousness, especially in the US, but digestive health last year entered the top three fastest growing functional food categories. And with developments in science and technology also come greater opportunities to widen the category beyond the traditional dairy application.

The ever-prevalent interest in products that can help boost the body's defence and the direct manner in which gut health benefits are felt has fortified a €12bn+ category.

Regulatory uncertainly in Europe and a string of high-profile lawsuits in the US has made firms much more cautious about making health claims about probiotics.

The Pre- & Probiotics 2012 Virtual Conference will assess this ever-developing but highly critical scenario from both the scientific and regulatory point of view.

Conference programme webinars:
November 09, 2011

As obesity rates continue to rise, the opportunities for scientifically-substantiated weight management food products are impressive.

The emphasis is now moving from dietary programs like Atkins towards an approach that integrates weight loss with overall good health. From market leading satiety ingredients to the next generation of reformulated low-fat products, from sweeteners to meal replacements blessed by EFSA, the weight management market is driving innovation across the industry.

The Weight Management 2011 Virtual Conference & Expo will bring together leading voices in these key areas, as well the cutting edge science of probiotics and prebiotics, and pragmatic insights into getting a health claim.

Conference programme webinars:
MAY 25, 2011

As populations age, the threat of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis is looming large in the global consciousness. But bone and joint health go beyond the elderly, with implications for the young, athletes, and beyond.

Natural products with potential bone and joint health benefits - calcium, vitamins D and K, glucosamine, and chondroitin, to name but a few - are big business: The US bone and joint health market was estimated to be worth $178 million in 2008, and is predicted to be $246 million by 2015, according to Frost & Sullivan.

However, conflicting science and regulatory pressures are undermining the potential growth of this market.

The Bone & Joint Health 2011 Virtual Conference will look at what products are working and with whom, how to strengthen the science, and how to formulate a winning product.


Conference programme webinars:
March 29, 2011

Gut health and immunity products have been the star performers in functional foods for many years, but the category faces serious challenges as regulators globally place stringent demands on the kind of science required to back claims.

Big Food players like Danone, Yakult and General Mills are heavily invested in the €12bn+ sector that analysts predict will double to €24bn by 2016, despite the EU and US regulatory clampdown that has forced shifts not only in marketing strategies - but the very relationship between marketing and science.

The sector's ongoing scientific efforts have been boosted recently by the US's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) - an organ of the National Institutes of Health - explicitly backing probiotic research and effects in a number of health areas in the gut, the immune system and beyond.

The Pre- & Probiotics 2011 Virtual Conference will feature leading voices offering cutting edge, pragmatic advice to advance understanding of where pre- and probiotic science is at, where it is going, and how it can inform claim-making and market building.

Conference programme webinars:
Jan 27, 2011

On Thursday 27th January 2011, food and beverage formulators from all over the world connected with industry experts and ingredients suppliers during a 4 hour virtual conference.

From their desktops, they were all able to attend live conferences, and network with industry experts, all on the Internet

SportsNutrition2011 delivered the first one-day virtual event on the latest trends and strategies in sports nutrition for the food, beverage and dietary supplements industries.

Conference programme webinars:
November 4th, 2010

As the global problem of obesity becomes more pronounced, science is helping build credibility for a number of ingredients, and leading companies are forming high-profile food partnerships to get them to consumers.

Food-industry experts predict weight management will be the most significant trend in food in coming years. This is why, from an ingredient standpoint, so many major suppliers are beefing up their portfolio of weight-management offerings. It's one of the main reasons why functional foods are the fastest-growing sector of the food industry, and why the weight-management market is valued at more than $7 billion globally.

While some brands, such as SlimFast, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig have mushroomed on the back of consumer needs, weight management supplements have been blighted by dubious internet offers. How does the market respond to increasing consumer cynicism, how does it grow the science, and what are the next big developments for the segment?

Conference programme webinars:

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