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Wisdom Herbs introduces fiber-boosting supplements


Wisdom Nutrition, a division of Wisdom Herbs, is to launch three new supplements - Fiber Wisdom, Joint Wisdom and Osteo Wisdom - at the National Nutritional Foods Association trade show in Las Vegas, opening this week.

All of the new products contain no calories or sugar, have a neutral taste and dissolve easily in beverages and soft foods, according to Wisdom Herbs. They come in convenient single serving packets, ready to add to products.

Steve May, COO of Wisdom Herbs, highlighted the innovative delivery system (dissolvable powder in single-serve packets), which is "much more appealing to consumers than gritty or high calorie drink mixes".

Fiber Wisdom contains Frutafit Inulin (FOS) and is designed to promote mineral and calcium absorption. The fiber extract used in the supplement can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support the cardiovascular system, according to the firm.

Joint Wisdom contains glucosamine and MSM powder for athletes and those who suffer from joint stiffness and osteoarthritis, while Osteo Wisdom targets calcium absorption with its mix of calcium and Frutafit Inulin. As well as helping to prevent osteoporosis, it is also ideal for those who are lactose intolerant or in need of an effective calcium source, says Wisdom Herbs.

Wisdom Herbs also makes SweetLeaf Stevia products, Wisdom of the Ancients brand herbal teas, Wisdom Nutrition and Sweet & Slender natural sweetener.