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Which supplement brands are people buying online?

1 commentBy Stephen DANIELLS , 02-Oct-2015
Last updated on 07-Jul-2016 at 16:30 GMT2016-07-07T16:30:57Z

Image © iStockPhoto
Image © iStockPhoto

Online is increasingly a vital outlet for supplements, but which brands rule the internet, what’s their share, and how do they differ between the retailers online?

Online is the number one outlet, according to data from the TABS Group’s 8th Annual Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Study , and is dominated by pure play online retailers (versus retailers with both an online and a bricks-and-mortar presence), there was a decline in the size of this sector, he said. Pure play online retailers share surged to 80% of online sales versus 67% in 2013 and 2014. The largest online retailer is Amazon, with 36% of the sector (see slide below).

Online vitamin sales hit $1.9 billion surpassing Walmart’s sales of $1.7 billion in 2014, a slight increase over 2014. However, online’s share of occasions (a proxy for share) of the vitamin category dropped from 9.9 in 2014 to 9.7 in 2015, the first time online share has dropped since the inception of the TABS Group survey in 2005.


Source: TABS Group

Dr Kurt Jetta, CEO and founder of the TABS Group, told attendees to its 8th Annual Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Study “Given that vitamins is among the most highly developed online categories in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, this study adds an important data point that suggests online sales in CPG have peaked with the existing online shopping technology.”

Using sales data from JeeQ Data LLC, NutraIngredients-USA is able to show which brands are ruling the roost on,,, and

JeeQ Data is a new company and was founded by former Microsoft and employees.

“With our service, you can track top selling food and drugs, electronics, books, home and kitchen products, clothes, shoes and almost any retail category products with just a few clicks,” explained Kevin Zhang, the founder of JeeQ Data. “The summary report can be categorized by brand, model, manufacturers etc, so you know which brands or models are selling the best in the past week or past month, the price changes history and other top selling trends.”

The data from allows for a breakdown of the category into several sub-categories, including pre-natal and Ayurvedic supplements. As can be seen from the first figure, the top selling brand in September in the vitamins and dietary supplements category was Optimum Nutrition with its 100% Whey Gold Standard and Creatine Powder selling well. The second bestselling brand is HyperBiotics with its PRO-15 product topping the individual sales charts. Other brands in selling well include Natrol and SmartPants Vitamins (see below)


Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

The bestselling pre-natal brand is Nature Made, followed by Rainbow Light, Garden of Life, and Mega Food.


Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

In the Ayurvedic space, Benyan Botanicals dominates. The 42% figure represents the best seller appearance “share” for September for that brand, followed by four brands with 10%.

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

Nature Made are strong on, with a 24% best seller appearance “share” for September on Other bestselling brands include Enfamil, Culturelle, and Schiff.

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

Data from shows the general vitamin category and sports nutrition. For the former, the retailer’s own brand, Spring Valley, is the top selling brand, with a 29% best seller appearance “share” for September. His is followed by brands such as Alli and Metamucil. 

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

In the sports nutrition space, US Nutrition is the bestselling brand, with 22%, closely followed by EAS with 17% and Pure Protein with 16%.

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

Nature’s Bounty is the bestselling brand on, with 30% in September. This is followed by RiteAid’s own brand products, and then Nature Made and Bausch & Lomb.

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

Nature Made surges back into first place on, with a 23% best seller appearance “share” for September of vitamin supplements on that site. 

Source: JeeQ Data. Used with permission

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Best selling is not the same as the best

In my opinion not a single one of the brands mentioned makes really useful products.

The problem is, as usual, that these producers are focusing on money. They want the lowest costs, the highest returns and the least hassle. Meaning they always end up releasing some compromise.

I feel like crying when I see these 'clinical trials' that are NEVER executed by independent researchers. One example that comes to mind is AHCC, a very well selling mushroom product. Not a single research paper dealing with this product is independent - either the company funds it or it involves employees of the company or a combination of these... no one ever bothered to repeat the research or build on it because the product is obviously not worth it. Just looking at the ingredients can tell you that.

There are too many lies and cheats. It worries me because it gives the industry as a whole a bad name in the long run. It also kills the therapeutic potential that lies hidden in these natural products. Simply, because people will no longer believe what is being written, after having faced decades of deception and plain lies.

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Posted by Sheb
13 October 2015 | 23h362015-10-13T23:36:38Z

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