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Where does calcium come from?


Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a new website to inform consumers on the benefits of dairy calcium.

The business, a new division of Irish dairy ingredients company Glanbia, said recent research conducted by the firm showed a strong misconception held by the consumer that all calcium comes from milk. It said there is a profound lack of awareness that currently, the main types of calcium used in calcium-enriched foods is chemically synthesized.

The website contains extensive information on the benefits of dairy calcium and its role in bone health, weight management and hypertension.

"Many people do not consume enough calcium and other essential minerals in their diet, and diseases such as osteoporosis and brittle bones have become a very big concern in the global population," said Jerry O'Dea, president of Glanbia Nutritionals.

Glanbia Nutritionals was officially launched at Supply Side West in December 2002, reflecting the company's growth strategy in the nutrition sector.

Glanbia products include TruCal, a natural source of dairy calcium containing the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and zinc for bone health, used to fortify food and beverages.

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