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SoBe launches Synergy line


South Beach Beverage Company is introducing a new range of 'healthy refreshment beverages' called SoBe Synergy. The line has been designed specifically as a vending category entry, and adds five new flavors to the company's healthy drink portfolio.

SoBe Synergy flavors include Kiwi Strawberry, Fruit Punch, Mango Orange, Lemonade and Grape. Each flavor is said to contain 50 per cent real juice content and will be fortified with vitamins, calcium and zinc. SoBe Synergy also has a low calorie content (80 calories per 8 ounce serving) and less sugar than 100 per cent juice products, according to the firm.

The product launch is timed to respond to growing criticism of the soft drinks industry, particularly those brands available in vending machines in schools, which are thought to be contributing to the rising rates of obesity among children."In recent months, the beverage industry as a whole has been challenged to develop a wider array of 'better-for-you' products," said SoBe chief operating officer Tom Bene.

SoBe Synergy will leverage parent company PepsiCo's vending expertise to strengthen its position in the healthy beverages category, added Bene.

SoBe Synergy was tested in three markets this spring and is expected to be available at vending outlets throughout the country this fall. It is packaged in 11.5 ounce cans and will retail for $.75 - $1.00.

Just last week Connecticut-based SoBe Beverages announced it was relaunching its SoBe Lean diet beverage line in new packaging and flavors for the summer.