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Revolutionary supplement programme from NuGenix


A nutritional programme which claims to be the most advanced in the world has been launched by the direct selling company NuGenix.

The US company said that the BodyGenix programme had been presented to a select group of prospective distributors on 3 August, and that scientists from NuGenix ' partner company, GeneLink, had been on hand to explain the technology behind the programme.

GeneLink 's technology is used to examine genomes, and the data thus gathered is then used by NuGenix to create a customised nutritional regimen which is tailored to the exact requirements of the customer, the company said.

"The process is as simple as using a toothbrush," NuGenix said in a statement. "First, using a collection kit supplied by GeneLink, the individual swabs the inside of his/her mouth and sends the sample to GeneLink's lab for analysis. In seven to ten days, he/she will receive a detailed personalised nutragenetic profile assessment that suggests which areas of health may benefit from additional nutritional support.

"The functional health areas included in the nutragenetic profile include oxidative stress, heart and circulatory health, immune health and environmental health. The reported information is used to suggest optimal nutrition and lifestyle modifications, including the customised nutritional supplement regimen. A 30-day supply of the regimen is included with the initial test results, and additional 30-day supplies will be shipped directly to the customer each month."

The new programme is now available through a selection of direct-to-consumer marketers in the US.