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Nashai Biotech locks in tea potential


A patent-pending process developed by research and development company Nashai Biotech successfully preserves and protects active theaflavins in finished products, claims the company.

Michael Vaughn, president and CEO of Nashai Biotech, explained: "Researchers have found that theaflavins degrade and lose their active properties when they are made into a powder or liquid and are exposed to the natural environment. Nashai's proprietary technology preserves and protects the active ingredient theaflavin, ensuring bioavailability, as well as safety and shelf life for two years."

Theaflavins are produced when green tea ferments and changes into black or oolong tea. They have been shown to have positive effects on cardiovascular health, cancer and other areas. Nashai Biotech has developed a proprietary nutritional supplement, called Teaflavin, which has undergone tests, including two years of actual stability, as well as for safety and toxicity. The ingredient originates as organically grown tea and the finished product is GMO-free.

Teaflavin will be marketed by Nashai through exclusive licensing agreements in multiple distribution channels. "In cooperation with leading international cardiologists at academic medical centers, the Tennessee biotech community and industry partners, Nashai Biotech is positioned to capitalize on its broad base of clinical research and intellectual property to demonstrate the effectiveness of science-based nutritional supplements as cost-effective, meaningful solutions for preventive healthcare," said Vaughn. Vaughn added that the firm intends to vigorously protect its intellectual property behind the product.