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Growing demand for sports drink


ChampionLyte says it will up production of its sugar-free energy drink due to growing demand. There are also plans for four new flavors of the sports drink.

ChampionLyte was recently reformulated to include the sweetener Splenda, the trade name for sucralose produced by McNeil Nutritionals. The product has no calories, sorbitol, saccharin, aspartame, caffeine, carbohydrates or caffeine.

"Our entire initial production run is now entirely sold out," said Donna Bimbo, president of ChampionLyte Beverages. "While we knew there was a demand for a high-quality, sugar-free isotonic beverage, we're pleasantly surprised at how quickly the product has been consumed by our distributors. We're also getting excellent feedback from those distributors concerning retail sales."

ChampionLyte is currently available in orange, fruit punch, lemon-lime, pink lemonade and blue raspberry flavors.

"We will soon add four new flavors including a proprietary sugar-free tea to our seasonal offerings," said Bimbo.

ChampionLyte is said to replace electrolytes, especially after exercise, without the ingredients like sugar that would cause weight gain.