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GNC goes ephedra-free


Leading supplements retailer General Nutrition Centers has launched its first ephedra-free dietary supplement called GNC Total Lean.

The company claims its thermogenic formula is clinically researched to increase metabolism and boost energy. A 14-day meal and exercise program is included with each product to help the user burn more calories.

Michael K. Meyers, GNC president and chief executive officer, said: "GNC Total Lean is more than a dietary supplement. It's a program that combines a basic 1,500 calorie meal and exercise plan in addition to supplementation."

The formulation includes guarana seed extract, black tea leaves extract, grape skin and seed extracts, ginger root extract and dill weed extract.

The meal and exercise plan were developed in cooperation with registered dietitians and health professionals. The menu provides an average of 1,500 calories per day, with 40 per cent of calories from carbohydrates and 30 per cent of calories each from protein and fat.

Pittsburgh-based GNC , which claims to be the largest US specialty retailer of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dutch company Royal Numico.