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A cooler way to take vitamins


J. Leonard Neutraceuticals has developed a new delivery method for children's vitamins - the Yikes! Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops.

The lollipops makes taking vitamins more fun for children but can also be an easier way for adults, who have trouble or dislike swallowing pills, suggest the company.

"We wanted to create a vitamin that was fun and easy for children to take but didn't contain tons of sugar," said Rebecca Leonard, president of J. Leonard Neutraceuticals. "It took several years for us to find the perfect formula that would taste good to kids and provide the essential vitamins they need."

Studies indicate that liquid vitamins absorb faster and more efficiently into the bloodstream than taking them in tablet form. This could make the new product more effective than a chewable tablet or capsule vitamins that require additional digestion of fillers and binders to initiate the pill's dissolving process in the body, claims the company. Elderly people may also lack the ability to completely breakdown tablets and capsules in the body.

Each Yikes! Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pop contains two ounces of liquid providing 15 essential vitamins and minerals, and 100 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of all essential vitamins, according to J. Leonard Neutraceuticals. The pops come in lemon-lime, orange, grape and kiwi-strawberry flavors and do not contain any artificial sweeteners or added sugars.