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Booming demand for certification drives LGC's lab expansion

LGC Group said strong demand for its supplement testing services led the need for an expansion at its laboratory in Lexington, KY.  The expanded facility was inaugurated at a ceremony...

dispatches from HiE 2016

Teff: The next ‘ancient grain’ to make nutrition ripples?

The success of chia and quinoa has opened the door for other less-known ancient grains, but one South African company exporting teff is wary of a boom and bust effect.

Mixed anti-doping messages: Call to address hypocritical sports supplement sponsorship

There is a huge hypocritical disconnect between the advice given by some sports clubs against supplement use and the sponsorship deals they sign, says certification body Informed-Sport.

Demographics don't provide easy answers to GMO debate, says Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center: The GMO debate is hugely polarizing, but the divide ‘does not fall along familiar political fault lines’

Think anti-GMO sentiment is primarily the preserve of white college educated liberals? Think again, says Pew Research Center, which has just conducted a consumer survey suggesting that attitudes on GMOs,...

Will 2017 be the year of personalized nutrition?

A new report published by New Nutrition Business names 'Personalization' as one of the key nutrition and health trends for next year.

Celebrity endorsements matter to Millennial men buying dietary supplements, says Packaged Facts

Compared to women, men are more likely to buy nutritional supplements endorsed by a celebrity, says a report by Packaged Facts.

Drug development, continued R&D to carry ChromaDex through soft earnings patch, exec says

Fluctuating sales have pushed ChromaDex Corp. back into the red after a brief flurry operating at a break-even point.  CEO Frank Jaksch said the company is on track despite the...

Plant protein startup rides simplification message

Plant protein startup Oriya is riding a message of a short ingredient list toward greater national distribution.

China supplements market uncovered (part two): Which health claims can entice Chinese citizens?

Analysis of the top 20 claims of new health supplement launches in China between 2014-16 shows products targeting female and seniors are on the rise, with claims related to bone,...

'In five years this will be routine': Map My Gut start-up offers personalised microbiome advice

Giving personalised gut health advice will be routine medical practice in five years, predicts the researcher behind the new start-up Map My Gut and big gut data projects British Gut...

Special Edition: Pre & Probiotics

Time is ripe for polyphenols as prebiotics, expert says

Could the idea of prebiotics be extended to include polyphenolic ingredients?  An expert in the field says there is a growing body of evidence to support the notion.

Consumers feel more connected to retailers that reflect their communities, C Space survey finds

Offering a small selection of locally produced food and beverages is no longer enough to set retailers apart -- now the entire store needs to reflect the community it serves...

There's demand for chewable caffeine beyond the outdoor and athletic set, says Compete Energy Bites exec

When the brand first launched in 2014, the bites were positioned for gyms and sport specialty stores. But as time passed, the creators realized there was mainstream appeal and demand...

China supplements market uncovered (part one): Minerals and dietary supplements out-performing vitamins

Minerals and dietary supplements are leading the nutrition industry’s charge in China, with vitamins lagging behind, according to a new report which suggests the total market will reach RMB124bn (USD$20bn)...

Natural Grocers same store sales disappoint; guidance for 2017 ratcheted down

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage continues to grow, but increased competition has the company becoming tied ever more firmly to its strategy of aggressive growth in the number of stores.

IPA and ISAPP collaborate on new paper about probiotic use in at-risk populations

Pharmacists should verify GMP compliance, check pathogen and toxin testing, and seek out products with 3rd party certifications before recommending probiotic products to at-risk individuals, says a new paper from...

Ongoing study looks at how vitamin K supplementation can reduce cardiovascular risk in obese children

Can vitamin K slow the progression of dyslipidemia and impact diabetes risk? Researchers in Georgia think so, and the American Heart Foundation has awarded them a grant to study the hypothesis...

Entries close 3 February 2017

2017 NutraIngredients Awards celebrates best in nutrition innovation (globally)

The NutraIngredients Awards are back in 2017 with new categories to reward the most innovative players in the global world of nutrition.

Australia’s favourite vitamin brand revealed as data shows almost 45% regularly take a supplement

Almost 9m Aussies (44.2% of the population) regularly take vitamins, minerals or supplements, with Nature’s Own being the most widely consumed brand, according to new research.

Trump: Good or bad news for the supplements industry? (Our survey results are in)

From ‘doom to ‘more self-governance’, the prospect of a Trump presidency has provoked alarm and delight in equal measure. We asked you what a Trump presidency would mean for supplements...

The top trending Ayurveda ingredients right now…and why they are destined to remain niche products in the West.

Tulsi, ashwagandha and cardamom are three of the hottest Ayurvedic ingredients right now, but the likelihood of them gaining mass appeal in Europe and the US is limited by scepticism...

Declining nutrient intakes still a worry in growing China, researchers say

Despite economic growth and reduction in income poverty, calorie intakes and nutritional wellbeing are declining in China, warn researchers.

Probiotic supplements on rise in global €40bn market

Latest data from Euromonitor International shows the global probiotics market is worth about €40bn, yoghurt continues to be the dominant mode of delivery although probiotic supplements are growing fastest.

MusclePharm settles Capstone suit, makes progress on restructuring

Struggling sports nutrition brand MusclePharm and its contract manufacturer Capstone Nutrition have settled a breach of contract suit.  Capstone reportedly settle for an $11 million payment from MusclePharm and dismissal...

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