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Largest CoQ10 supplier achieves USP Verified certification

With the announcement of USP certification for Chinese CoQ10 producer Xiamen Kingdomway, as much as 90% of the market is now certified, said Scott Steinford, head of the new CoQ10 Association.

NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the top stories of May 2015?

Do you know which trade association filed a citizen petition with the FDA to apply GMPs to ingredient suppliers? Which company was named Startup of the Year at the NutraIngredients Awards? Or...

Plandaí gets Phytofare green tea extract on shelves via deal with South African company

Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc has reached another milestone in its quest to commercialize its Phytofare green tea extract via a supply deal with a South African company.

Guest article

Euromonitor runs rule over recent nutraceutical award winners

Market analyst Euromonitor International dissects recent NutraIngredients Awards winners to provide category perspective from sustainable omega-3 to healthy ageing in this guest article.

Is the $35 billion figure for the dietary supplements industry over-inflated?

The US dietary supplements industry is only worth about $12 billion, according to Dr Kurt Jetta, CEO and founder of the TABS Group.

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Transparency could be the 1st step towards greater consistency in testing methods & labs: Experts

Third-party labs that keep their testing information proprietary to gain a competitive advantage may actually be harming their business, say leading experts calling for more transparency in the analytical sector.

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Tapping into product- and ingredient-specific data can speed R&D cycle, experts say

Stepping beyond a company's in-house expertise and hooking into a provider of ingredient- and product-specific data can make R&D into more of a science and less of an art. Experts...

Meet execs from Sparkling ICE, Chobani, Tio Gazpacho, NASA

Innovate or die: Introducing Food Vision USA... from 3D printing to personalized nutrition

Imagine a place where you can meet the entrepreneurs behind new food & beverage categories and retail channels; pioneers in the field of nutrigenomics, edible insects, and 3D printing; food...


Body of endocannabinoid research makes compelling case for wider use

An exciting new area of research involves the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the phyto-cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD).  

USDA Process Verification Program provides non-GMO certification alternative

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Process Verification Program could provide an avenue for firms to certify the veracity of non-GMO claims without indirectly suggesting that genetic engineering is undesirable or...

Global food supply balance is becoming increasingly unstable as population grows

As the global population increases and food demand has grown, the globalisation of trade has made the food supply more sensitive to environmental and market fluctuations, leading to higher risks...

Natural Grocers sees supplement sales rise in face of recent bad press

In another confirmation of the transitory nature of the NYAG affair, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage reported stable growth in supplement sales in its half-year earnings results in which the...

Leading emerging countries match poor nutrition patterns of the West

For consumers in newly wealthy countries like China and South Korea, nutrition is not improving at anywhere near the pace their nations’ economies are growing, a leading think tank believes. ...

Special Edition: Supply in the time of Schneiderman

The supply end of the dietary supplement sector has come under extraordinary pressures of late. While the NYAG affair has called the integrity of the supply chain into question, demand...

Whole Foods Market will enter value ring with new price sensitive chain in 2016

Unable to shake its reputation for being notoriously expensive, Whole Foods Market is changing tack to appeal to less affluent millennials with the launch of a new value-focused chain. 

Gala Awards night at Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, Switzerland

NutraIngredients Awards shine spotlight on nutrition stars

200 people from the European and international food and nutrition sectors helped 20 finalists and seven winners celebrate at the inaugural NutraIngredients Awards last night at Vitafoods Europe.

NIU’s Retailer forum: ‘Innovation is much more innovative now’

‘There is plenty of innovation going on in dietary supplements’ and the NY Attorney General’s investigation is ‘a wake-up call for the retailers’, according to participants of NutraIngredients-USA retailer forum....

Eurofins acquires US and Canadian firms to push into Americas market

Eurofins Scientific has acquired QC Laboratories (QCL) in the US and Experchem in Canada saying it sees the Americas as an attractive market for all businesses.

Nutritional drink marketing linked to music, sports & politics may be most effective, study reveals

Manufacturers of high-end juices, nutritional shakes and smoothies likely will get more bang from their advertising buck in marketing associated with music, sports, technology and politics, according to consumer research...

The key quotes from social media

Vitafoods 2015: Tweet by tweet

Our team of journalists and editors will be bringing you the latest news, views, pictures and tweets from the Vitafoods show in Geneva. Stick with us to keep up to date...

News in brief

Botanical Adulterants Program endorsed by four international health professional groups

The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium, American Herbalists Guild, and Irish Register of Herbalists have thrown their support behind the ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program.

Disptaches from Vitafoods Europe 2015

Start-ups stake vital claim to nutrition leadership at Vitafoods

Experts at Vitafoods Europe say the true age of the start-up is upon us as markets fragment and larger players are caught behind the innovation curve.

TOMORROW! NutraIngredients-USA’s View from the Aisles Forum: The retailers' perspective

It's your last chance to register for the NutraIngredients-USA View from the Aisles Forum, with the hour long discussion to be broadcast tomorrow at 11am EDT - 10am CDT –...

GNC reports ‘self-inflicted’ & ‘disappointing’ Q1

Lower consumer engagement and an inadequate assessment of the impact of prior-year promotions, but not the NY AG’s probe, are responsible for a ‘disappointing’ Q1, said GNC’s CEO Mike Archbold....

Attorney: This case could end up in the Supreme Court

What does the ruling in Vermont mean for GMO labeling?

While opponents of Vermont’s GMO labeling Act 120 suffered a major setback this week after a federal judge rejected many of their arguments, some attorneys predict the case could ultimately...