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Sustained release powdered CarnoSyn opens doors to new markets, applications for beta-alanine

Natural Alternatives International’s new sustained release CarnoSyn powder significantly expands the appeal of the muscle-building and endurance-boosting beta-alanine ingredient beyond just hardcore fitness enthusiasts to women, the elderly and consumers...

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NOVEMBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know which retailer suspended sales of products by USPLabs? Which Senator went after supplements containing picamilon? Or which team is partnering with Klean Athlete?

“There is significant opportunity for relaxation beverages," Traditional Medicinals manager says

Traditional Medicinals sees untapped potential for growth in the emerging calming beverage category, which consumers are turning to for help counterbalancing the effects of popular energy drinks and everyday stress.


Academic excitement about inflammation falls on consumer deaf ears: Consultant

There is only one approved health claim for inflammation in Europe and it is not being used because it means nothing to consumers, according to a health food consultant.

GNC severs longstanding relationship with USPLabs

GNC Holdings has suspended sales of USPLabs products in the wake of that company’s high profile criminal indictment. This marks a break in a relationship that has persisted through government...

Holland & Barrett results a bright spot for NBTY as it posts razor-thin overall sales gain in 2015

NBTY recorded $3.23 billion in net sales in its fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2015. That total represented a razor-thin gain from the previous, disappointing year but nevertheless was a...

Special edition: Inflammation

Turmeric has re-invigorated the inflammation market: Marketing guru

While consumers may still struggle to grasp the importance of inflammation management, the growth of turmeric/ curcumin is helping to drive the conversation forward, says BrandHive's Jeff Hilton.

Special edition: Inflammation

Are we set to see an increase in demand for anti-inflammatory formulations?

Healthy aging and increasing coverage by the mainstream media could help drive demand for products addressing inflammation over the next few years, say experts.

exclusive guest article

The state of the health and wellness market in 2015

Is organic still selling? Does the 'natural' trend mean fortified/functional food is now passé? And why are consumers turning their noses up at better for you (BFY) offerings? Ewa Hudson,...

Slow pace of innovation hurts sales as Vitamin Shoppe battles industry headwinds, CEO says

The Vitamin Shoppe CEO Colin Watts said a slow pace of innovation in the supplements industry has hurt the company, which has relied on a rapid pace of new product...

FOOD VISION USA, the highlights: From DNA diets and mass customization via 3D printing, to 'old school' deal tactics

 If you didn't make it to Chicago last week for the inaugural Food Vision USA event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional...

GNC stock price plunges 28% after disappointing Q3 earnings report

GNC’s stock value took a significant hit following the release of disappointing third quarter earnings. The company finds itself between the rock of investigations by state attorneys general and the...

OCTOBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know how many Americans take supplements? Which Senator went after supplements containing vinpocetine and picamilon? Or which company received a probiotic award from Frost & Sullivan?

Health-committed consumer shops more, wants help: Dunnhumby

An improving economy and growing concerns over obesity and related health issues are creating a new category of shoppers, according to U.K.-based customer science firm Dunnhumby. 

Emerging health concerns could cast shadow on protein, but for now ingredient shines

The health halo around protein continues to shine brightly, but a shadow could be cast on the ingredient as some consumers start asking if it is possible to have too...

Perrigo to sell US supplements business to help stave off hostile takeover bid

Perrigo plans to sell its US VMS business as part of an effort to stave off a hostile takeover bid, the company announced late last week.

Consumer confidence in supplements remains high, says CRN survey

Eighty-four percent of US adults expressing overall confidence in the safety, quality and effectiveness of dietary supplements, according to the results of the newest survey commissioned by the Council for...

Inflammation: Key lessons for what you can and cannot say (and when and how to say it)

Experts from the Natural Products Association, Metagenics, Penn State University, and Greenberg Traurig LLP will discuss the opportunities and challenges of marketing products positioned for inflammation in the FREE-TO-ATTEND NutraIngredients-USA...

SupplySide West

Extent of confusion about “natural” continues as trade group works to define the term

The term “natural” is an extremely effective marketing claim that taps into one of the hottest current trends in food and beverage, but because it is not defined, it leaves...

SupplySide West: Protein Trends Part 2

Alternative proteins gain popularity, but long-term viability of some questioned

Myriad new protein sources – from pea to microalgae to insect – are gaining traction in some packaged foods and beverages, but whether they move beyond novelty and survive long-term...

Wholesale hemp prices declining despite fractured US supply chains, investment advisor says

Investment opportunities in the CBD space continue to abound despite the regulatory uncertainties, the director of a Boulder-based fund says.

Energy shot based on hemp juice poised to hit market

Another shot competitor seeks to take 5 Hour Energy’s title, this time based on the benefits of “hemp juice.”

GOED exec on national campaigns, health claims, and El Niño

A positive decision from the FDA on a qualified health claim for omega-3s and blood pressure would be “further justification that EPA and DHA are good for your heart”, says Adam...

live from EFSA's 2nd scientific conference

‘Starving Africa’ cliché used to push GM: Harvard Professor

An over-simplistic image of impoverished, malnutritioned Africa is being used to push the case for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), a senior Harvard professor has warned.

Vitamin Shoppe rolls out Protein Pantry, devotes increasing shelf space to functional foods

The Vitamin Shoppe is expanding its protein-infused foods assortment with its new Protein Pantry product category to meet growing consumer demand.

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