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Consumers will pay more for products with additional information on ingredients, allergy, survey finds

Manufacturers could help restore consumers' waning faith in the quality and safety of food and beverages, and potentially command a higher price point, by providing consumers with more information about...

Consumable purchases are down due partly to “self-inflicted wounds,” TABS Group says

Consumer purchases of packaged food and beverages in key major categories are down substantially from a year ago due partly to demographic shifts, but mostly because of “self-inflicted wounds” by retailers and...

Finding the right endorsers & mixing the right proteins are part of winning in sports nutrition game, say experts

Opportunities abound in the growing sports nutrition market, speakers on NIU’s recent forum told listeners. The forum, available on demand, covered topics of marketing, formulation and label transparency.

Reserveage Organics founder credits Gelita with firming up science supporting beauty-from-within

Reserveage Organics, a company built first upon the benefits of the antioxidants found in wine grapes, is expanding rapidly into the beauty-from-within category, which founder Naomi Whittel says is finally...

Which supplement brands are people buying online?

Online is increasingly a vital outlet for supplements, but which brands rule the internet, what’s their share, and how do they differ between the retailers online?

Six disruptive brands in health & wellness... and what they can teach us

The tortoise - rather than the hare – is often the winner in the retail food and beverage industry, says Hartman Group’s SVP James Richardson, PhD, who says we can...


Open book: The future of probiotic marketing in Europe

‘Openness’ and ‘better dialogue’ between industry, scientists and regulators were themes of the day as the newly minted European chapter of the International Probiotics Association (IPA-Europe) launched itself with a...

SEPTEMBER 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

Do you know which herb the NY AG went after in September? Are you up to date on key new hires at some of the trade associations? Or which nutrient...

Food Vision USA: How do you maintain a challenger brand mentality as a mainstream player?

‘Challenger’ brands – anarchic, agile brands which disrupt established categories – are Davids outmaneuvering industry Goliaths. And Chobani is probably the perfect example, going from zero to a billion dollars...

Part 1: One-on-one with the Tea Council of the USA on emerging trends

More Americans are reaching for green tea, consumer survey reveals

America may be a nation of black tea drinkers, but increasingly they are reaching for green tea for its health benefits, rich cultural experience and diverse flavor profile, according to...

Whole Foods: PETA’s ‘cynical, publicity-driven’ lawsuit is a waste of the court’s time and taxpayer’s money

Whole Foods Market has challenged allegations by animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), that the standards to which it holds its meat and poultry suppliers “barely...

Sports nutrition: NIU forum to explore the trends in the booming sports sector

Experts from Health Wright, Muscle Pharm, Texas A&M, and Euromonitor will discuss the trends in sports nutrition in a FREE forum hosted by NutraIngredients-USA.

Expo East in review

OTA aims to align supply, demand and farming profitability of organic by 2030

Sales of organic are skyrocketing in the U.S. with demand often outstripping supply, but the Organic Trade Association has a plan to bring into balance by 2030 the market growth,...

India mulls reclassifying vitamins as drugs if they come with health claims

India may classify vitamin supplements as drugs rather than foods if the manufacturers of such products claim they can treat or prevent disease.

College students more likely than general population to use dietary supplements, says survey

Sixty-six percent of students use dietary supplements at least once a week, says a survey of students from five universities.

NSF's new GMO certification leverages companies' existing systems, exec says

Demand for GMO certification services has been growing faster than supply, and NSF has responded to that demand with its new True North certification program, said the scheme’s director.


Number cruncher: Europe’s key supplement markets, brands & opportunities revealed

The sale of dietary supplements is estimated to be worth worth around €7.2 billion to the European economy in 2015, but which markets are the biggest, and where is future...

Market demand drives Country Life's push for Non GMO Project Verified certification

Country Life Vitamins has joined the ranks of supplement companies that have achieved a non GMO Project Verifed certification. Getting there wasn’t easy, but the effort has become necessary because...

Food Vision USA: Are you throwing good money after bad by using promotional tactics already proven not to work?

Which promotions work best? 50% off, or buy one get one free (spoiler alert, they might be the same, but they’re not equally effective)?  And are fewer, deeper promotions better...

Special edition: Sports Nutrition

Protein powders: The heavyweight in the $16bn sports nutrition market

The US market for sports nutrition plus energy/nutrition bars and sports drinks is set to cruise past $20 billion by 2020, says Euromonitor International, but which segments are driving growth,...

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Booming demand for sports certifications seen as proof industry takes quality seriously

The market for sports certifications continues to boom, with new players entering the market and established brands scrambling to keep up with demand. 

ESSNA: “Thousands of people engaging in sport and activity at all levels use and benefit from legal sports nutrition products."

Euro sports nutrition sector: Supplements no gateway to doping

Consuming sports supplements is not a step on the slippery slope to doping, the European sports nutrition sector has said in response to a US sports coach turned whistle blower...

Herbalife shrugs off Ackman's latest pyramid scheme allegations

William Ackman, the activist investor who has been attacking Herbalife’s business model for several years, has claimed that Herbalife’s mode of doing business does not differ materially from that of...

NeuroGum raises more than $10,000 in two days to take on the energy & cognition categories

If Indigogo investors’ overwhelming interest in the upcoming launch of NeuroGum is any indication, the self-proclaimed focus-boosting gum could be a formidable competitor in the cognitive and energy food and...

ESSNA: Specific sports food laws would ‘hurt rather than help’ in Europe

Europe’s peak sports nutrition trade group has affirmed broad support for better and more relevant sports food, drink and supplement regulation across Europe, but emphasised not all parties agree on...

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