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NCN says 'curated' list helps boost success of innovation events

Nutrition Capital Network partner Grant Ferrier said the mentoring program his company provides has boosted the success of innovation partnership programs such as the one sponsored by DSM.

Saliva test strips help consumers, athletes optimize NO levels

Berkeley Test has firmed up the IP surrounding its nitric oxide testing method with the grant of a US patent. The test, which has already been used by athletes and...

AUD$9m project puts algae under the nutritional spotlight in New South Wales

An AUD$9m (US$6.9m) project to boost the potential for algae in the nutrition, supplement and bio-industry has been launched in New South Wales.

FOOD VISION USA: Let’s get personal. Your microbiome, your blood sugar and you

Could your microbiome - a huge ecosytem of trillions of bacteria living inside your body - explain why you find it harder to regulate your blood sugar than the next...

TeaCrine poised to rev up market size post self-affirmed GRAS

Compound Solutions, the company behind nature identical theacrine called TeaCrine, is aiming to make cognitive plus energy products more mainstream.

Better by-product use could increase EPA-DHA supply by 25%

Mapping the future supply of fish oil

Researchers from the University of Stirling have used FAO data to map the future use of fishery by-products in the production of marine ingredients like omega-3. They found an overall increasing...

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EFSA publishes final choline opinion based on big EU data

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published its opinion on how much choline is needed for different groups.

FOOD VISION USA: Is the food industry working for or against the consumer?

Making a profit and promoting health are not mutually exclusive, and healthy food brands now generate some serious profits. But no business will willingly engage in initiatives that could damage...

Forum explores market forces in mainstreaming sports nutrition

Experts from Douglas Labs,, the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and Mintel will discuss the latest trends in sports nutrition and how to address consumer demands for clean label and transparency...

The future of tea: From hangover cures to tea jellies, Tetley’s top five predictions

From teas enriched with medicines to programmable tea taps, the humble brew could see a dramatic evolution over the coming years, says Tetley. Even the concept of tea consumed as...

Niagen continues to push ChromaDex forward, but big debt payment delays profitability breakthrough

ChromaDex reported record sales for its second quarter driven mostly by sales of its Niagen ingredient.

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Herbalife gets green light to expand China operations

Herbalife has won approval from China’s Ministry of Commerce to operate in three additional provinces in the country.

Vox Pop: Consumers had this to say about GMO labeling...

On the heels of President Barack Obama signing into law a federal bill requiring the disclosure of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on packaged food and beverage products, we at Beverage...

Weight loss player Medifast pivots toward network marketing model

Weight loss specialist Medifast reported lower revenues as it repositions its business with an increased emphasis on its network marketing component and a nascent sports nutrition segment tied to sponsorship...

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NPA adds 59 new retail and supply members

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has added 59 new members to its ranks in 2016, with the association “redoubling its efforts recently to gain and retain new members”.

Global health & wellness investment activity ahead of 2015

The food and nutrition space is vibrant and in rude health according to latest merger, acquisition and investment figures globally.

Herbalife celebrates end of FTC probe with record Q2 results

Herbalife reported record earnings in its second quarter, and announced an earlier-than-expected implementation of its deal with FTC which better categorizes sales to end users.

Vitamin Shoppe sales rise, but promotional costs rise faster

Vitamin Shoppe Inc recorded higher net sales in its second quarter, but those came at a cost; the retailer was forced to resort to heavier promotions, which cut into margins...

Innophos plans more acquisitions in human nutrition space

Chemical manufacturer Innophos has announced plans for further acquistions in the human nutrition space which it sees as offering better growth opportunities than its core phosphates business.

Private equity acquisition trend continues with sale of probiotic brand

The steady march of acquistions in the natural products business fueled by private equity continues with the purchase of a probiotics line by Clarion Brands.

What’s hot in functional beverages? Omega-3s, prebiotics and probiotics

Interest in probiotics is skyrocketing and the friendly bugs are increasingly turning up in functional beverages. But what are the challenges of this delivery system and what are the solutions?

Natural Grocers bucks trend set by GNC with strong Q3 performance

While vitamin retailing giant GNC stumbles, smaller competitor Natural Grocers continues to show strong financial performance. In its latest earnings report the company showed overall and same store sales increases,...

Will the edible insects market move beyond whole cricket powder?

Milled whole cricket powder is probably the best known bug-derived food ingredient aside from red food color carmine. But what other delights might edible insects yield for food formulators? Elaine...

Frankfurt, November 28, 2016

Game on: New conference spills sports nutrition beans beyond 2017

The multi-billion euro sports nutrition sector is changing faster than you can say ‘millennial buy-in’, but is your firm abreast of the game-changing shifts that matter most?

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