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FTC outlines lessons for MLMs following Herbalife and Vemma cases

The Federal Trade Commission has released guidance for MLMs based on lessons learned from the FTC’s cases against Herbalife and Vemma.

Marketers of Prevagen charged with making false and unsubstantiated claims by FTC, NY AG

Quincy Bioscience, marketers of brain health product Prevagen, has been charged with making deceptive memory, cognitive improvement claims by the Federal Trade Commission and New York State Attorney General.

Raising the bar: CRN and IPA release best practice guidelines for probiotics

New best practices guidelines for the labeling, storing, and stability testing for probiotic products will facilitate transparency and consistency in the US probiotics sector.

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Is the Carlyle Group exploring a sale of Nature’s Bounty?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc has been hired by the Carlyle Group LP to help it explore the sale of The Nature's Bounty Co, according to Reuters.

Complete Nutrition takes branded ingredient path with new weight management product

Complete Nutrition is the latest supplement retailer to move away from proprietary blends in its new weight management product called Citrine, which is based on branded ingredients.

ConAgra dealt blow by ninth circuit in '100% natural' case, but its wider significance is less clear, say experts

A hotly-anticipated opinion by the US court of appeals for the ninth circuit in a high-profile false advertising case, contains bad news for defendant ConAgra Foods (now ConAgra Brands), but...

Ancient Nutrition makes bone broth more convenient as a protein powder

Ancient Nutrition takes the burgeoning bone broth category in a new direction by bringing it into the well established and wildly successful protein powder segment with the creation of a...

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NPA adds 18 members

The Natural Products Association has announced that it has added 18 new members to the organization recently.

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Swisse Wellness boss Sali to step down as Biostime takes full ownership

Swisse Wellness chief executive Radek Sali will step down on December 31 as Hong Kong-listed Biostime International takes full ownership of the Australian firm.

Riding on personalized nutrition wave, Care/of co-founders want to streamline the supplement shopping experience

Care/of is one of the many personalized nutrition start-ups that popped up this year. The concept is straightforward: The platform recommends three to four of 30 widely recognized supplements to...

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Second CBD-containing gum hits shelves

Another new delivery mode for CBDs is making way in the market with the launch of MedCBDX Chewing Gum, offered by Mastix LLC.

Accumulating science boosts MitoQ as it launches products for new indications

MitoQ, a company whose products are based on a special form of CoQ10, has seen solid growth since the ingredient was launched in supplements in 2013.

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Naturopathica supports ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program for arnica

Naturopathica has adopted arnica (Arnica montana) through the ABC Adopt-an-Herb Program.

Guilty verdict in 5-hour counterfeiting case seen as potent deterrent

The guilty verdict handed down this week in the 5-hour Energy product counterfeiting case is a milestone within the nutritional products sphere that could serve an important deterrent function, said...

Coromega throws hat into high-concentrate omega-3s ring

California-based Coromega, a company that has based its value proposition the pleasant mouthfeel of its omega-3 emulsions, has found that it is not immune to the drive toward ever higher...

5 innovative supplement delivery systems to watch

As November comes to an end, consumers are starting to look for holiday gift and stocking-stuffer ideas. Gadgets are a popular choice, and these days, even the nutrition space is...

6 steps companies can take to “do good” and expand their appeal to modern consumers

Modern Americans expect much more from food companies today than they did in the past -- now not only do they want food that is better for them, but they...

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Persavita gets US patent for Saffron 2020 for eye health

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to Montreal-based Persavita Inc. for its flagship natural eye health product, Saffron 2020.

A Pez for supplements? Sho Nutrition wants to help consumers keep track of the supplements they’re taking

Founder Joy Wang confessed that she often forgets to take the supplements she had bought. “They pile up in my medicine cabinet, then I forget them,’ she said, and she’s...

GRMA close to finalizing consensus-based GMP standard for dietary supplements

The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) expects to finalize and publish a consensus-based GMP standard for dietary supplements before the end of Q1 2017.

There's demand for chewable caffeine beyond the outdoor and athletic set, says Compete Energy Bites exec

When the brand first launched in 2014, the bites were positioned for gyms and sport specialty stores. But as time passed, the creators realized there was mainstream appeal and demand...

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2017 NutraIngredients Awards celebrates best in nutrition innovation (globally)

The NutraIngredients Awards are back in 2017 with new categories to reward the most innovative players in the global world of nutrition.

Züm XR farms out beverage brand, expands R&D for extended release caffeine ingredients

High demand for caffeine fortification in energy beverages has driven an expansion at Denver-based Züm XR, which has developed an encapsulation technology.

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Seipel Group receives US Patent on bladder control ingredient Urox

Australian company Seipel Group Pty Ltd., has been granted US Patent No. 9,452,191 for its 'herbal compositions for the prevention or treatment of urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.'

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