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Innovate or die, smart label & the evolving consumer: Highlights from the Healthy & Natural Show

From the impact of Amazon and Blue Apron on traditional grocery retailing, to understanding the difference between a trend, a fad and a movement, day one of the Healthy & Natural...

The retail buyer’s guide to new products at the Healthy & Natural Show: Supplements

Walking the floor at the Healthy & Natural Show and looking for the new and innovative? We round-up the new products in the supplement aisles.

The retail buyer’s guide to new products at the Healthy & Natural Show: Food

Visiting the Healthy & Natural Show and looking for the new and innovative foods and beverages? We round-up the products to check out in the food and beverage aisles.

May Product Round-Up: More gummies, and new combinations

This month, supplement manufacturers came up with new ways of presenting dietary supplements high in demand: a curcumin-omega 3 combo, multiple probiotic gummies in different flavors, and a pouch of...

Maypro to market Afrigetics’ Zulu herbal testosterone ingredient

The Bulbine natalensis plant has been used by the Zulu for many generations to boost male virility. Afrigetics and Maypro are bringing the ingredient stateside, where demand from sports enthusiast and Baby...

Vitamin Shoppe’s Q1: Strong growth for probiotics, declines for sports nutrition, on-the-go nutrition & weight management

The Vitamin Shoppe has reported total revenue has remained flat, with total comparable sales declining 1.9% in its first quarter results. E-commerce grew by almost 4%.

Coconut and kefir: Rhythm's fermented drinks

The ‘next generation’ of digestive health drinks? Rhythm tunes into consumer trends

Rhythm Health believes its coconut-based kefir beverages and snacks can be the ‘natural successor’ to the current drinks for digestive health on shelves, because its products also tap into consumer...

GNC announces strategic, financial review to increase shareholder value

Dietary supplement heavyweight GNC Holdings has started a review of a wide range of strategic and financial alternatives to increase shareholder value.

The top picks from the education sessions at the Healthy & Natural Show

The inaugural Healthy & Natural Show kicks off on Thursday, May 5 with a top quality education program. In this special gallery we trawl through the program and give you...

A wake-up call: UNPA survey shows lack of consumer & market awareness of credible certification seals

Eighty-one percent of responders to a recent UNPA survey think the dietary supplements industry would need a new quality seal if the industry had to move toward a single seal...

News in brief

AHPA adopts new labeling guidance for ‘alcohol-removed’ liquid herbal products

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has issued new guidance for manufacturers of liquid herbal products in which ethanol is used as a solvent and then removed.

April 2016 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest supplement industry news?

What is GOED’s recommendation for EPA + DHA per day? A publication from which university got blasted for an article calling supplements ‘suspect’ and ‘useless’? 

Halal leader NoorVitamins launches high potency fish oil to broaden value proposition

The introduction by NoorVitamins of a Halal-certified fish oil is another step in the company’s dominance of the category. But CEO Mohammed Issa says the company’s goals are bigger, to...

Developers hope to enter new category with inhalable vitamin product

A pair of entrepreneurs are pushing the delivery mode envelope with a new vitamin product meant to be inhaled.  Called Vitamin Vapor, the new product features a suite of B...

Special Edition: Omega-3s

Convenience, concentrates, and 3rd generation forms: Where’s the innovation in the omega-3 space?

Are natural retail buyers bored with fish oil? Can concentrates, convenience, combination products, and third generation forms re-engage them?

News in brief

The Vitamin Shoppe joins UNPA as an Executive Member

Citing a joint commitment to consumer trust, the Vitamin Shoppe has joined the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an international association of forward-looking companies.

From science to shelves: the development of MacuView

Study says MacuView helps with eye health and AMD

A recent study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology has shown the benefits of consuming a dairy drink, MacuView, containing lutein-, zeaxanthin- and DHA-enriched egg yolk.

News in brief

CORE Organic goes nationwide: 'We think this is going to be a disruptive brand'

CORE Organic, an organic 5-calorie-per-serving flavored water/juice blend with coconut water concentrate and antioxidants from white tea extract and maqui berry - is rolling out nationwide next month after a...

Dual action sets hangover remedy apart, developer says

The hangover remedy market is a crowded one, but the developer of a new, dual-action capsule believes there’s room for one home.

Nationwide GMO labeling, insurance coverage & increased enforcement top NPA's wish list on Capitol Hill

Members of the Natural Products Association met with their senators' and representatives' offices in Washington, DC, April 13 to promote standardized GMO labeling nationwide, insurance coverage of dietary supplements, increased...

PurisPea pea protein receives GRAS confirmation from FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has no objection to the Generally Recognized as Safe status of World Food Processing’s ingredient PurisPea. Will its application in food and beverage grow from...

CRN to launch industry-wide dietary supplement product registry

The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s Board has unanimously authorized the creation of an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry to be launched by the end of the year.

OTC cold remedy maker moves into supplements to reach markets less dependent on illness rates

The makers of a well-known OTC cold remedy are launching a line of dietary supplements as a way to expand beyond a category that is dependent on seasonal illness rates.

Canadian start-up CEL Nutrition launches nootropic sport supplement

Nervacore is the new nootropic on the block, launching last year amid criticism of the cognitive performance enhancing category at large.

Medifast looks to college sports leagues to popularize new line of sports nutrition products

There are a number of different approaches to popularizing sports nutrition products. Medifast, a weight loss products company, is looking to tie-ins with college sports leagues to popularize its new...