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Bayer vs FTC: Not the battle of the experts many were expecting…

The Bayer vs FTC case in the US District Court of New Jersey is full of lessons, including what does and does not constitute ‘competent and reliable scientific evidence’, and...

Which supplement brands are people buying online?

Online is increasingly a vital outlet for supplements, but which brands rule the internet, what’s their share, and how do they differ between the retailers online?

Six disruptive brands in health & wellness... and what they can teach us

The tortoise - rather than the hare – is often the winner in the retail food and beverage industry, says Hartman Group’s SVP James Richardson, PhD, who says we can...

Youtheory surfs cresting beauty-from-within wave on a board made of collagen

The perpetually almost-ready-for-prime-time beauty-from-within is a concept seems finally to be achieving market relevance in the US, and supplement brand youtheory is capitalizing on that wave.

Food Vision USA: How do you maintain a challenger brand mentality as a mainstream player?

‘Challenger’ brands – anarchic, agile brands which disrupt established categories – are Davids outmaneuvering industry Goliaths. And Chobani is probably the perfect example, going from zero to a billion dollars...

UPDATED: NPA calls decision a "win for the industry and consumers"

‘A drug-level randomized controlled clinical trial for a supplement has never been the standard’: Bayer ‘gratified’ with court decision vs FTC

The hotly anticipated decision in the dispute between Bayer and the US Federal Trade Commission over claims in support of Phillips’ Colon Health is in, with a judge ruling in...

Part 1: One-on-one with the Tea Council of the USA on emerging trends

More Americans are reaching for green tea, consumer survey reveals

America may be a nation of black tea drinkers, but increasingly they are reaching for green tea for its health benefits, rich cultural experience and diverse flavor profile, according to...

Curcumin close to status where benefits implicitly understood by consumers, manufacturer says

Curcumin is becoming so well known among consumers that it has almost gotten to the point that the mere name on the label is enough to market its many benefits,...

News in brief

BlueOcean ships first shrimp oil omega-3 products to consumers

Development stage company BlueOcean NutraSciences has passed a milestone with the first orders from customers for its Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil products. The company launched the brand direct-to-consumer on...

Customizable supplements: Are they a recipe for disaster?

Customizable supplements may sound like a great idea, but the costs of complying with dietary supplement cGMP regulations would make such an endeavor ‘virtually insurmountable’, industry experts tell NutraIngredients-USA.

News in brief

Operational and quality issues lead Post Holdings to shut Dymatize facility

Citing operational and quality issues and a strategy to focus on brand building and sales infrastructure, Post Holdings has announced it will close the Farmers Branch, Texas-based manufacturing facility for...

Robert Kral: 'People want to build lean muscle without calories'

Protein water hits the mainstream as Protein2o rolls out at Walmart

Protein2o – a rapidly-growing line of flavored waters infused with electrolytes and 15g of protein – is rolling out to 750 Walmart stores this month, says the firm, which is...


Reports: Chinese formula company snaps up Swisse in A$1.5bn deal

Australian vitamins and supplements manufacturer Swisse has reportedly been bought by Hong Kong-listed infant formula maker Biostime.

New product pairs chia in prebiotic pas de deux with probiotic

Ecuador-based chia grower Kunachia has launched a new product pairing the milled seeds with a probiotic in Sam’s Club locations in eight states, the company announced recently.

News in brief

Organic India USA attains B Corporation Status

Colorado-based Organic India USA has been certified as a B Corporation, continuing its commitment to higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, the company said.

The NY AG’s herbal probe so far: From GNC to devil’s claw

It started with cease and desist letters to four major retailers and then grew and grew. A lot has happened since NY AG Eric Schneiderman launched his investigation into herbal...

WhiteWave Foods identifies $2.7bn opportunity in plant-based foods beyond beverages

While the meteoric growth of plant-based beverages such as almondmilk is well-documented, WhiteWave Foods has identified $2.7bn worth of business in other plant-based categories in the US retail market, including yogurt,...

Dietary supplement company owner sentenced to prison for adulteration scheme

The owner and president of a New Jersey dietary supplement manufacturing company has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for the sale of diluted and adulterated dietary ingredients and supplements.

Florida judge approves $3.99m deal in Kashi GMO false advertising lawsuit

 A federal judge in Florida has approved a $3.99m deal to resolve a proposed class action accusing Kashi of misleading shoppers by labeling products made with GMOs as ‘all-natural’.

Botanicals giant refines fruit & veg extracts range for food supplements

French botanicals leader Naturex has emphasised its ambition to be the “world leader in the specialty fruit & vegetable category” by launching an extract range targeting food supplements including gummies....

From e-start-up to brick-and-mortar: Miramix plots ‘fast and hard’ growth in supplements

A new nutrition marketplace called Miramix has just launched that allows for the customization of all products it sells, and the company is plotting ambitious growth and expansion from the...

‘Crowdfunding Jedi’ takes on Soylent with Ambronite, the ‘world's first organic drinkable supermeal’

Food is fun, says the self-described ‘serial optimist’ and ‘crowdfunding Jedi’ behind 500-calorie vegan ‘drinkable supermeal’ Ambronite. But not every eating occasion can be an epic, Mediterranean-style gathering fueled by...

1 day to go! NIU’s Cognitive Health Online Summit to lifestages, market dynamics and key ingredients

How does Abbott Nutrition design cognitive health products for key lifestages? Where are the knowledge gaps for omega-3s and brain health? How much science is there behind the main ingredients?...

Weight management metabolite ingredient to debut backed by NDI filing

Startup company NutriForward is bringing to market a new weight management supplement based on a novel ingredient. But in a sector widely known for putting the cart before the horse,...

Yakult USA confident of "eventual and ultimate vindication" in probiotics class action

Probiotic specialist Yakult USA has challenged allegations in a class action alleging it is misleading US shoppers about the digestive health benefits of its fermented drinks and says it is confident...

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