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GoodBelly maker enters supplement space mostly to placate existing consumers

Next Foods, maker of the popular GoodBelly line of probiotic juice drinks, has delved into the supplement space with the release of a line of capsules containing the Lactobacillus plantarum 299v strain...

patent watch

Nestlé files patent for pregnancy probiotic

Nestlé has filed a patent for probiotics to be taken during pregnancy and lactation, which it says help reduce the risk of allergies for the infant. 

Sports nutrition expert's advice: Sample the sweat and don't skip the stomach

Exercise physiologist Allen Lim, PhD, the founder of sports nutrition brand Skratch Labs, learned what works to fuel athletes in the crucible of one of the most challenging endurance events...

New liposome manufacturer says process is more 'natural,' needing no added heat, pressure or solvents

A new supplier of liposomal delivery systems has entered the market based on a ‘more natural’ approach the assembly of these structures, the founder said.

Save the date: NutraIngredients Awards set to return to Geneva in 2016

After a hugely successful inaugural awards ceremony and industry celebration in 2015, the NutraIngredients Awards are set to return to Geneva on May 11th 2016. Put it in your diary now!

CRN members defend the supplement industry’s reputation on Capitol Hill

Members of the dietary supplement industry gathered in Washington, D.C., June 17 as part of the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 12th Day on the Hill to thank legislators for their...

Supplement sales slow, but hope emerges in probiotics, protein, omega-3s and aloe

Market saturation, negative press and increased competition from fortified foods are taking a toll on dietary supplement sales, growth of which is slowing dramatically, according to research from IBISWorld and...

McCaskill opens inquiry into brain health supplements targeting seniors

US Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has sent letters to the Food and Drug Administration and 15 major retailers after launching an inquiry into products, regulations, and retailers in the dietary...

Vision Critical’s Insight Communities help large CPGs protect market share from startups

New software from Vision Critical aims to help large consumer packaged goods companies protect their market share from nimble startups by facilitating a two-way dialogue with consumers in real time...

Sales of energy shots slump as consumers reach for drinks instead

Sales of energy shots are slumping as their medicinal taste and less favorable position as a supplement drive consumers to reach for energy drinks, which many shoppers consider safer, according...

Patent watch

Abbott Labs files patent for ‘better tasting’ nutritional powders

Abbott Laboratories has filed an international patent for a process it says allows it to produce better-tasting powders with improved nutrient content.

Nestlé files casein infant formula patent for better insulin sensitivity

Nestlé has filed an international patent for an infant nutrition product with casein protein, which it said could be used to prevent metabolic syndrome disorders later in life.

Hemp is ready for prime time, says Evo Hemp co-founder: We’re growing at 300% year over year

It may not have hit prime time yet, but it’s only a matter of time before hemp is as big as chia in the US food and beverage market, predicts...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe

Blackmores: We wanted to see krill sustainability with our own eyes

Blackmores, the leading supplement brand in Australia, has taken the unusual step of sending a company representative on a two week-long trip to verify the sustainability practices of Aker BioMarine,...

Supplement launches that aims to help people prone to Type 2 diabetes make healthy lifestyle switch

Type 2 diabetes continues to stalk the US population. It’s a public health crisis that has created market opportunities, and one of the companies rushing to fill that breach is...

NoorVitamins CEO: In 5 years we’ll be a strong and reputable competitor with a wider value proposition

Leading Halal supplement brand NoorVitamins is aiming to be a serious part of the wider dietary supplements industry, with a focus on quality and transparency driving their value proposition, the...

Naturex makes play for natural sports nutrition consumer

Boosted by botanicals, Naturex's WinDrink range targets a new breed of consumer who is interested in sports nutrition but wary of complex, synthetic ingredients. 

Nature's Way institutes more rigorous plant-to-powder supply chain management scheme

Supplement manufacturer Nature’s Way has responded proactively to prodding from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman by instituting a new, more rigorous plant-to-powder supply chain management structure. The first step...

Special edition: Outsourcing

Collaborate or die: Inside a contract manufacturing giant

What does it take to be a successful contract manufacturer and solutions provider to the food supplements sector in an age where the sanctity of many business coalitions is being challenged by nimble...

Special edition: Outsourcing

The making of a brand: Contract manufacturers share secrets to success

The firms that manufacture healthy food and supplement products do much more than just make products – they are integral partners in product development, regulatory compliance and much more…

Special edition: Outsourcing

The ins and outs: Are firms shifting to vertically integrated supply chains?

Outsourcing. It's no secret it can bring big financial and logistical gains. But in an age when traceability and accountability carry increasing value, are we now seeing a shift towards...

Standard Process launches genetic assessment tool for patients, practitioners

Practitioner channel specialist Standard Process has taken a big step into the realm of personalized health care with the introduction of a wellness assessment tool that will help practitioners tailor...

Gaia launches flavor-masked turmeric supplements that can be added to both savory and sweet foods

Turmeric is a spice used in food, and its active constiuents, curcuminoids, are featured in supplements.  A new product launch from Gaia Herbs seeks to straddle that divide, with powdered...

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Straddling supplement/foods fence a common dodge in sports nutrition sphere, contract manufacturer says

Sports nutrition brands, egged on by risk-taking consumers and buoyed by low protein prices, will be the problem children of the dietary supplement industry for the foreseeable future, said an...

High doses of green tea extract linked to liver damage in research

Mounting evidence suggests high doses of green tea extract, a popular ingredient in weight loss and body building supplements, could cause liver damage, although low and moderate doses appear safe.

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