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Protein bar brand PowerBar jumps on plant-protein bandwagon

Iconic energy bar brand PowerBar launched a new line of plant-derived protein bars, debuting at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, earlier this month.

March New Product Launches: Plant protein bars, probiotic packs, and brand new brands

From new products to new lines to new brands, we round up what’s new this Spring in finished dietary supplement products.

Enzyme combination may offer recovery benefits for athletes

An oral enzyme combination may reduce exercise-induced fatigue, muscle soreness and damage in endurance athletes, says a new study.

Standardization story supports Beet It's US retail launch

British brand Beet It is bringing the benefits of its beet juice products to the US with a nation wide retail launch to accompany its existing online sales.

Five key Expo West 2017 supplement trends

We walked and we talked and we took photos, and here’s our list of 5 key trends for supplements from Expo West 2017 in Anaheim.

Natural Products Expo West

Shatavari is rising star in herbal tea, although turmeric & matcha still reign supreme, Pukka exec says

After years of struggling to balance energy drinks and sleep aids, Americans are beginning to turn to adaptogens in herbal teas to help meet and “harmonize” their bodies’ needs, according...

Peptide aimed at stem cell genesis debuts on supplement market

A longtime product developer is bringing a peptide ingredient to the US market that has been researched for a unique property — promoting the growth of bone marrow stem cells.

Youtheory debuts mens testosterone product based on shilajit

Collagen brand Youtheory has expanded its range with a men’s product based on the Ayurvedic ingredient shilajit meant to boost free testosterone in men.

What will be the new norm in supplement branding? Nutri-Rich offers a hint

Nutri-Rich’s major rebranding effort—from packaging to formulation to transparency measures—gives hints to the future new norms of the nutraceutical industry.

Life Extension turns to AI program to mine data for ingredients in new product

We’ve had adoptogenics. We’ve had immune system potentiators. Now comes ‘senolytics,’ a term applied by Life Extension to a new healthy aging product line called Geroprotect developed with artificial intelligence...


FOODVISION: DNA testing just ‘one part of the jigsaw’

Advances in DNA testing mean deeper insights can be made into how people use food for fuel, or how fast a nutrient is metabolised.

BlueOcean nears finish line on shrimp oil omega-3s finished products

BlueOcean NutraSciences is making progress toward full market entry with an improved line of finished products based on its omega-3s oil sourced from cold water shrimp.

New probiotic meant to balance microbial, fungal communities in gut

A new probiotic has debuted on the market that aims to improve gut health by balancing the fungal and bacterial aspects of the microbiome.

Not a fad: Ten years after conception, Orgenetics still strong with organic vitamin offering

When it launched its first brand of USDA-certified organic vitamin C in 2007, “there was no other ingredient like it,” Saumil Maheshvari, in charge of business development at Orgenetics, told NutraIngredients-USA....

German herbal cold remedy debuts in US

German OTC health products manufacturer Pohl-Boskamp is bringing a respiratory health supplement to the US market after decades of market history in the EU.

Guest article

The Supplement OWL takes self-regulation under its wing

I don’t speak French, but anyone who took a high school civics class is familiar with the term laissez-faire. Literally meaning “to leave alone,” it’s not always the best course of action—especially...

Probiotics in space testing is ready for lift off, says Yakult

Yakult is ready to begin carrying out tests on the consumption of probiotics in space, by undertaking experiments on astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Human nutrition trends are translating to pets, says CEO of The Honest Kitchen

From Ayurvedic botanicals to whole food nutrient sources, more US pet owners in urban and coastal areas are looking past the pellets, says pet wellness expert Lucy Postins.

Source Bar wants to bring gourmet protein bars to the masses

In a category as crowded as protein bars, what can newcomer brands do to differentiate themselves? “We [are] working hard to build our brand through social media,” said a spokesperson...

ChromaDex CEO: ‘Purchasing practices need to change to fix quality standards’

Concerns about quality standards in the dietary supplements industry are not due to analytical testing, but due to poor supply chain management, says Frank Jaksch, CEO and co-founder of ChromaDex.

RangeMe adds 1,000 new suppliers a week

LuckyVitamin: Product discovery is a messy process; it's a combination of art and science

18 months after its US launch, online product discovery platform RangeMe is adding 1,000 new CPG suppliers a week as more high-profile retailers use it to identify and compare new products.

Herbalife unveils China TCM joint venture as it posts flat full-year sales for 2016

Herbalife has reached an agreement in principle to form a joint venture with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products and services firm Tasly Holding Group.

Stonyfield Organic survey explores consumer attitudes toward probiotics for babies

While researching the ‘probiotic for babies’ market landscape, Stonyfield paired with ORC International to conduct a survey and found that 77% of parents with children under two do not incorporate...

NAI's beta-alanine sales growth outpaces overall results

Natural Alternatives International continues to ride the wave created by the uptake of beta-alanine in sports nutrition, with income relating to the ingredient rising by 26.5% in the most recent quarter.

Sports supplement seller bets on non-GMO veggie soft gels

Sports Research, a California-based supplement brand holder, has taken a big step toward differentiating its product line with the introduction of what it says is the first vegan, non-GMO gel...

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