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NattoPharma USA, Inc.

Global Supplier of MenaQ7 – the only validated and clinically documented Vitamin K2 (MK-7).

As a biotechnology-based nutraceutical company, NattoPharma is the worldwide innovator and leader of Vitamin K2 menaquinone-7. Its new MenaQ7® Crystals represents a proprietary multistep process of purification, condensation and crystallization of fermentation-derived natural K2. The resulting crystal form of Vitamin K2 is a direct outcome of purity of the MK-7 molecule and is a desirable outcome for the stability and efficacy of the end product. MenaQ7® is soundly fortified by a portfolio of research, including a three year breakthrough clinical study, plus a cache of global patents.

NattoPharma is committed to delivering products with a positive impact on human health through long-term protection of bone and cardiovascular status. The Company has in place a long-term clinical program for MenaQ7 to investigate and validate its health-promoting properties and its uses in consumer health products, including supplements, foods and beverages.

NattoPharma is building a competitive advantage through a focus on IPR and has patents granted and pending patents and related to relevant indications and market segments, creating and extra value for its customers. In 2012, NattoPharma was granted US and Canadian patents covering the use of menaquinone (vitamin K2) in foods and supplements for maintaining, optimizing, strengthening or promoting cardiovascular health. Meanwhile, in Europe, NattoPharma thus far has three patents issued for the use of vitamin K2 for promoting cardiovascular health.

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