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Magnesium, Albion’s “hottest” mineral ingredient - Albion

16-Apr-2014 - An essential mineral to human health, magnesium is necessary for over 300 biochemical functions in the body. Albion’s magnesium bisglycinate chelate is the most bioavailable mineral organic form available.
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Calcium Intake & CV Health; Vitamin K2 Connection - NattoPharma ASA, Oslo

14-Apr-2014 - Recent publications and news stories have raised concerns about calcium intake from foods and supplements.  Vitamin K2 may be the missing link with its newly recognized role helping the body utilize calcium.  Vitamin K2 has been shown in clinical research...
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Compression of Probiotics and Enzymes with JRS Technology - JRS PHARMA LP

31-Mar-2014 - The compression of tablets containing probiotics (microorganisms) or enzymes is a challenge for formulators as these ingredients are sensitive to pressure and heat. The compression of live organisms into tablets bears a high potential for their destruction. JRS PHARMA’s innovation,...
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Ingredients Designed by Nature for Solid Dosage Forms - JRS PHARMA LP

24-Mar-2014 - Excipients are raw materials necessary for the manufacturing process of nutritional products and dietary supplements. They make up the bulk of a tablet or capsule, comprising the delivery system for the active ingredient. Excipients increase patient compliance, allowing the product...
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Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging - Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

12-Mar-2014 - People everywhere are living longer and stronger — and looking to nutrition to help stave off inflammation, osteoporosis, vision loss and other health conditions. Satisfy their need by fortifying your products with custom nutrient premixes from Fortitech® Premixes.Any nutrient. Any...
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Healthy Beverage concepts by Dr. Paul Lohmann - Dr Paul Lohmann

03-Mar-2014 - This article, presented by Dr. Paul Lohmann-the industry leader of high quality mineral salts for food & beverage fortification, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and more-introduces readers to a variety of effective concepts designed to assist food and supplement manufacturers...
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Almega PL: An Omega-3 with Superior Bioavailability - Qualitas Health

01-Mar-2014 - Qualitas Health develops high-value vegetarian food supplements and pharmaceutical ingredients based on microalgae. Its flagship product is Almega PL™, a vegetarian, EPA-rich, polar lipid-structured omega-3 oil. Sourced from a researched strain of microalgae selected for its high level of EPA...
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Fish Oil Supplier Now Certified to 5 Star Purity Rating - Croda Health Care

27-Jan-2014 - IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) has made it easier for consumers to understand and compare the quality of fish oil products and brands. Incromega™ fish oil concentrates from Croda are the first to achieve the prestigious IFOS Supplier 5-Star certification....
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Microencapsulated Lipid Powder - INNOBIO Limited

02-Dec-2013 - INNOBIO® offers the highest quality microencapsulated lipid powders. Our process protects oils from light, oxygen and chemical interactions to extend shelf life. Organoleptic properties are enhanced, odors and flavors are masked.
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Taking The Mystery Out Of Sugar Reduction - Steviva Ingredients

27-Nov-2013 - To capture a fickle consumer’s attention, and their purchase, food developers should use ingredients that consumers understand.  This is especially true when using sweeteners because the category is filled with misconceptions. Sugar, corn syrups and particularly high fructose corn syrups,...
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Capsule Filling: Improving Efficiency, Performance and Profitability - Capsugel

21-Nov-2013 - Discover profitability through the right combination of formulation, filling equipment and capsule and optimize manufacturing to fully exploit the superior capsule integrity and consistency provided with Capsugel capsules.  Case studies from the field provided by Technical Service and Quality Managers...
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Scientific advances secures over 98% recovery of vitamin K2 MK-7 - Kappa Bioscience AS

18-Nov-2013 - Combining vitamin K2 MK-7 with calcium supplements delivers essential benefits to consumers, ensuring calcium is kept moving in arteries and deposited into the bone mass. This delivers a clear point of differentiation in the bone health market.However, our research shows...
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MenaQ7® Crystals – clinically proven Vitamin K2 - NattoPharma

05-Nov-2013 - NattoPharma’s MenaQ7® is the original Vitamin K2 as Mk-7.  Only MenaQ7® is backed by human research for therapeutic benefits, shown in a 3-year study to preserve bone mass, improve bone strength compared to placebo, and to improve arterial elasticity, the...
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Product Development: Creative, Compliant & Fast - Boston Biopharm

05-Nov-2013 - Conventional wisdom says product development can be quick, innovative or inexpensive but not all three. Boston BioPharm is anything but conventional. Boston Biopharm delivers nutraceuticals like no one else: we develop and substantiate the formula claims with published data, use...
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Minerals for Supplements and Beverages - Dr Paul Lohmann

05-Nov-2013 - Dr. Paul Lohmann, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty mineral salts with over 125 years of experience, offers more than 350 products.  Our product line includes various salts of; Ammonium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc and several...
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Study evaluates zinc in treatment of ADHD - Albion

30-Oct-2013 - Symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder are often treated with methylphenidate and amphetamine. This study evaluates the of zinc glycinate as a cofactor for metabolism relative to neurotransmitters, prostaglandins, and melatonin, which indirectly affect dopamine metabolism. One of the findings from...
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Pycnogenol® Plus Vitamin C and Zinc Effective Combination for Common Cold - Horphag Research

25-Oct-2013 - A new study just published in Otorinolaringologia shows Pycnogenol®, in combination with Vitamin C and Zinc, to be effective in shortening duration of the common cold and lessening the seven ‘pillar’ symptoms, including runny nose, nasal obstruction, sore throat, sneezing,...
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An advance look at 6 new items featured at Supply Side West - AIDP

22-Oct-2013 - By merging nature and science, AIDP Inc., delivers 6 new products from their protein and formulation solutions centers at Supply Side West Booth #22016.  An advance review of new protein products and formulating solutions are provided.  AIDP will feature two...
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Oat beta-glucan delivers clinically proven health benefits - DSM Nutritional Products

08-Oct-2013 - Oat beta-glucan has clinically proven health benefits in cholesterol reduction, blood glucose control and digestive health.  Learn about the market-leading brand, OatWell®, through an interactive webinar  about applications, science and marketing.  
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Steps to Success: The Essential Guide to Product Quality - Capsugel

23-Sep-2013 - The safety of foods, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products is a major concern for consumers, governments and the nutrition industry.  Mitigating risks through a comprehensive quality control and assurance program not only makes good business sense, it can actually lead...

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