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BASF teams up with InsideTracker for personalized nutrition & supplementation recommendations

BASF and Segterra have announced a collaboration for BASF’s health ingredients brand, Newtrition, to provide personalized nutrition and dietary supplementation recommendations and scientific support for Segterra’s InsideTracker.

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The Supplement OWL seeks to improve transparency

At Pharmavite, we pride ourselves in the work we do and the products we make. Since 1971, we’ve been a leader in the health and wellness industry, and, with our Nature Made brand, have earned the trust of consumers, healthcare practitioners, retailers, regulators, and everyone in between. Like all responsible companies, we’re committed to helping people live healthier lives by focusing on quality and consistency in our manufacturing practices. We recognize the importance of continuous improvement—both as an individual company and as part of the bigger supplement industry.

Review authors defend 2012 paper and take swipe at “multi-billion dollar” supplement industry

Blackmores Institute questions validity of high-profile Cochrane Review of vitamin E and mortality

A widely publicised review 'incorrectly inflated' the mortality risk attributed to vitamin E, with the appropriateness of the datasets and the validity of its methods being called into question in a new paper backed by the Blackmores Institute.

Review: Co-supplementation of vitamins D, K may lead to stronger bones in children

There has been a ‘disturbing growth’ in the incidence of low-energy bone fractures in healthy children and adolescents, a group of researchers wrote in a new review, arguing that insufficiency of vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium are among leading considerations.

Multivitamins, vitamin D & omega-3s most popular supplements for older Americans: Survey

Dietary supplement use among older Americans is high, with women twice as likely as men to use the products, says a new analysis of the 2011-2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Personalization cracks open can of worms in manufacturing operations, experts say

True personalization of dietary supplements could run up against formidable manufacturing compliance challenges, consultants say.

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Push toward personalization will create new legal risks to manage, experts say

Offering personalized dietary supplements could open manufacturers up to legal risks, some of which go beyond those they are already subject to, experts say.

ChromaDex-Elysium fight highlights glitches in NDI and GRAS processes

The tussle between ChromaDex and Elysium Health highlights again the curious dance between a New Dietary Ingredient Notification and a GRAS affirmation as a way to bring ingredients to market.

ChromaDex alleges in petition that Elysium Health product is adulterated

ChromaDex has taken the somewhat unusual step of filing a citizen’s petition with FDA alleging that Basis, the dietary supplement manufactured by Elysium Health, a one time customer, is adulterated and should be removed from the market.

Sharks circle Vitamin Shoppe as stock price continues slide

On the wake of weak earnings at least eight prospective shareholders lawsuits have been announced against Vitamin Shoppe Inc. in recent days.

More vitamin C means less risk for cardiovascular disease, new study suggests

Results from an 11-year-long study on 13,421 participants revealed that participants with the highest vitamin C intake had a lower risk of cardiovascular mortality by 70%.

DSM finishes sale of pharma assets to US firm

DSM has completed a major milestone in its restructuring into a smaller, more profitable and more focused company as it finalized the sale of its pharmaceutical manufacturing assets to US-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Vitamin D, leucine-enriched whey protein drink benefits muscle protein synthesis among older men, says Nutricia-backed study

Supplementing breakfast with a medical nutrition drink of leucine-enriched whey protein, vitamin D, and carbohydrates increased post-meal muscle protein synthesis among older men, researchers at the University of Clermont Auvergne found.

GNC seals deal with Alipay to drive China e-commerce sales

Supplement retailer GNC has linked up with Alipay to make its products available to millions of Chinese consumers across the digital payment platform.

Study: Vitamin E supplementation may decrease muscle injury

Can oral ingestion of vitamin E help reduce muscle fiber damage? Yes, according to a group of researchers in Brazil… in mice at least.

Post on Merck site on multivitamins includes outmoded views, CRN says

A commentary from a doctor associated with the pharmaceutical giant Merck trots outs some tired criticisms of vitamins and other supplements that are mixed in with generally sound advice, an expert from CRN says.

‘Statistical chance’: Academia and industry cast doubt on B vitamin-lung cancer links

An observational study reporting that long-term use of high-dose vitamin B6 and B12 supplements may more than triple the risk of lung cancer in male smokers, but experts are questioning the conclusions.

Online curriculum could boost supplement knowledge among doctors, paper finds

Online training of physicians in integrative medicine could help boost the number of family doctors educated in the value of dietary supplements in health and prevention.

Calcium may not help prevent bone loss in men

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and rates of bone loss showed no association with dietary calcium intake in men, according to a recent study in British Journal of Nutrition.

Dietary management of OCD: Study links metabolism and vitamin D status to disease severity

One carbon metabolism that includes vitamin B12 and homocysteine, plus vitamin D deficiency could all play a role in the onset of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), research suggests.

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