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Gencor combines a 6,000-year history of Ayurvedic wisdom with rigorous science to deliver natural, pure and clinically proven ingredients.Commitment to science. The company’s herbal solutions have been clinically studied and proven effective in both animal and human clinical trials. The company’s clinical trials are peer-reviewed, double-blind controlled trials with impressive results. In addition to formal research tests, ingredients go through rigorous scientific analysis with state-of-the-art testing equipment under GLP-certified conditions.Ayurvedic roots. For 6,000 years, the natural healing system known as Ayurveda has supported the health needs of individuals through natural botanicals. Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science) that offers a systematic approach to wellness that helps human beings realize their full potential. Gencor respects the wisdom inherent in Ayurveda and works closely with the best scientists of Ayurvedic institutes to make this wisdom available to a global market.Quality begins on the farm. Gencor botanicals are grown under the close supervision of its technical team and according to strict quality-assurance processes. For instance, herbs are always dried in the shade so they maintain their phytochemical content. All Gencor extracts comply with the California Prop-65 law for heavy metals and the single-herb standardized extracts are free from all known sources of contamination, including other herbs. 


INNOBIO has grown into a leading manufacturer of functional ingredients since its establishment in 2003.  INNOBIO excels in its independent research and development, shows strength in the professional large-scale production, and is well known for its worldwide marketing and distribution.  The company motto, “Based in Nature, Full of Health”, is INNOBIO’s commitment to provide the essence of nature’s best ingredients with all the original health benefits intact and unchanged.INNOBIO has varied lines of products, including microencapsulated lipid powders, specialty fatty acids, natural carotenoids, branched-chain amino acids, and more by the ODM services.  Its scientific expertise allows INNOBIO to apply products in various forms and diverse areas, such as foods, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.  Through the ODM services, INNOBIO supports its customers with solutions to complex formulation problems. INNOBIO takes quality as the foundation of its production.  All lines of ingredients at INNOBIO are manufactured under the strictest quality guidelines in the industry.  INNOBIO has well maintained its quality certifications of cGMP, ISO9001 and HACCP.In the current world of constant changing, new market opportunities develop rapidly.  INNOBIO is proud to meet customers’ needs with continuous innovation, customized solutions, and competitive pricing while maintaining high quality and unique lines of production options.  Please contact INNOBIO for your special ingredient requests today and get satisfied tomorrow.

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. (SGTI) is a full-service contract manufacturer, specializing in providing marketers with premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. SGTI is dedicated to the production and marketing of branded products and turnkey custom formulations exclusively to the nutraceutical industry. We have earned many U.S. patents, most of which are for significant technological breakthroughs in the area of nutrient bioavailability.

BGG (Beijing Gingko Group)

BGG (Beijing Gingko Group) is a global leader in the manufacture and sourcing of clinically-supported ingredients for the dietary supplement, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries.For over 20 years BGG has provided the highest quality, natural ingredients to clients world-wide. We start with the highest quality, wild-crafted, organic and non-GMO raw materials and produce natural health products and nutritional solutions that aid and enhance people’s well-being and quality of life.

Faravelli Inc, a Faravelli Group company

Faravelli Inc is operating in the North America market since April 2014. It is the first company of Faravelli Group in the US, offering to North American industry manufacturers a large portfolio of high-quality ingredients and raw materials, designed to provide clients with the highest levels of customer service and personal attention.Whether you are looking for food, beverage, nutraceutical, dairy, feed raw materials—or anything in between—you can find unique solutions.Our commitment is based on some well-established values, guiding our daily work, such as the deep knowledge of the market, transparency, extreme quality of our products and services, steady and long lasting relationships with suppliers and customers, R&D investments, marketing and innovation, human resources.Faravelli Inc’s innovative range of nutraceuticals offer solutions for anti-aging, cognitive function, women’s health, eye health, weight management and immune system protection.Products portfolio includes minerals, eccipients, yeasts, antioxidants, sugar and derivates, vitamins, proteins, fibres, herbal extracts, weight control agents, cholesterol control actives, immune system boostes, natural carotenoids, etc.Whatever nutra ingredients you need, Faravelli Inc’s superior make us the right choice to be your food ingredient distributor.

Metabolon, Inc.

Small molecule metabolites are sensitive indicators of phenotypic changes. Profiling these molecules with Metabolomics provides a “snapshot” of the biochemical changes that result from nutrient or ingredient exposure.


ChromaDex® is an innovative natural products company that discovers, acquires, develops and commercializes proprietary-based ingredient technologies through its unique business model which utilizes its wholly-owned synergistic business units, including ingredient technologies, natural product fine chemicals, chemistry and analytical testing services, and product regulatory and safety consulting (as Spherix Consulting). The company provides seamless science-based solutions to the dietary supplement, food/beverage, animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  ChromaDex offers the innovative and patented ingredients: NIAGEN, PURENERGY, pTeroPure, and ProC3G.

Glanbia Nutritionals North America

Glanbia Nutritionals is a global leader in ingredient solutions, providing customized premixes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, specialty ingredients and colors for the food, beverage and supplement industries. Built on our reputation for outstanding quality and service, we deliver formulation and ingredient expertise that help our customers optimize their products and propel them to greater success. With production facilities strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia as well as a sales team spanning 19 countries, expert local support is available worldwide.Glanbia Nutritionals is a division of Glanbia plc which operates in 32 countries worldwide and employs 5,200 people globally. As a global performance nutrition and ingredients group, Glanbia holds the leading market positions in cheese, dairy ingredients including whey and other protein isolates, specialty non-dairy ingredients and is the number one global brand leader in sports nutrition.

Bergstrom Nutrition

Bergstrom Nutrition pioneered the use of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for animal and human health use, and remains an industry innovator and the leading manufacturer of MSM. OptiMSM® is the purest and only GRAS-designated MSM available.  It is included in the majority of the world’s best joint-health nutritional supplements.

Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

Fortitech® Premixes is the one-stop source for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to fortification as a way to differentiate their products from their competition, as well as helping to meet the nutritional needs of consumers around the world. With a worldwide technical team on hand to assist manufacturers in incorporating any nutrient into any application, we are perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand for functional, condition-specific and better-for-you products in demand by today’s consumer.As a service through DSM, we have access to the latest advancements in scientific know-how, proprietary ingredients with substantiated claims and a network of innovation centers that enables us to anticipate and overcome formulation challenges. When we put all of this together, we deliver more than just premixes… we deliver Strategic Nutrition!We’re FS 22000 certified globally and each premix, whether powder or liquid, is accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis as well as our Qualify for Life™ seal.For more information, visit our website at

Wacker Chemicals Corporation

WACKER offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the functional food and nutraceutical industry. For example molecular encapsulation solutions for odor or taste masking, to stabilize sensitive ingredients or to increase the bioavailability of certain ingredients, like curcumin. Our CAVAMAX® W8 curcumin is a highly bioavailable curcumin product for dietary supplement applications. Recent clinical studies showed that CAVAMAX® W8 curcumin increased the relative bioavailability of all curcuminoids in comparison to unformulated curcumin extract up to forty-five times.WACKER offers also a soluble dietary that is scientifically proven to significantly reduce the post-prandial glycaemic response. This fiber CAVAMAX® W6 is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide derived from starch. WACKER also produces a high-quality range of non-human, non-animal derived L-cysteine products. Starting from raw materials of vegetable origin and inorganic trace elements, these products are manufactured by our patented fermentation process and therefore are approved for the use in vegetarian, kosher and halal foods.WACKER’s team of experts and local specialists focus on market needs and support our customers worldwide in developing new products. With a 16,300-strong workforce, 24 production sites in Europe, Americas and Asia, and over 100 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide, we have established a strong presence in all key economic regions and growth markets.


JRS manufactures fibers, excipients, and other raw materials with the highest quality standards, resulting in excellent natural ingredient solutions for the development and manufacture of products in the nutritional industry, among others, worldwide.

About WILD Flavors GmbH

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, WILD Flavors GmbH is one of the leading natural ingredients companies servicing the global food and beverage industry. It uniquely combines an 80-year heritage and knowledge in natural flavors, colors, ingredients and flavor systems with a presence of sophisticated creation, application and manufacturing sites in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Qualitas Health

Qualitas Health develops high-value vegetarian food supplements and pharmaceutical ingredients based on microalgae. With deep experience and expertise in algae cultivation and extraction, Qualitas has developed a proprietary technology for strain selection, sustainable algae farming, harvesting and oil processing. This allows for the effective production of premium omega-3 algae oil for a wide range of applications.The company's flagship product is Almega PL™, a vegetarian, EPA-rich, polar lipid-structured omega-3 oil with superior bioavailability. Sourced from microalgae with high levels of long-chained EPA, Almega PL has a polar-lipid structure that’s easy for the body to digest and absorb.There are five important reasons to choose Almega PL, source, composition, sustainability, ratio and control:1. Source matters - Non-GMO, vegetarian microalgae. Almega PL delivers long-chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs), which provide the health benefits consumers most frequently associate with omega-3s. Almega PL is derived from a non-GMO, naturally occurring strain of microalgae, Nannochloropsis Oculata that was cultivated by Qualitas Health. 2. Composition matters - polar-lipid structure. Consumers want the health benefits of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids without the digestive difficulties and repeating commonly associated with fish oil. Almega PL’s microalgae strain features a unique polar-lipid (phospholipid and glycolipid) structure. Research indicates that omega-3s bound to polar lipids (found in microalgae and krill) are easier to absorb and digest than omega-3s bound to triglycerides (found in cold-water fish). In fact, a recently published clinical study  found that gram for gram, Almega PL offers better EPA uptake into blood plasma than krill oil. 3. Sustainability matters - Renewable and ecologically friendly algae farming. Almega PL microalgae does not disrupt the delicate marine ecosystem. Algae are grown on farms in open ponds on non-arable lands in West Texas that require no fresh water. The farms recycle the harvest water and use sunlight as the primary energy source. Once harvested, Almega PL microalgae are processed using a proprietary, hexane-free process (wet oil extraction) that maintains the oil’s valuable polar-lipid structure while keeping the energy footprint low. 4. Ratio Matters – Rich in EPA. Almega PL is uniquely rich in EPA (~25%). While EPA and DHA are both essential to maintaining good health, clinical research has shown that omega-3s with high levels of unopposed EPA (unopposed EPA is the EPA content minus DHA content) benefit specific health functions: Mood. Studies exploring a range of mood-related conditions, including low mood while pregnant, found that omega-3 sources with unopposed EPA: Were associated with positive mood Helped to maintain mental well-being Supported a healthy mood Cardiovascular health. Research on the heart-health benefits of omega-3s indicates that those with higher EPA levels help support healthy triglyceride levels, without having adverse effects on LDL cholesterol levels.5. Control matters - Vertically integrated, fully controlled supply chain. Almega PL is produced by Qualitas Health, a vertically integrated company that controls the farming, extraction and standardization of Almega PL. Almega PL is standardized to contain a minimum of 25% EPA and 15% polar lipids.The company has already successfully completed several integrated, long-term pilot studies in Israel and the US validating its technology. In the fall of 2012, the company successfully completed a 12-month pilot algae growth project in the north of Israel, optimizing its process parameters and sustainability protocols while maintaining high omega-3 yields. The Qualitas Health team is highly experienced in algae cultivation, having designed, built and operated integrated commercial algae farms for more than a decade. The team’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Isaac Berzin, is a renowned pioneer in algae-based products, and has deep experience in the development of large-scale algae cultivation systems. Almega PL’s “Factor of Five” addresses multiple consumer needs across categories and is poised as an important innovation in the large and growing omega-3 market.

Farbest Brands

Farbest is a premier distributor of food and nutrition ingredients sourced from the world’s most trusted suppliers. We enjoy longstanding relationships with our customers because our business is built on integrity and representing the most ethical suppliers in the industry. Committed to Quality:Now more than ever, consumers are demanding clean label and organic ingredients. Learn more about Farbest’s non-GMO, RBST-free, allergen-free, kosher, vegan and halal ingredients at Outstanding Service: Our deep commitment to providing outstanding customer service means when you call us, you’ll speak with a real person and get the personalized service you deserve. Market Insights: Gain a competitive advantage with our extensive market knowledge and six decades of industry experience. We spot the trend before it's a trend and can help you decide what to source, when to buy, and more. To request a free ingredient sample along with product information and specification sheet visit Have a question? Need a quote? Email: or call us today! 800-897-6096


We are a Nutra-BioSciences company formed in 2003, headquartered in Walnut, CA, with an emphasis on safe and effective delivery technology. Our aim is to focus on delivery both to the human body, via improving the efficacy of nutrients, compounds and drugs, as well as the delivery of water-insoluble nutrients into food, beverage and supplements, for example Omega-3 EPA DHA, Resveratrol, CoQ10, Lutein and Medium Chain Triglycerides etc…

Economic whey delivers premium performance

Consumers understand that protein satisfies hunger, fuels performance and aids lean muscle growth. To take advantage of their demand for foods and beverages that are both nutritious and delicious, formulate with whey protein.Hilmar™ 7000 is a good choice for mainstream foods. A functional 70% whey protein concentrate ideal for emulsified and processed systems, Hilmar™ 7000 also provides a higher protein source for milk solids replacement in dairy-based products. It is formulation-friendly, too, with a neutral flavor, water binding activity and stability across a variety of processing methods.

NattoPharma USA, Inc.

Global Supplier of MenaQ7 – the only validated and clinically documented Vitamin K2 (MK-7). As a biotechnology-based nutraceutical company, NattoPharma is the worldwide innovator and leader of Vitamin K2 menaquinone-7. Its new MenaQ7® Crystals represents a proprietary multistep process of purification, condensation and crystallization of fermentation-derived natural K2. The resulting crystal form of Vitamin K2 is a direct outcome of purity of the MK-7 molecule and is a desirable outcome for the stability and efficacy of the end product. MenaQ7® is soundly fortified by a portfolio of research, including a three year breakthrough clinical study, plus a cache of global patents.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., Kearny, NJ, is a family of companies specializing in the manufacture and supply of custom and branded nutritional ingredients, as well as process services. The Company, founded in 1978, is a NOP-Certified organic handler and processor providing its customers with a variety of ingredients--vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals--to produce the purest, most wholesome dietary supplements and food products. Pharmachem is a vertically integrated company, focused on adding “value,” to its ingredients at every step in the production process.  


Kingherbs specializes in high-value botanical extracts and derivatives. Founded in 1996, the company has grown from a single trader to a trade group operating two factories. Kingherbs offers botanical extracts and herbal ingredients for dietary, food supplement, food additives, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, natural nutrient products, pharmaceuticals, animal feed and products for agricultural use.

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