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Company agrees to FTC demand to stop making claims on supplements aimed at kids with speech disorders

A company that markets supplements aimed at children with speech disorders associated with autism has agreed to stop making what the Federal Trade Commission deemed were deceptive claims on its products and to pay a substantial fine in a settlement, the agency announced on Friday.  The company also agreed in the future to disclose material connections with the endorsers of its products.

Clinical trial supports cardiovascular benefits of annatto tocotrienols

Supplements of vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may enhance the cardiovascular benefits of the American Heart Association Step-1 diet, suggests a new clinical study.

NutraIngredients-USA: What’s on our special edition calendar for 2015?

From blood sugar management to an in-depth look at the retail sector, inflammation, outsourcing, and the latest trends in sports nutrition and immune support, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2015 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

Fertility food supplement targets older couples

An Israeli firm has debuted ‘his, her’s and theirs’ food supplements aimed at boosting the fertility of ageing couples who want children - the chances of pregnancy drop to as low as 5% after the age of 40.

Low vitamin D status may mean longer respiratory support for intensive care patients

Vitamin D status may impact the duration of respiratory support required by intensive care unit (ICU) patients, according to a cohort study.

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Fancy fats, digestive health & pumpkin: CHFA lists its top 5 trends for Canadian health food consumers

Avocado oil, fermentation, non-GMOs… the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) has some interesting trend for Canadians when shopping at their local health food store in 2015.

Multivitamin may have pregnancy benefits over folic acid and iron alone: RCT

A daily multivitamin may be better for pregnancy outcomes than supplementation with iron and folic acid alone, according to new research on mothers in rural Bangladesh.

Outsourcing, bone & joint health, LATAM, functional foods: lessons from 2014's special editions part 2

From polyphenols and prebiotics to a focus on Latin America, healthy aging and functional foods, NutraIngredients-USA’s special editions have set traffic records because of their in-depth coverage and exclusive content.  Today we feature part two of our round-up of key lessons from the special editions.

‘Protein is the hottest functional food ingredient trend in the United States’: Packaged Facts

Weight management, heart health, and digestive health are the top opportunities for functional food and beverage formulators, with growth in the sector driven by increasingly health-conscious consumers, says a new report from Packaged Facts.

Wild blueberries may counter obesity, inflammation and hypertension: Mice study

Wild blueberries may help alleviate low level inflammation and hypertension associated with the development of obesity, according to a study on mice.

Green tea, mitochondria, omega-3 & curcumin: The top 10 science of 2014

From breakthrough studies to controversial hypotheses, it has been a fascinating year for science for dietary supplements. In this special gallery we review the top science headlines from 2014.

Guest article

Nutritional Armor: Dietary Supplements in the Military

A recent special issue to in the medical journal Military Medicine marks a shift in attitude and approach to dietary supplements by the U.S. military. 

Vitamin K2, collagen-calcium combo closing awareness, evidence gaps in bone health

While the combination of calcium and vitamin D is the best known duo in bone health, other ingredients that stories to tell are closing the gap both in terms of clinical evidence and public acceptance, suppliers say.

Combating osteoporosis with calcium, vitamin D could save as much as $12 billion by 2020, CRN says

Supplementation with calcium and vitamin D for postmenopausal women could save the US health care system as much as $12 billion by 2020, according to an economic impact report commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The intervention costs as little as 16 cents a day, CRN said.

Neptune launches NKO Focus backed by clinical data

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has launched a blend of krill and lutein for brain and vision health, with clinical data  showing the absorption of lutein being improved by as much as eight times.

Micronutrient insufficiencies: ‘The DGAC is turning a blind eye to this problem because they are preaching an ideal’

The majority of Americans are not meeting the requirements for a number of essential nutrients, but the focus of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) on a healthy diet is causing a significant problem, says Dr Balz Frei from the Linus Pauling Institute.

News in brief

NattoPharma gets Canadian Patent for vitamin K2 and omega-3s

Vitamin K2 supplier NattoPharma ASA has been granted a new Canadian patent covering pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products combining vitamin K2 with omega-3s for a range of health benefits.

Annatto Tocotrienols are more potent vitamin E antioxidant for fish oil, says study

Vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may be better antioxidants than tocopherol-tocotrienol mixtures or alpha-tocopherol alone, suggests a recent study testing infant formula containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Did the Institute of Medicine miscalculate the RDA for vitamin D?

The RDA for vitamin D is based on a miscalculation and should actually be higher than the tolerable upper level for the nutrient, say academics.

Vitamin B supplementation could prevent noise-induced hearing loss: Mouse data

Supplementation with vitamin B3 could help to protect against noise-induced hearing loss by increasing the activity of a protein that has been linked to hearing loss, say researchers.

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