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GM folate rice could help tackle neural tube defects, say researchers

Rice metabolically engineered to be rich in folates could help alleviate associated health problems of folate deficiency, according to researchers.

Sales of pediatric supplements, probiotics & protein rise, Euromonitor says

Ongoing consumer interest in preventive health and wellness is expanding into new niches of the dietary supplement market and driving growth of pediatric products, probiotics, protein and new combination products, according to data from Euromonitor International. 

SPECIAL FEATURE: So Soylent secures $20m… Money well spent?

While uncharitable observers have described Soylent as “only slightly more appealing than an IV bag”, news that the LA-based food substitute firm has just secured $20m in funding and is now generating “millions of dollars per month in subscription revenues” from a loyal online  fan base  suggests that it may be more appealing than first meets the eye.

Nutrients-in-a-cap technology billed as easier to use debuts on US market

A new competitor has arrived on the ingredients-in-a-cap scene as Kansas-based Amerigo Labs brings a licensed bottle technology popular in Europe to the US market.

Firm gets warning letter for straddling beverage/liquid supplement divide

A recent FDA warning letter to a New York company points again to the danger of mixing metaphors when positioning a product as either a beverage or a liquid dietary supplement.

News in brief

Viridis BioPharma & Nu Science Trading get NSF certification for K2 facility

Nu Science Trading & Viridis BioPharma have achieved NSF International Good Manufacturing (GMP) Registration for their Vitamin K2-7 production plant, Synergia Life Sciences.

Special edition: Blood Sugar Management

Pre-diabetes: Public health time bomb … and industry opportunity

By 2035 it is estimated that 8% of the global population will be classed as ‘pre-diabetic' – putting them at significantly higher risk of developing full type 2 diabetes. Such starling statistics are ticking bomb for healthcare costs, but could also be a huge opportunity for the industry to help in prevention.

Special edition: Blood sugar management

The key ingredients for blood sugar management

With diabetes rates rising, many healthy people are starting to consider the effects of blood glucose levels and keeping them in the healthy range. In this gallery we look at the key ingredients in this growing sector. 


On the spike: The curious case of a contaminated sports supplement

‘Don’t take sports supplements, they can’t be trusted’ was the takeaway message from Welsh track stars Rhys Williams and Gareth Warburton after the recent UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) tribunal agreed steroids got into their blood streams via contaminated sports drink powders. But is the sector really to blame?

Body Glove Surge beats 5 Hour Energy for cycling power output and response times: Study

An ‘all-natural’ caffeine supplement improved cycling power output and auditory response times more than a supplement containing a combination of caffeine, taurine, and niacin, according to a small study with 13 participants.

Supplement shows promising results in cognition, mood in large scale study

A recent large scale study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease confirms earlier results for a nutraceutical formulation branded as Perceptiv in showing improved performance on standardized tests and improved mood for subjects diagnosed with the malady.

Warning letter cites NDI status of magnesium ingredient but doesn't raise safety concern

The Food and Drug Administration has issued another warning letter taking a company to task for marketing a product with an ingredient that lacks a New Dietary Ingredient filing. But one observer wonders why more such letters haven’t come from the agency.

Amway solidifies position in energy drink market with acquisition of XS Energy brand

Direct selling giant Amway is solidifying its position in the energy drink market with the acquisition of XS Energy brand. Details of the deal were not disclosed, but a co-founder of XS will join Amway’s management team.

Vitamin D may enhance exercise benefits for type-2 diabetics: Study

Combining vitamin D supplements and circuit training may trim belly fat levels and improve blood lipid profiles in elderly women with low D levels and type-2 diabetes.

Vitamin D may boost immune response to colorectal cancer risk

Vitamin D may help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by priming the immune system to respond against tumour cells, according to new data.

Taking vitamins among consumers' top health choices for 2015, CRN survey shows

Taking vitamins is among the top commitments Americans are making to maintaining their health in 2015, a survey commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition shows. 

Potassium salts may preserve bone health by lowering excretion of markers

Supplementation of alkaline potassium salts may help preserve bone health by lowering the excretion of calcium and acid as well as the bone resorption marker NTX (N-terminal telopeptides), according to meta-analysis.

Pharmavite study using NHANES data shows obese adults have lowest micronutrient intakes

It has long been suspected that the kind of diets that make Americans fat paradoxically fail to supply enough of the right nutrients. A newly published study now supplies data to support that case, showing that body weight status is inversely associated with inadequate intake of micronutrients.

‘Excipient foods' show promise in enhancing nutrient bioavailability

Improving the design of functional and finished products by better understanding the role of excipient foods could help increase the bioavailability of functional nutrients, according to new research.

Media investment means US probiotic growth outpacing EU

US probiotic market growth has been bolstered by big media investment, something yet to be seen in the EU, according to the Swedish firm Probi which just secured its largest transatlantic order to date.

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