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Inflammation: Key lessons for what you can and cannot say (and when and how to say it)

Experts from the Natural Products Association, Metagenics, Penn State University, and Greenberg Traurig LLP will discuss the opportunities and challenges of marketing products positioned for inflammation in the FREE-TO-ATTEND NutraIngredients-USA Inflammation forum.

'Shadiness' of supplement market drove EXOS to create own sports line with Thorne

EXOS, a sports performance firm,  says the increasing murkiness of the supplement market drove it to create its own sports nutrition line manufactured by practitioner channel specialist Thorne Research.

Updated: GNC responds

GNC shares drop 15% after Oregon AG alleges use of "illegal" ingredients in products

The Oregon Attorney General has sued GNC over the sale of supplements that include picamilon and BMPEA. The announcement of the case caused GNC’s share price to plummet leading to a halt in trading.

Multivitamins, cognitive health, and DNA analysis: CRN's Day of Science 2015 as it happened

The Council for Responsible Nutrition's Day of Science took place on October 21 in Palm Springs, CA, with hot topics covering everything from learnings from PHS II, nutrition and cognitive decline, current developments in lab analysis (including DNA analysis), and herb-drug interactions...

PLT Health Solutions creates quality umbrella to better communicate transparency, efficacy message

Transparency. Traceability. These are the watchwords of the market these days, and branded ingredient supplier PLT Health Solutions is trying to take this bull by the horns with a new program called PLT 360.

Multi-ingredient formula shows good results in Mild Cognitive Impairment test

A multi-ingredient formula previously studied for cognitive effects has additional evidence to bolster its efficacy in cases of mild cognitive impairment with the results of a recent study. Participants in a long-term trial showed significant improvements in memory performance and cognitive scores.

Quality of vinpocetine, picamilon supplements questioned by Ole Miss-Harvard study

A new analysis of over 50 dietary supplement products containing vinpocetine or picamilon has found that wide ranges in levels of the bioactives, with some products not containing anything at all.

Which supplement brands are people buying online?

Online is increasingly a vital outlet for supplements, but which brands rule the internet, what’s their share, and how do they differ between the retailers online?

Careful research planning needed for successful new ingredient development

Bringing a new ingredient to market is a marathon, not a sprint. For companies that aspire to have a science-backed ingredient, it requires a careful research plan to elucidate benefits and methods of action in a way that won’t break the bank before the commercialization stage.

‘Niagen is growing like crazy, unlike anything I have seen before,’ says ChromaDex CEO

ChromaDex’s Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) continues to defy expectations, with new science and product launches helping to drive growth for ChromaDex.

Iodine excess linked to thyroid disease in lactating women

Excessive iodine intake may cause thyroid disease in lactating women and should be monitored as closely as deficiency, Chinese research of 343 women has said.  

Sports nutrition: NIU forum to explore the trends in the booming sports sector

Experts from Health Wright, Muscle Pharm, Texas A&M, and Euromonitor will discuss the trends in sports nutrition in a FREE forum hosted by NutraIngredients-USA.

College students more likely than general population to use dietary supplements, says survey

Sixty-six percent of students use dietary supplements at least once a week, says a survey of students from five universities.

Market demand drives Country Life's push for Non GMO Project Verified certification

Country Life Vitamins has joined the ranks of supplement companies that have achieved a non GMO Project Verifed certification. Getting there wasn’t easy, but the effort has become necessary because of the rising demands of consumers, the company said.

Special edition: Sports Nutrition

Protein powders: The heavyweight in the $16bn sports nutrition market

The US market for sports nutrition plus energy/nutrition bars and sports drinks is set to cruise past $20 billion by 2020, says Euromonitor International, but which segments are driving growth, and how is the ‘regimentation of fitness’ influencing product development?

Health of select ethnic groups at risk with significant nutrient shortfalls

A greater percentage of Non-Hispanic Blacks may be below the Estimated Average Requirements (EARs) for calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and D relative to Non-Hispanic Whites across all ages, says a new study.

JAMA study links low vitamin D levels to ‘profound’ and ‘rapid’ cognitive decline

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency may have “substantial” accelerating effects on cognitive decline in the elderly, says a new study from UC Davis and Rutgers University.

Can high dose vitamin D enhance athletic performance?

Maintaining higher levels of vitamin D may boost athletic performance and reduce the time needed to recover from exercise, says a review of the scientific literature.

Bringing our A-game: NIU forums to explore science and trends in booming sports nutrition sector

Experts from ISSN, GENr8, Skratch Labs, Health Wright, Muscle Pharm, Texas A&M, and Euromonitor will discuss the science and trends in sports nutrition in two FREE forums hosted by NutraIngredients-USA.

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Nutralliance launches non-GMO, non-soy mixed tocopherols

California-based Nutralliance has launched a mixed tocopherols product derived from rapeseed (Brassica napus) oil, with clean label, non-GMO and non-soy categories driving demand for the ingredient.

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