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Chromadex reports 97% increase in ingredient sales

The success and demand for Chromadex’s Niagen-branded nicotinamide riboside ingredient are driving ingredient sales for the Californian company, with more research to be published expected to further boost the ingredient.

Vitamin Shoppe CEO: ‘Fish oil will turn around a little bit based upon some of the things that we’re seeing’

Downturns in the retail of fish oil and multivitamin supplements should turn around as we ‘cycle’ though the negative media, said Tony Truesdale, CEO of Vitamin Shoppe.

Crowd-funding: SmartyPants raises an additional $2.2 million, but how are other supplement start-ups doing?

SmartyPants Vitamins has just announced that it has closed a $2.2 million second round of financing via CircleUp, bringing their crowdfunding total to $4.7 million, but what separates this company from other supplement entrepreneurs?

Vitamin D deficiency may indicate prostate cancer

Vitamin D deficiency may be an indicator in the diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer, according to researchers.

SunDaily founder: Existing multivitamins are based on decades-old standards

When a former corporate finance executive and MIT grad’s own growing interest in nutrition and fitness turned to disillusionment with existing supplement offerings, he launched a company dedicated to overhauling the most popular supplement categories and simplifying the consumer experience. 

Standard Process supplements show ‘modest’ benefits for cognitive functioning in healthy older adults

Supplements of a Ginkgo biloba plus choline-based formula may produce modest improvements in executive functioning, according to a new study from Standard Process using its Ginkgo Synergy plus Choline products.

Vitamin D levels linked to cancer survival rates

Breast and colorectalcancer patients with higher levels of vitamin D at the time of diagnosis may have better chances of survival and remain in remission longer those who are deficient, according to a scientific review. 

Active duty Marine's energy shot packs mega doses of vitamins

Battlefield experience in Afghanistan gave Marine Corps Maj. Robert Dyer a good idea of what he wanted in a supplement.  And surving the stress of being a forward air controller in the combat zone helped him weather the stress of launching a new supplement brand.

Multivitamin startup offers formulas targeted to different times of day

Different approaches have been taken to differentiate the multivitamin sector over the years.  Formulas that target specific populations, like men, women or kids, or different delivery systems like gummies have all been tried.  Now comes a new idea:  targeting multivitamins to different times of the day.

Krill oil (plus B vitamins, soy and rosemary) relieves PMS: Pilot study

Krill oil supplementation can relieve pre-menstrual stress disorder (PMS), according to a small pilot study.

Vemma makes changes to business model in response to Italian ruling

The network marketing sector has come under renewed scrutiny with the news that Vemma Nutrition, a multilevel marketing comany that markets beverages based in part on mangosteen juice, has been sanctioned by an Italian regulatory body for being a pyramid scheme.  The company has appealed the decision and made changes to its compensation model in response.

Special Edition: Sports Nutrition

Swisse Wellness on US sports nutrition sector: ‘We think there’s an opportunity in this space to make a big impact’

Changing consumer attitudes to health and similar consumption levels in the US and Australia give Swisse Wellness an opportunity to excite consumers with a new sports nutrition range that is not just focused on the muscle men and gym junkies, says Ulrich Irgens, Executive Vice President of Swisse Americas.

Punching holes in pop-science theory: Whole grains may cut inflammatory biomarkers in obese kids

Consuming whole-grain-rich foods for six weeks may slash levels of inflammatory biomarkers in overweight children, according to findings published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research .

Advancing nutritional epidemiology to a whole new level? NIH scientists publish metabolomics biomarkers to study diet-disease associations

Scientists from the National Cancer Institute at the NIU have reported metabolomic biomarkers for a variety of foods and vitamins, which, if validated, could become biomarkers in large cohorts to study diet-disease associations.

BASF vitamin production returns to normal after fire

BASF’s vitamin A and E production is close to resuming normal service after a fire ripped through its German plant on March 12.

Is dietary supplement use more prevalent than previously thought?

As many as 69% of American adults may be users of dietary supplements, with up to 53% being regular users, says a new review that gives greater numbers than those reported in National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES).

Largest ever human clinical study using tocotrienols for neuroprotection

Vitamin E tocotrienols show brain health benefits

Daily supplements of a natural full spectrum palm mixed tocotrienol complex may protect against the progression of white matter lesions in human brains, says a new study from Malaysia and the UK.

Science short

Study: Vitamin A form shows breast cancer prevention potential

A vitamin A form called retinoic acid that is commonly found in sweet potatoes and carrots, can help turn breast cells showing cancerous potential back to a healthy state, researchers have found.

science short

Low & fat-free milk shows osteoarthritis benefits for women

Low & fat-free milk consumption can reduce the likelihood of osteoarthritis (OA), researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found.

“Which way up was the umbrella? Did this review collect knowledge or shield us from it?”

BMJ vitamin D research attacked: 'un-nuanced', 'flawed', 'irresponsible

The ‘umbrella’ review of vitamin D studies that found a myriad of health links for the sunshine vitamin were unconfirmed in the scientific literature, has been criticised for containing too many flawed studies that warped the overall findings.

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