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New liposome manufacturer says process is more 'natural,' needing no added heat, pressure or solvents

A new supplier of liposomal delivery systems has entered the market based on a ‘more natural’ approach the assembly of these structures, the founder said.

DGAC defends the scientific basis of its recommendation, fights back against limiting legislation

Members of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee uncharacteristically fight back against criticism of its recommendations and ask Congress to drop proposed legislation that would effectively block regulators from acting on many of the committee’s controversial suggestions. 

How effective is fortifying flour at reducing anaemia?

Fortifying flour with micronutrients is effective in decreasing national prevalence of anaemia, say researchers who looked at 32 different countries.

One week to go!

Experts to talk science, regs, challenges and opportunities in immune health

Experts from Abbott Nutrition, the University of Southampton, Vynna LLC, and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP will join NutraIngredients-USA’s Hank Schultz for an hour-long, free to attend discussion of the booming immune health sector. Don’t miss your chance to join the conversation.

B vitamins may slow cataract occurrence & development: AREDS data

Increased dietary intakes of B vitamins are associated with reduced incidence and decreased risks of developing different forms of cataracts in older people, says new data from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study Research Group.

Supplement sales slow, but hope emerges in probiotics, protein, omega-3s and aloe

Market saturation, negative press and increased competition from fortified foods are taking a toll on dietary supplement sales, growth of which is slowing dramatically, according to research from IBISWorld and Euromonitor International. 

Special edition: Immune support

The key market data and ingredients in the immune health sector

Immune supplement sales were valued at an impressive $2.3 billion in 2013 (Nutrition Business Journal), and in this gallery we look at the key market trends and ingredients for this growing sector. 

Special edition: Immune support

Presenteeism: A new window of opportunity for immune supplements?

Presenteeism - or showing up for work despite being ill - is on the rise. Could this be an opportunity for immunity-boosting supplements, or is it a trend to fight against?

New plant enzyme discovery could help battle global vitamin A deficiency

A newly discovered enzyme that is critical for the biosynthesis of carotenoids in plants could help to reduce vitamin A deficiency, say researchers.

Pfizer throws hat in gummy ring with Centrum line extension

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has become the latest entrant to the gummy vitamin area with the launch of a Centrum gummy line. It’s an attempt to line up with consumer’s changing lifestyles and tastes, the company says. And it’s not the end of innovation for the line, either, a spokesman said.

Patent watch

Abbott Labs files patent for ‘better tasting’ nutritional powders

Abbott Laboratories has filed an international patent for a process it says allows it to produce better-tasting powders with improved nutrient content.

Netherlands investigates safe vitamin A intake from supplements

The Netherlands is looking at whether legislation on vitamin A should be changed after a report calculated how much could be ingested from supplements.

Calcium and vitamin D may not help menopause symptoms: Trial data

Women should not rely on vitamin D and calcium supplements to relieve menopausal symptoms, say researchers behind a new large-scale follow up study.

NoorVitamins CEO: In 5 years we’ll be a strong and reputable competitor with a wider value proposition

Leading Halal supplement brand NoorVitamins is aiming to be a serious part of the wider dietary supplements industry, with a focus on quality and transparency driving their value proposition, the company’s President and CEO tells NutraIngredients-USA.

Naturex makes play for natural sports nutrition consumer

Boosted by botanicals, Naturex's WinDrink range targets a new breed of consumer who is interested in sports nutrition but wary of complex, synthetic ingredients. 

Human data supports salmon oil’s ability to reduce oxidative stress

Supplements of salmon oil may reduce markers of oxidative stress, with no effects from additional multivitamins, says a new study from Australia.

Is the $35 billion figure for the dietary supplements industry over-inflated?

The US dietary supplements industry is only worth about $12 billion, according to Dr Kurt Jetta, CEO and founder of the TABS Group.

Special Edition: Outsourcing

Transparency could be the 1st step towards greater consistency in testing methods & labs: Experts

Third-party labs that keep their testing information proprietary to gain a competitive advantage may actually be harming their business, say leading experts calling for more transparency in the analytical sector.

ChromaDex extends earnings streak, cuts losses in half

ChromaDex Corp. notched its fourth consecutive quarter of record earnings with its Q1 2015 earnings report which it made public this week. The company reported net sales of $5.3 million, an increase of 71% year-over-year. The company also halved its net loss on a per-share basis.

Should vitamin K2 also be recommended for statin users?

Statins may be “mitochondrial toxins”, says a new review that finds that the pharmaceuticals may not only deplete CoQ10 levels but also inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2. The result could be negative effects on the heart and blood vessels.

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