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Regulations overhaul proceeding rapidly in Japan, ASEAN

Efforts to reform the way dietary supplements are regulated in Japan and the ASEAN are proceeding with startling speed, attendees of an event in Salt Lake City were told yesterday.

What are the key bone and joint health ingredients?

According the Euromonitor – in 2012 there were over 577 million people aged over 65 globally, a figure only set to rise according to government agencies. This has prompted focus to fall on the need for new dietary strategies to cope with this ageing demographic, and to close the gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.Bone and joint health is a key area in this plight, and this gallery seeks to lay out the key ingredients supplement players driving this lucrative segment forward. 

Better together: Polyphenol may have greater bioavailability in combo with others

The amount of polyphenols absorbed and used by the body may be greater when taken with other polyphenols, according to a research review of the antioxidants.

Herbal industry increasingly backed by data, Rainbow Light's new science director says

The transformation of Rainbow Light mirrors that of the herbal industry as a whole, the company's new director of integrative science says.  Christopher Hobbs, a fairly newly-minted PhD, has worked with the firm as a formulator from the beginning as the company increasingly put its products on a solid science footing.

DSM flexing its acquisition muscles at IFT

DSM will highlight all the recent additions to its royal crest at IFT. The multinational food, beverage and supplement ingredient supplier will in particular be featuring its life’s DHA ingredient at the Institute of Food Technologists show in New Orleans next week, making a case for the ingredient at every stage of a consumer’s life.

Underlying forces will continue to drive functional food growth, analyst says

The hot market for functional foods shows no signs of cooling off, according to longtime industry consultant Jeff Hilton.  In his view a number of factors will combine to drive continued growth.

PLT to debut whole food vitamin D mushroom powder at IFT

PLT Health Solutions will debut a new vegetarian source of vitamin D with a whole food mushroom powder at the Institute of Food Technologists trade show later in June in New Orleans.  The new ingredient brings together several developing skeins in the market, said Barbara Davis, PLT’s director of medical & scientific affairs.

Foods and supplements aimed at autism must walk fine regulatory line, attorney says

Parents of autistic children can have a certain desperation to find ways to help their kids overcome the isolating deficits of the condition. Recent research has focused on potential nutritional and digestive anomalies exhibited by these children, and supplement and food companies have stepped up the the plate with products that claim to help address these issues.

Canadians set for run at calcium constipation market

A health science company is positioning for launch into the calcium bone health market after coming out top in a clinical trial that put it head-to-head with Pfizer’s Caltrate brand. Reduction of constipation side-effects were the main benefits.

Nutrition researchers shoot holes in assertion that multivitamins are unnecessary

A response published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine by four well-known nutrition researchers takes strident issue with an editorial published in the same journal that multivitamins are not useful.  The authors of the first paper “ignored decades of nutrition research and diet monitoring of the U.S. population to reach this misleading conclusion,” the researchers wrote.

“It is very old. It survived 2-3 mass extinctions on Earth.”

Portuguese player enters chlorella space

The increasingly busy nutra-algae space has a new player in Portuguese firm Allma which has already bagged ice cream and food concept contracts but is targeting all foods, supplements, cosmetics and feed with a premium version of chlorella.

DSM: Additional research will underpin vitamin E's decisive benefits

Magic bullet syndrome is something that has plagued the dietary supplement ingredient business over the years. While this is often negative for consumers, who put their faith into an overhyped (while still possibly effective) ingredient, it’s not so good for the bullet, either. Just ask the companies that supply vitamin E, such as DSM Nutritional Products.

Experience as a customer helps CEO grow contract manufacturing company

For a contract manufacturer, formulation expertise, a good story on GMP compliance and robust relationships with ingredient suppliers are all good and necessary things to have.  But none of it replaces good, old service to the customer, said Jonathan Greenhut, CEO of Nutricap Labs.

News in brief

ChromaDex signs marketing deal with consulting firm

ChromaDex Corp. has announced a sales and marketing arrangement with Joy’s Quality Management Services. The deal will allow ChromaDex to further offer ‘one stop shop’ GMP service to clients, according to CEO Frank Jaksch.

More than half of supplement users rely on doctors for advice on how to use products, survey finds

More than half of supplement users rely on their doctors for information on what products to use and how to use them, according to a new survery by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. This places a burden on the part of healthcare consumers to engage in an open dialogue with their physicians to make sure they are getting the best advice possible, according to Duffy MacKay, CRN’s senior vice president for scientific and regulatory affairs.

NIU's Cognitive Health Forum: 'The key is to not have ingredients that stimulate other areas of the body that are not needed for performance'

Cognitive health formulations must be driven by mechanisms of action, and with cognition being a lifelong issue with many aspects to consider the possibilities are impressive and continually developing, according to experts at the NutraIngredients-USA Cognitive Health Forum.

NutraIngredients-USA Cognitive Health Forum: Today!

Experts from Abbott Nutrition, Standard Process, Nawgan, and Euromonitor will join NutraIngredients-USA for a discussion of the cognitive health sector, from science and claim substantiation, to market sizing and key consumer demographics.

Science short

Vitamin D not helpful for adult asthmatics

Asthmatic adults with low-vitamin D status do not benefit from vitamin D3, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has found.


Sustainability? Not so focal for supplements, says palm oil firm

Sustainability is not such an important issue for the supplements industry, because of the relatively low ingredient volumes involved and a difference in industry priorities, Malaysia-based Carotech has said.

ENI CEO: ‘Most prominent companies are starting to work on incorporating non-GMO materials’

The majority of the leading US supplement companies are working on using non-GMO ingredients in their formulations, said Cal Bewicke, CEO of Ethical Naturals Inc (ENI), as the company launches non-GMO vitamin C.

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