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FDA files injunction against sports supplement manufacturer over years-long record of GMP failures

Scilabs Nutraceuticals Inc., a California dietary supplement company, has been slapped with a permanent injunction after failing three rounds of FDA inspections and receiving a warning letter in 2013.

Folic acid & vitamin B12 may not improve cognitive performance, says 2-year study

Vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin B12 (cobalamin) do not benefit thinking and memory in elderly people despite lowering levels of an Alzheimer's-linked protein, according to the largest study of its kind.

Academic: "Anybody who thinks the world’s malnutrition problems are going to be solved without industry is dreaming."

Time for a vitamin E intake rethink? Emerging data builds argument

Emerging research linking vitamin E deficiency with increased risk of Alzheimer’s, miscarriages and fatty liver disease can contribute to an ongoing debate around recommended intakes, a nutrition congress was told yesterday.

Two ends of market—highly committed and casual consumers—overrepresented in supplement sales, research indicates

Two ends of the supplement marketplace—one highly committed and the other far less so—have an outsized role in driving the continued growth of dietary supplements.  And for these and the other segments of consumers, health care practitioners are still the most trusted source of information about the products, according to recent research.

Negative media and a lack of innovation: Vitamin Shoppe CEO on ’positive’ but ‘lower than expected’ Q3 results

Supplement retailing giant Vitamin Shoppe has reported a 3.1% increase in comparable retail store sales and a 10.5% increase in e-commerce sales, but despite this positive performance 'comparable sales were at the low end of our expectations', said the company’s CEO.

Herbalife's share price plunges after company misses Wall Street earnings expectations

Network marketing giant Herbal reported sales growth but missed analysts’ expectations for earnings in its third quarter of 2014.  Part of the earnings miss was caused by the steep devaluation of Nicaragua’s currency and so was characterized by management as anamolous, but the stock market reacted strongly nevertheless, sending the company’s share price reeling.

Internet helps noncompliant retailers ply their trade but also helps FDA find them, expert says

The growth of online retailing has bee decried by some in the dietary supplements business for allowing the rapid appearance of fly-by-night marketers.  But the Internet has a flip side, acting as a powerful and low-cost enforcement tool that the Food and Drug Administrastion can use to police claims in the online realm.

Nutrition sector challenges hurt DSM Q3 results; profits down 7%

Q3 net profits dropped about 20% at DSM with the Dutch-Swiss ingredients giant citing vitamin E market issues and, “challenges in some human nutrition end-markets” as key contributing factors.

Low vitamin D may increase asthma risk: Population data

Asthmatics with vitamin D deficiency are 25% more likely to experience acute attacks, suggests study.

Streamlined operations, new product launch help Innophos prosper despite depressed sales

Specialty phosphate producer Innophos suffered sales declines in its third quarter of 2014 as the company struggled with a supply shortage for a key feedstock and some weakness in the end markets for its customers’ finished goods. Offsetting that are operational improvements, a new product launch and the anticipated resolution of import difficulties in China that some customers were experiencing, CEO Randy Gress said.

Calcium + vitamin D show bone benefits for military personnel: RCT

Daily supplements of calcium and vitamin D may help boost bone density for military personnel undergoing basic combat training – a period that places individuals under increased risk of skeletal stress fractures.

Hangover beverage debuts in Las Vegas

A new energy drink is seeking a middle path in the sphere, trying to find space between the shot market and bigger serving size cans. Called Last Shot, the product is the subject of a distribution agreement between EQ Labs and Liquid Health Labs, Inc.

Vitamin D3 supplements may decrease triglyceride levels in at-risk women: RCT data

A daily 4,000 IU dose of vitamin D may decrease triglyceride levels in post-menopausal women with an increased risk of heart disease, says a new study from Mexico.

Special edition: healthy ageing

Half of UK seniors take daily supplements, say analysts

Seniors are determined to stay active and healthy as the global population ages, according to Canadean and Mintel analysts.

Special edition: Healthy ageing

Learning from Japan's healthy ageing market

From an €80 million market for anti-ageing placenta supplements to the world’s most innovative (and fad-driven) functional foods and drinks market, Japan’s healthy ageing market is unique and instructive.

Non-cow’s milk may put children at vitamin D deficiency risk

Children who drink non-cow's milk such as rice, almond, soy or goat's milk, have lower levels of vitamin D in their blood than those who drink cow's milk, say researchers.

Bamboo fiber, protein beverages, and gummies: Hydrocolloid expert talks innovative delivery systems

Beverages continue to be one of the hot beds for innovation when it comes to nutrient fortification, with insoluble fiber, nutritional oils, and (of course) protein all catching the eye.

Vitamin D3 can reduce atopic dermatitis in kids via 'innate immunity': Study

Vitamin D supplementation improves winter-related atopic dermatitis (AD) in children at risk of vitamin D deficiency and could provide a safe alternative to UV light treatment, according to a new study led by Boston researchers.

High-dose vitamin D may not aid critically ill: RCT data

High-dose vitamin D3 supplementation ‘does not improve outcomes’ for deficient ICU patients, according to new RCT data.

$5 million in additional funding will help ChromaDex bridge through to profitability, CEO says

ChromaDex Corp. has announced an additional $5 million in funding from Hercules Technology Growth Capital. The cash infusion will fund operations for a number of months as the company moves toward profitability, said CEO Frank Jaksch.

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