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Gut bacteria to battle vitamin A deficiency: Could probiotics be modified to produce beta-carotene?

Research backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could offer a new solution to the problem of vitamin A deficiency by creating modified gut bacteria, researchers told NutraIngredients.

US FDA upholds approval of Lallemand vitamin D2 baker’s yeast

The US Food and Drug Administration has upheld its authorization of Lallemand’s enriched yeast after investigating objections from AB Mauri.

Healthy eating may reduce the risk of preterm delivery: Population data

A healthy diet packed with fruit, vegetables, and omega-3 rich fish could help to reduce the risk of pre-term babies, according to new research.

Vitamin D may boost heart’s ability to respond to a stressor

Daily supplements of vitamin D may improve the heart’s response to a stressor, says a new study from Canada with implications for healthy people and those at high risk of cardiovascular mortality.

Vitamin D linked to better breast cancer patient survival

Breast cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are twice as likely to survive the disease as those with lower levels, new research has suggested.

Calcium and vitamin D may improve cholesterol in postmenopausal women

Supplementation with calcium and vitamin D after menopause could help to improve women's cholesterol profiles, according to new research.

Vitamin B5 derivative may slash bad cholesterol by 11%: Study

Daily supplements containing branded pantethine ingredient Pantesin, a vitamin B5 derivative, may reduce LDL and total cholesterol by 11% and 6%, respectively, according to a new study.

Vitamin D may have direct effect on brain development, social behaviour and autism

Vitamin D could have a 'critical influence' levels of serotonin in the brain and may directly effect social behaviours associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), according to new research.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to compromised immune function: Study

Seniors who are deficient in vitamin D also tend to have compromised immune functions including inflammation and biomarkers for heart disease, according to new research.

CRN: Report finding not enough evidence linking multivitamins to cancer prevention shouldn't obscure their benefits

The final report from a government task force finding no preventive effect of multivitamin usage in relation to cancer and cardiovascular disease has been modified in an appropriate way to reflect the tight focus of the review, said the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  How the report will be written about in the mainstream press remains to be seen.

Daily multivitamin supplement may decrease cataract risk in men: RCT data

Long-term daily multivitamin supplement use may lower cataract risk by around 9%, according to a new trial of nearly 15,000 men.

Robinson Pharma ups capabilities by acquiring assets of bankrupt liquids and powders manufacturer

Contract manufacturer Robinson Pharma has acquired the manufacturing assests of bankrupt Creations Garden Natural Products in a deal that will allow the combined company to “enter into some new product arenas,” according to Kenn Israel, vice president of marketing.

Partnership on organic vitamin C part of its transparency mission, MegaFood says

MegaFood, a leading manufacurer of whole food supplements, has teamed up with an organic orange juice supplier for a ‘grove to tablet’ line of vitamin C supplements.

Maternal vitamin A deficiency linked to postnatal asthma: Mouse data

US researchers may have identified the first direct evidence of a link between prenatal vitamin A status and postnatal risk of asthma in offspring.

New vitamin D trials have 'little chance' of showing health benefits, warns analysis

Randomised controlled trials on supplementation with vitamin D seem to show that the vitamin has little causal effect on our health outcomes, according to a new meta-analysis which suggests that future research is 'unlikely' to alter such conclusions.

Asia-Pacific sales growth drives USANA's strong results

USANA Health Sciences, a network marketing company based on sports nutrition, weight management and general health nutritional products, posted an impressive 10.6% gain in net sales for its fourth quarter of 2013. Net sales hit $186.3 million for the quarter and earnings per share were up 11%.

CRN says 2015 dietary guidelines should include supplements

The Council for Responsible Nutrition urged the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) to adopt a new posture on dietary supplements in the next round of federal dietary guidelines, encouraging the use of multivitamins and supplements as a low-cost, no-calorie way to fill key nutrient gaps in most American diets. 

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Jamieson Labs sold to US private equity firm

Jamieson’s Laboratories, Ltd, Canada’s leading dietary supplement manufacturer, has entered into an agreement to sell the company to CCMP Capitol Advisors for a reported $300 million.

NPA seeks input on message to countervail negative media reports on supplements

Recent negative reports about the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements aren’t just a black eye on the industry.  They represent a groundswell of public sentiment that could lead to the significant alteration of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act and thus call for an immediate response.  At least, that’s the view of the Natural Products Association as expressed by new president Roxanne Green.

DSM leads charge to raise global vitamin E intake recommendations

Global vitamins leader DSM is calling on authorities to raise vitamin E intake recommendations after hosting a workshop and posting a paper on the issue that highlight public health threatening global deficiencies.

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