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5-Hour Energy awarded $20 million in counterfeiting case

5-Hour Energy has settled its claims against most of the more than 70 defendants named in a high-profile, consolidated lawsuit concerning a nationwide counterfeit operation.


Vitamin A prices set to continue to soar

After more than a year-long slump, China’s important vitamin A market is finally starting to rebound, with prices expected to continue to grow until the second-half 2016, according to market analyst CCM .

Abbott launches the first and only Ensure with HMB and high protein

The Ensure Enlive product is designed to aid recovery after illness, injury and surgery, and is backed by data from a randomized controlled trial.

Omega-3s may lower homocysteine levels, but B vitamins enhance the effects

Data from randomized-controlled trial supports a modest homocysteine-lowering effect for omega-3 fatty acids, says a new meta-analysis from Deakin University in Australia.

Mannatech to launch new weight management line in bid to regain momentum

Mannatech, a network marketing company founded on its patented ‘glyconutrient’ line of dietary supplements, is set to unveil a new weight management line the company hopes will boost results after a lukewarm earnings report.

EFSA vitamin D intakes are too low and ‘missing data’: Industry group

The EU’s central science agency last week published draft recommendations for vitamin D intakes – 15 micrograms (µg) a day for adults – a level drawing some criticism for being too low. Others say supplement sales will rise.

Research on holes in diet informed Dr Low Dog's formulation of new line of Megafood multis

Multivitamin manufacturers are all about differentiation.  How do you stand out from the multitude? Megafood believes it has found the answer with a new line of multis launched with Dr Tieraona Low Dog.

Healthy tears: Vitamin C may protect against cataracts

Increasing vitamin C intake may have a protective effect against the progression of cataracts, a British study has revealed.

Danish company Reconpharma brings supplements for soldiers to US

The nutraceutical start-up out of Denmark markets dietary supplements to “help manage and prevent the physical and psychological pressure of persons serving in the military.”

Amazon for ingredients: New e-commerce platform rolls out with transparency and factory-direct pricing is promising to change the industry by allowing manufacturers in the US to purchase raw materials directly from overseas factories, providing considerable cost and time savings.

Algae-derived calcium positively builds bone in older people: Study

Daily supplementation with algae-derived calcium may increase bone mineral density in healthy women with age-related bone loss, according to a long term study.

Five key Expo West supplement trends

We walked and we talked, and here’s our list of 5 key trends for supplements from Expo West in Anaheim.

Portability a big theme for consumers, says Bulu Box CEO

Portability was a big theme at the Expo West trade show, according to marketing guru and data analyst Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu Box. In addition, he said magnesium and melatonin were prominent in the supplements space.

Multivitamins can safely improve nutrient supply and overcome problems of inadequacy

A daily multivitamin/mineral supplement can help fill nutrient shortfalls “without concern for its long-term safety”, says a new review paper from Germany.

SmartyPants attracts capital infusion, extends line with women's and men's gummy formulas

SmartyPants Vitamins is expanding its range of gummy vitamins with specific women’s and men’s formulations. The company’s success in this product category recently attracted an infusion of private investment capital.

Yogurt is a suitable matrix to deliver vitamin K2, says study

Vitamin K2-enriched yogurt and soft gels are effective for booting levels of the vitamin, says a new study from The Netherlands.

Vitamin K supplements may improve glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity: Review

Supplements of vitamin K1 and K2 may help reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, says a new review of the scientific literature.

Supradyn multivitamins/minerals show brain boosting potential: Bayer study

Short-term and longer-term supplementation with multivitamins and minerals may boost metabolic measures and blood flow in the brain, says a new study funded by Bayer HealthCare – Consumer Care.

B vitamins may boost cognitive ability in older adults: Study

Supplementation with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid may improve cognitive function in older people with mild cognitive impairment, says a new study from Korea.

Exclusive interview with DSM president André Bos

Made in China: DSM talks vitamin C price pressures

Increasingly strict environmental rules and rising manufacturing wages in China coupled with declining prices is sending ripples across the vitamin and mineral industry. We ask the president of Dutch multinational DSM what this means for vitamin C at a time when over 90% of the world’s supply is made in China.

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