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An abbreviated look at the science supporting Cognizin® citicoline - Kyowa Hakko

25-Mar-2015 - Cognizin® is a proprietary form of citicoline, a potent brain-health nutrient, backed by numerous clinical trials that support claims for improved focus, attention and recall. Developed using a patented fermentation process, Cognizin is an ultra-pure, vegetarian, allergen-free, non-stimulant GRAS ingredient that is...
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Collagen peptides for increased mobility and muscle growth - Gelita AG

11-Mar-2015 - Within the active nutrition market, protein products account for the vast majority of sales. And, although ingredient preferences vary by demography, protein like collagen peptides has generally benefited from its food-like character and has established itself as the category’s most...
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L-Citrulline for Exercise Performance & Heart Health - Kyowa Hakko

10-Mar-2015 - L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays an important role in nitric oxide metabolism and regulation. L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine in the body to support L-Arginine and nitric oxide (NO) levels. Increased production of NO supports vascular dilation and...
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IINNOBIO® Astaxanthin, eExtracted from Haematococcus pluvialis! - INNOBIO Limited

09-Mar-2015 - INNOBIO® Astaxanthin is extracted exclusively from the natural microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis. INNOBIO transforms this raw extract into a variety of high quality natural products, in house from the starting raw material to finished product packaging. A stable supply chain, high quality...
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ProHydrolase® for Protein Hydrolysis - Deerland Enzymes

01-Mar-2015 - ProHydrolase is a bio-sufficient supplement designed to build muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery when used as an ingredient in protein supplements or meal replacements.  This clinically studied enzyme blend digests protein into bio-usable form, taking full advantage of the...
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SOD B® - A concentrate of youth - Seppic

17-Feb-2015 - SOD B® - A concentrate of youthContrary to common perception, our body produces its own antioxidants called primary antioxidants (SOD, CAT, GPx) acting at the source of the oxidative stress reaction. As we age, we produce less primary antioxidants, reducing...
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Poultry Protein: The Complete Package - International Dehydrated Foods

30-Jan-2015 - With the uptrend in protein-packed applications and increasing allergen awareness, meat protein can be a desirable alternative to plant- and dairy-based proteins. This white paper compares meat proteins – specifically, concentrated chicken protein – to other common proteins, and outlines...
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Enhanced GSH Blood Levels From Oral Glutathione - Kyowa Hakko

28-Jan-2015 - A recent human clinical trial showed that oral supplementation of Setria® glutathione (GSH) increased levels of GSH in the blood. The study found that the increase was in most cases dose and time dependent, and that levels returned to baseline...
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Protecting the Quality of Your Brand - Croda Health Care

01-Dec-2014 - The success of your business depends on your ability to deliver the flavor profile consumers expect from your brand. Ensure the consistency, safety and global-appeal of your products with Croda’s Kosher grade, Halal-certified Span™ and Tween™ emulsifiers, ideal for use...
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Collagen peptides: proven ingredients for healthy aging - Leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides

20-Nov-2014 - As populations age, demand for solutions which can help support active and mobile lifestyles for longer is growing at an insatiable rate. As consumers become ever more aware of the role of diet and nutrition in supporting their lifestyle goals,...
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How to strengthen your bone product beyond calcium. - AIDP

17-Nov-2014 - Newly published research verifies KoACT®, a patented collagen, improves bone mineral density and reverses bone loss over calcium. KoACT’s patented composition drives collagen to the bone matrix providing a stronger more flexible bone, making it ideal for baby boomer women...
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Dutch firm develops food products with clinical studies on a pharma level - Newtricious BV-SIC-Food-2014

14-Nov-2014 - Newtricious is a Dutch life sciences company that develops clinically proven food ingredients and specialized nutrition. Via well-designed clinical studies that meet pharma standards, Newtricious is working towards securing regulatory health claims (EFSA & FDA)  in almost all of their development...
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The NutraIngredients-USA Business Leaders Forum - William Reed Business Media

12-Nov-2014 - What’s hot in dietary supplements? What’s the next break-out ingredient? Can sports nutrition continue to flex its muscle? What’s happening with online retailers? Are there any regulatory hotspots to watch for? Where’s the potential in foreign markets? What next for GMOs and ‘natural’? What’s on the horizon...
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A superior hydration and recovery ingredient - Kyowa Hakko

03-Nov-2014 - Looking for an ingredient that can deliver serious hydration, endurance and recovery benefits for your next sports bar, beverage or supplement? Sustamine® is a science-supported ingredient that can: enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestines; stimulate glycogen synthesis; inhibit muscle...
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The Science Behind L-Citrulline for Exercise Performance and Heart Health - Kyowa Hakko

03-Nov-2014 - An amino acid that helps support nitric oxide metabolism and protein synthesis, KYOWA’s L-Citrulline is a GRAS ingredient that provides sports performance and heart health benefits.
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Focus and facts: how science determines success - Leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides

22-Oct-2014 - The unprecedented demand for healthy ingredients is being met by an equally unprecedented, and occasionally overwhelming, supply. Developing, launching and securing consumer loyalty to nutraceuticals and functional food and drinks is reliant on dozens of factors, and the selection of...
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Add muscle to your next breakthrough product with IGNITOR™ - Glanbia Nutritionals North America

20-Oct-2014 - Protein is a coveted supplement for bodybuilders and serious athletes. However, these consumers do not always reap the full benefits of the substantial amounts of protein they often ingest—typically in sports nutrition—due to limits in the way the human body...
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Collagen Proteins - Key for Successful Supplements - Gelita AG

30-Sep-2014 - Bioactive Collagen Peptides® as well as special types of gelatine play an important role for the development of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and functional food products. At SupplySide West 2014 in Las Vegas, GELITA will be focusing on individual concepts for...
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INNOBIO, Your Preferred Supplier for VEGAN Instantized BCAA! - INNOBIO Limited

29-Sep-2014 - INNOBIO is excited to introduce our VEGAN Instantized BCAA with Non-GMO and Non-Allergenic features! INNOBIO VEGAN Instantized BCAA keeps the same superior stability, rapid dispersion and excellent solubility in cold water but a higher safety for your applications in foods,...
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Protein delivery with Collagen Peptides - Gelita AG

25-Sep-2014 - PEPTIPLUS® – Performance peptides for fitness and shapeCollagen is an important protein source, providing the nutrients required for the many processes that take place in muscles and cells. With PEPTIPLUS®, GELITA offers pure collagen proteins which can be used in...

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