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Gnosis S.p.A.


With more than 20 years of experience Gnosis is specialized in manufacturing and sales of fermentation raw materials and natural finished products used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and veterinary industries. With an international manufacturing network dedicated to high-quality and proprietary products for pharmaceutical and nutritional applications, and a successful integration between R&D centre and GMP Approved Manufacturing facilities we constantly work to develop and introduce innovative and forefront products to our customers.

Closely connected to the scientific community of universities and clinical centers, Gnosis experts are constantly engaged in the support and definition of health claims of products likely to sustain effectiveness and safety through clinical studies. Gnosis Group includes a European manufacturing network made up of three operating divisions and two commercial operations: Global Commercial Operations in Italy serves clients across Europe and other parts of the world; North America Commercial Operations located in USA is responsible to provide client oriented services and to develop Gnosis relationships in the United States and Canada.

Branded Ingredients:

  • BiOOptima® Brand Probiotics: S. boulardii and L. acidophilus
  • Folate Brands: Quatrefolic®
  • SAM-e Branded and Non-Branded: Bulk Powders, Tablets, Proprietary Applications SamEspresso® and SupereSSe®
  • VitaminK2 Brand: VITAMK7® (menaquinone7) and K2&Olive.

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