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Taking The Mystery Out Of Sugar Reduction - Steviva Ingredients

27-Nov-2013 - To capture a fickle consumer’s attention, and their purchase, food developers should use ingredients that consumers understand.  This is especially true when using sweeteners because the category is filled with misconceptions. Sugar, corn syrups and particularly high fructose corn syrups,...
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Capsule Filling: Improving Efficiency, Performance and Profitability - Capsugel

21-Nov-2013 - Discover profitability through the right combination of formulation, filling equipment and capsule and optimize manufacturing to fully exploit the superior capsule integrity and consistency provided with Capsugel capsules.  Case studies from the field provided by Technical Service and Quality Managers...
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Product Development: Creative, Compliant & Fast - Boston Biopharm

05-Nov-2013 - Conventional wisdom says product development can be quick, innovative or inexpensive but not all three. Boston BioPharm is anything but conventional. Boston Biopharm delivers nutraceuticals like no one else: we develop and substantiate the formula claims with published data, use...
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Minerals for Supplements and Beverages - Dr Paul Lohmann

05-Nov-2013 - Dr. Paul Lohmann, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty mineral salts with over 125 years of experience, offers more than 350 products.  Our product line includes various salts of; Ammonium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc and several...
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Oat beta-glucan delivers clinically proven health benefits - DSM Nutritional Products

08-Oct-2013 - Oat beta-glucan has clinically proven health benefits in cholesterol reduction, blood glucose control and digestive health.  Learn about the market-leading brand, OatWell®, through an interactive webinar  about applications, science and marketing.  
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Steps to Success: The Essential Guide to Product Quality - Capsugel

23-Sep-2013 - The safety of foods, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products is a major concern for consumers, governments and the nutrition industry.  Mitigating risks through a comprehensive quality control and assurance program not only makes good business sense, it can actually lead...
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Probiotics for a Healthy and Well Being - Sabinsa Corporation

09-Apr-2013 - Do all nutritional supplements consumed, or all topically applied products provide optimal benefits? Bioavailability and uptake in the body are key factors. A lot depends upon how well they are absorbed along their delivery route. Bioavailability encompasses availability, absorption, retention...
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Probiotic marketing in 2013 and beyond - GoodBelly/NextFoods/DuPont Nutrition and Health

18-Mar-2013 - Regulatory pressure has forced the probiotic sector to think hard about how its products are presented to world. The alignment between the vast body of science and regulatory parameters varies greatly with regions and countries so what marketing tools are...
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The global pre- and probiotic overview: Europe flatlines; Asia-Americas shine - Mintel

15-Mar-2013 - Probiotics were born in Japan in the 1950s, but they are booming in broader Asia as consumers turn onto them in various formats, and regulations permit a greater range of health claims. Prebiotics are growing in these markets too but...
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The microbiome revolution -

15-Mar-2013 - Phase two of a gigantic project studying the human microbiome is just beginning. Many think the microbiome can unlock the mystery of just how pre- and probiotics work. Question is: Where will phase two go, can it help win claims...
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InnoBio® BCAA – A Clear Solution for Nutraceutical Drinks - INNOBIO Limited

07-Jan-2013 - Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) are essential supplements used by elite athletes for recovery from exercise and to enhance exercise performance. BCAA’s are called essential because they only come from the diet. Now the health conscious consumer can supplement their...
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INNOBIO Instantized BCAA: The New Competitive Edge - INNOBIO Limited

03-Dec-2012 - INNOBIO Instantized BCAA is a mixture of THREE branched-chain amino acids formulated into the most popular ratios (L-Leucine: L-Isoleucine: L-Valine)for your final product applications. The unique feature of INNOBIO Instantized BCAA is its rapid dispersion in cold water, quickly forming a...
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Weight Balance shake - DMV

20-Nov-2012 - A tasteful melon passion fruit flavoured shake containing Excellion™ Calcium Caseinate Instant for delayed gastric release of amino acids to support satiety in the stomach as well as lean muscle mass build up. The resulting drink is an effective weight...
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Performance Nutrition & Weight Management by DMV - DMV

05-Oct-2012 - Are you looking for the best possible dairy protein products and services? DMV’s P&W team focuses solely on the Performance Nutrition & Weight Management segment. Our nutritional expertise and application support can help formulate new exiting products.For each product its nutrient...
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InnoBio’s BCAA: Real Instantized BCAA to form a transparent solution - INNOBIO Limited

17-Sep-2012 - InnoBio’s Instantized BCAA is Instantized Branched-Chain Amino Acids in 2:1:1, 4:1:1, 3:1:2, 8:1:1 and 10:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. We also provide instantized L-Leucine. The product is recognized as the most water soluble Instantized BCAA available in the...
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InnoBio’s Instantized BCAA: Not Blended, Real Instantized - INNOBIO Limited

25-Jun-2012 - InnoBio’s Instantized BCAA is Instantized Branched-Chain Amino Acids in 2:1:1, 4:1:1, 8:1:1 and 10:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. We also provide instantized L-Leucine. The product is recognized as THE most water soluble AND the purest Instantized BCAA available...
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Probiotics for health and wellbeing - Sabinsa Europe GmbH

18-Jun-2012 - The role of probiotics has expanded from gut health maintenance, to use in applications that target diverse preventive health maintenance needs and supplementation in the event of dysbiosis (microfloral imbalance) during antibiotic therapy, to a wide range of health applications.With...
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WILD Flavors, Inc. H.I.T.S.® Introduces Immunel™ - Wild

07-May-2012 - Immunel™ is a proprietary blend of milk peptides that support and balance total immunity. Clinical studies have shown Immunel™ to rapidly increase phagocytosis, the number and vigor of immune cells that respond to microbial and bacterial invaders. Immunel™ is offered in...
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Microencapsulated Low GI High Oleic Fat Powder Aims at Diabetic Nutrition - INNOBIO Limited

27-Feb-2012 - Glycemic Index is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates that break down more slowly, releasing glucose more gradually into the bloodstream, have a low Glycemic Index. INNOBIO Limited recently launched a low GI high...
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MBP® - Clinically Shown to Improve Bone Density - Maypro Industries

16-Feb-2012 - Bones are made up of calcium and collagen. Bone structure can be likened to reinforced concrete, where calcium is the cement and collagen is the reinforcing rods. Calcium is needed for bone strength, but without collagen, it has no place...

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