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Emerson Ecologics to distribute Douglas Labs' Klean Athlete line

Last updated on 01-Nov-2012 at 21:18 GMT2012-11-01T21:18:06Z

Emerson Ecologics has been chosen as the exclusive external distributor in the practitioner channel of Douglas Labs’ new Klean Athlete line of sports supplements.

The Klean Athlete line, which was launched late September, was planned to support the overall health of athletes as opposed to specific performance enhancement, the positioning of many other sports nutrition products. 

“We wanted to create a line of products that are not so much operating at the fringe of sports nutrition.  We wanted to help people to be healthy athletes to begin with, to be clean athletes to begin with. We wanted something that you would not be afraid to recommend to someone you train with or your kids if they want to take the products,” Tim Monk, senior vice president of marketing for Douglas told NutraIngredients-USA at the time of the launch.

A key to the success of line has been the NSF Certified for Sport status, which ensures that each product has undergone testing and certification to be free of more than 170 prohibited substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list as well as NFL, MLB and NCAA prohibited substances list, including stimulants, narcotics, diuretics and masking agents.

The Klean Athlete line consists of seven nutritional supplements: Klean Multivitamin, Klean Antioxidant, Klean Cognitive, Klean Probiotic, Klean Isolate, Klean Electrolytes and Klean Endurance.

"Klean Athlete provides professional formulations that support optimal health while giving patients the peace of mind that all their hard work won't be unknowingly sabotaged by contaminated supplements,” said Chris Oswal, DC, Emerson Ecologics' practitioner on-staff.

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