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Choose the antioxidant that detoxifies while it protects

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Glutathione is an essential molecule that helps protect cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria® glutathione can help provide your customers the nutritional support they need to help replenish the body’s levels.


Cognizin Citicoline: A brain health ingredient supported by clinical trial data

If the cognition market is to come to represent a proportion of the overall supplement market that is more indicative of the importance of brain health, ingredient suppliers must provide manufacturers with indisputable data demonstrating the efficacy of their products.

Pantesin® pantethine: Comprehensively aiding cardiovascular health for 40 years

Heart disease is a rare case of a big problem with a clear solution: Lower LDL. In Pantesin, manufacturers have an ingredient with a 40-year history of doing just that.

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