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BASF teams up with InsideTracker for personalized nutrition & supplementation recommendations

BASF and Segterra have announced a collaboration for BASF’s health ingredients brand, Newtrition, to provide personalized nutrition and dietary supplementation recommendations and scientific support for Segterra’s InsideTracker.

Liposomal glutathione may enhance immune function: Study

Using liposomes to deliver glutathione, a potent antioxidant, may decrease measures of oxidative stress and enhance immune function, says a new study.

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The Supplement OWL seeks to improve transparency

At Pharmavite, we pride ourselves in the work we do and the products we make. Since 1971, we’ve been a leader in the health and wellness industry, and, with our Nature Made brand, have earned the trust of consumers, healthcare practitioners, retailers, regulators, and everyone in between. Like all responsible companies, we’re committed to helping people live healthier lives by focusing on quality and consistency in our manufacturing practices. We recognize the importance of continuous improvement—both as an individual company and as part of the bigger supplement industry.

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Personalization cracks open can of worms in manufacturing operations, experts say

True personalization of dietary supplements could run up against formidable manufacturing compliance challenges, consultants say.

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Push toward personalization will create new legal risks to manage, experts say

Offering personalized dietary supplements could open manufacturers up to legal risks, some of which go beyond those they are already subject to, experts say.

Solix Algredients extends USP quality challenge for astaxanthin

Colorado-based Solix Algredients has extended its natural astaxanthin quality challenge as it continues to make its quality case.

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

For personalization know-how, seek out a practicing herbalist

Traditional herbal practices can help inform the process of personalization in dietary supplements, experts in the field say.

Sports drinks, fresh fruits top back-to-school grocery lists

Sports drinks seem to signal the start of the school year, according to numbers crunched by market data firm Nielsen.

ChromaDex alleges in petition that Elysium Health product is adulterated

ChromaDex has taken the somewhat unusual step of filing a citizen’s petition with FDA alleging that Basis, the dietary supplement manufactured by Elysium Health, a one time customer, is adulterated and should be removed from the market.

Lutein-rich avocados may support eye health, boost memory & attention

Consuming avocados may boost sustained attention, working memory, and problem solving in healthy people, says a new study.

DSM finishes sale of pharma assets to US firm

DSM has completed a major milestone in its restructuring into a smaller, more profitable and more focused company as it finalized the sale of its pharmaceutical manufacturing assets to US-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Bog Bilberry recognized as new dietary ingredient for US market

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now recognizes bog bilberry, or Vaccinium uliginosum, as a new dietary ingredient for the US market, South Korean manufacturer Dong-A Pharmaceutical announced.

Study: Vitamin E supplementation may decrease muscle injury

Can oral ingestion of vitamin E help reduce muscle fiber damage? Yes, according to a group of researchers in Brazil… in mice at least.

Role for cranberry seen in oral health for seniors

The biofilm-fighting property of cranberry could play a key role in improving oral health for seniors in nursing homes, according to a dental expert who has studied the problem.

Extended release form of herbal weight loss ingredient could be winner in US market, supplier says

A weight loss supplement that combines four herbal extracts with a fiber carrier is now available in the US in a once-a-day dosage form, through branded ingredient specialist Zanda LLC.

Cyanotech claims to be getting handle on production issues

Algae products producer Cyanotech has made progress in nearing reliable profitability by focusing on cost cutting and more consistent cultivation.

Synthetic astaxanthin supplement ZanthoSyn hits GNC stores nationwide

The synthetic astaxanthin dietary supplement by Cardax, ZanthoSyn, will hit a network of about 3,200 corporate GNC stores nationally.

Online curriculum could boost supplement knowledge among doctors, paper finds

Online training of physicians in integrative medicine could help boost the number of family doctors educated in the value of dietary supplements in health and prevention.

Are anthocyanins a prebiotic? Brazilian researchers summarize what we know so far

The study of prebiotics — a term used to describe the ‘food’ beneficial gut bacteria feed on — is still in its infancy. Researchers in Brazil synthesized existing studies of dark blue flavonoids called anthocyanins and found that more and more studies hint to their prebiotic effect.

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