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Science builds for acai’s brain health benefits

The potential cognitive health benefits of açai (Euterpe spp.) may be linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, according to recent studies from scientists at Tufts University AIBMR Life Sciences.

Carotenoids get a bioaccessibility boost in linseed oil nanosemulsions

Researchers test linseed oil nanoemulsions as a way to increase carotenoid’s bioavailability and stability, bringing its health benefits to more supplements and functional foods.

Study: Antioxidant supplements (still) not an athlete’s best training partner

Back in 2009, a group of researchers in Germany and the US published a hotly debated study that said antioxidants may blunt the benefits of exercise. One of the researchers recently released a topical review of the subject, and he still stands by the results.

Cocoa flavanols may use gut microbiota pathway to ease metabolic syndrome: Review

Consuming cocoa flavanols may interact with the gut microbiota as a way of preventing metabolic syndrome or easing the condition’s symptoms, a review has concluded.

Weight Management 2020

Apples, pears & berries rich in flavonoids could help weight management, study finds

If predictions are true that the future of weight management is less about what to cut out and more about eating healthy foods, then manufacturers and consumers should consider adding more apples, pears and berries to meals, which new research suggest can slow weight gain. 

Researchers in India use curcumin to create ‘functional ice cream’

Researchers from the National Dairy Research Institute in India sought to bring the health benefits of turmeric’s main metabolite—curcumin—into one of the world’s most popular treat: ice cream.

Study: pasta fortified with parsley brought limited antioxidant values

Researchers in Poland fortified pasta with parsley leaves. Though the phenolic level and antioxidant potential of the product was effectively enhanced, the values were significantly lower than predicted.

Study finds berry pigments may decrease bad cholesterol in overweight individuals

The anthocyanins found in berries help decrease bad cholesterol in overweight individuals, but don’t affect the levels of individuals considered to have a healthy weight.

More lycopene linked to longer lives for people with metabolic syndrome

Higher blood levels of lycopene may reduce the risk of mortality in people with metabolic syndrome, says a new study from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Sabinsa concludes curcumin patent suit that was part of a series involving Indian suppliers

Sabinsa Corp. has prevailed in yet another patent infringement suit based on its Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient. The most recent settlement is one in a series of suits the company filed to defend its patents in this red-hot sector.

"Transformational": Hawkins' acquisition of Stauber creates major player in manufacturing, supply space

Hawkins Inc. has announced completion of its acquisition of Stauber Performance Ingredients in a cash for stock transaction valued at $157 million. It’s the second time Stauber has changed hands in recent years.

Black raspberries a contender for best antioxidant fruit, says study

Black raspberries grown in Central Europe show greater health benefits than its closely related cousins the red raspberry and blackberry, research suggests. 

What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's special edition calendar for 2016?

From transparency to an in-depth look at the Ayurveda, omega-3s, probiotics, contract manufacturing, and the latest trends in sports nutrition and minerals, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2016 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

Curcumin, synbiotics, omega-3s & garlic: The Top 10 Science of 2015

From breakthrough studies to controversial hypotheses, it has been a fascinating year for science for dietary supplements. In this special gallery we review the top science headlines from 2015.

Infants, the elderly & US Air Force personnel: Abbott exploring life stages when nutrition has the most impact

Uncovering relationships between nutrition and cognition is a top global priority for Abbott, and the insights are helping the healthcare to giant create the next generation of brain health products.

Selection for trial solidifies anti-aging bona fides for electrostatic CoQ10 form, manufacturer says

MitoQ Ltd, makers of an altered form of CoQ10, said the ingredient’s acceptance into a government testing program solidifies a healthy aging application for the ingredient.

Pomegranates and endurance: Study shows juice benefits for athletes

Consumption of pomegranate juice may reduce biochemical markers of damage caused by exercise, according to findings from a small study from Spain.

‘Highly stressed’ people may benefit from grape juice’s brain boosting abilities

Including a glass of grape juice in the daily diet may boost memory function and performance particularly for those who lead a stressful lifestyle such as working mothers, suggests a new study.

New lutein-phospholipid ingredient boosts lutein absorption much more than conventional form: Study

A new solid-lipid particle (SLP) complex of lutein and phospholipids may increase plasma lutein levels by a whopping 563%, says a new study.

Portuguese algae business gets a makeover

Portuguese chlorella player Alllma has partially renovated its business model, expanding its production facility and with it the number of algae offerings.

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