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‘Encouraging’: Tart cherries may protect marathon runners from upper respiratory tract symptoms

Juice made from Montmorency cherries may reduce the development of upper respiratory tract symptoms (URTS) after running a marathon, suggests data from a pilot study.

IND guidance complicates research into immune health, forum participants told

Studying immune responses in the target population where an immune supporting supplement is meant to marketed is a key pillar in building a structure that will stand up to FDA and FTC regulatory scrutiny, attendees at the recent NutraIngredients-USA Trends in Immune Health Forum were told.

Olive leaf extract backed for ‘positive effect’ on inflammation and heart health markers

Supplementation with olive leaf extract could improve vascular functions and reduce inflammatory cytokines linked to heart disease, according to new human trial data.

Resveratrol may turn white fat into ‘healthier’ brown-like fat

Resveratrol, a polyphenol from grapes and red wine, may convert excess white fat into calorie-burning brown-like fat, suggests a new study from Washington State University.

Tangerine tomatoes beat red variety for lycopene bioavailability

Lycopene from tangerine tomato juice is about 8.5 times more bioavailable than lycopene from red tomato juice, says a new study from The Ohio State University.

B vitamins may slow cataract occurrence & development: AREDS data

Increased dietary intakes of B vitamins are associated with reduced incidence and decreased risks of developing different forms of cataracts in older people, says new data from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study Research Group.

Supplement sales slow, but hope emerges in probiotics, protein, omega-3s and aloe

Market saturation, negative press and increased competition from fortified foods are taking a toll on dietary supplement sales, growth of which is slowing dramatically, according to research from IBISWorld and Euromonitor International. 

Special edition: Immune support

The key market data and ingredients in the immune health sector

Immune supplement sales were valued at an impressive $2.3 billion in 2013 (Nutrition Business Journal), and in this gallery we look at the key market trends and ingredients for this growing sector. 

‘Clinical relevance’: Polyphenol blend may slash blood pressure in hypertensives

A propriety blend of extracts from grape seed and skin, green tea, and other botanicals and polyphenols may slash diastolic blood pressure in people with hypertension, says a new study from scientists in Utah.

New plant enzyme discovery could help battle global vitamin A deficiency

A newly discovered enzyme that is critical for the biosynthesis of carotenoids in plants could help to reduce vitamin A deficiency, say researchers.

Sales of energy shots slump as consumers reach for drinks instead

Sales of energy shots are slumping as their medicinal taste and less favorable position as a supplement drive consumers to reach for energy drinks, which many shoppers consider safer, according to new research from Mintel Group.

Zeaxanthin + lutein may speed up visual processing: RCT data

Supplements of zeaxanthin with or without lutein may boost macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and visual processing speed in young adults, says a new study.

New leader Steinford says NAXA will broaden mission from ingredient defense to market expansion

The Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association (NAXA) is aiming to rekindle its momentum with the naming of a new president.  Longtime industry insider Scott Steinford, who is also president of the recently formed CoQ10 Association, has taken the job, effective immediately.

Kyowa study: L-citrulline plus glutathione may boost blood flow

Combining the amino acid L-citrulline with reduced glutathione may boost nitrite and NO levels more than L-citrulline by itself, says a new study from Kyowa Hakko.

Study supports Dahurian larch tree extract safety for human consumption. What is the potential for supplements?

An extract from Dahurian larch with potent antioxidant activity is safe for use as a supplement ingredient, according to a new toxicological study. This Russian nutraceutical is already commercially available in the US and boasts over 169 studies to support its multiple health benefits.

Supplement launches that aims to help people prone to Type 2 diabetes make healthy lifestyle switch

Type 2 diabetes continues to stalk the US population. It’s a public health crisis that has created market opportunities, and one of the companies rushing to fill that breach is Glucose Health, Inc. which has launched a supplement of the same name.

Blueberry powders shows endothelial benefits: Human data

Smoothies containing blueberry powder may improve endothelial function in people with metabolic syndrome, says a new study.

Naturex makes play for natural sports nutrition consumer

Boosted by botanicals, Naturex's WinDrink range targets a new breed of consumer who is interested in sports nutrition but wary of complex, synthetic ingredients. 

Plandaí gets Phytofare green tea extract on shelves via deal with South African company

Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc has reached another milestone in its quest to commercialize its Phytofare green tea extract via a supply deal with a South African company.

‘Game changer’: ChromaDex inks deal with Suntava to produce concentrated anthocyanin ingredient

Irvine, CA-based ChromaDex has signed a worldwide license and supply agreement for Suntava Purple Corn to produce a highly concentrated anthocyanin ingredient at a price point that should appeal to mass markets, the companies have announced.

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