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Algatech teams with Lycored to launch astaxanthin beadlets aimed at functional foods

Israeli firms AlgaTech and Lycored have teamed to launch a line of astaxanthin beadlets in the North American market aimed at functional foods, gummies and other applications.

Algalif making headway in US market with Icelandic astaxanthin

The natural advantages of Iceland are helping astaxanthin player Algalif gain traction in the market, with the young company making headway in the US, says CEO Andrew Jacobson.

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Kohjin announces special status from Koshser certifier

Kohjin Life Sciences has added to the long list of certifications for its Opitac Glutathione with a special status from a Kosher certifier.

NAXA head launches five new single-ingredient trade associations

The principal of a consulting firm that is the motivating force behind two single-ingredient trade organizations has launched an ‘incubator’ program that debuts with the formation of five new trade groups targeting categories such as ashwagandha, chondroitin, and vitamin K2.

Holistic approach that downplays RCTs best path to optimal nutrition, paper says

A holistic approach to optimal nutrition that would include other research modes beyond RCTs will be the best way to get a handle on the modern plague of obesity, authors of a recent paper concluded.

Not Just for Sports: Burt’s Bees’ launch of protein powder reflects category’s diversification

Burt’s Bees is well known for its ubiquitous line of personal care products, from lip balm to hand lotion. It has now forayed into the dietary supplement space with plant protein powder.

Algatech aiming for multiple new algae-derived ingredient launches over next few years

Israel’s Algatechnologies is targeting a Q3 launch for a new algae-derived ingredient, with more launches to follow in 2018, the company’s director of marketing and sales told NutraIngredients-USA.

Archive article of the week

Functional foods have role in reversing 'thin outside, fat inside' phenomenon, paper's authors conclude

Functional foods could have a key role to play in combating the global rise of the phenomenon of sarcopenic obesity, according to a published report of the proceedings of a recent scientific convention.

Bergstrom wants to take lead in setting record straight on MSM

Careful and consistent work on claims substantiation and a commitment to transparency has helped make Bergstrom a leader in the developing field of MSM,  a company executive said recently.

Mannatech posts second quarterly loss

Network marketing company Mannatech is echoing the North American woes of the wider MLM sector as it has posted its second quarterly net loss.

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Focus and decision-making: The next big thing in sports nutrition?

The importance of mental strength in addition to physical strength is gaining increasing appreciation in sports nutrition, and key players are building the science around cognitive health in response to demand for ingredients to boost focus and decision making.

News in brief

Algatech gets organic certification for algae-derived astaxanthin

Israel-based Algatechnologies Ltd. has achieved National Organic Program (NOP) certification for its 100% organic Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae powder and astaxanthin oleoresin.

Dispatches from Experimental Biology 2017

Anthocyanin-prebiotic blend shows gut health benefits for obese: Nu Skin study

A combination of anthocyanins and prebiotics may improve the composition of the gut microflora and reduce bloating and abdominal pain in obese adults, according to data presented at Experimental Biology 2017.

Quantum Health: 'We feel like we could grow our business with no marketing, just off the quality of our products'

With consumers increasingly seeking out natural solutions to immune health, Quantum Health’s focus on quality is helping to drive double digit growth across its portfolio.

News in brief

OmniActive self-affirms GRAS status of OmniXan-RS

An external expert panel has affirmed the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status of OmniActive’s OmniXan-RS zeaxanthin ingredient.

Thyme extract may increase athletic endurance, rat study suggests

Exhaustive running time of rats supplemented with thyme extract was significantly prolonged compared to a control group, researchers in Iran report.

Lutein & zeaxanthin isomers may reduce stress: RCT data

Dietary supplementation with the macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin isomers may reduce psychological stress and improve measures of emotional health, say new results from the LAMA II study. 

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine launches ‘Forever Juice’ powder supplement line

Former bodybuilder-turned-chef Carlo Filippone launched a prepared meal company back in 2013, geared to help consumers eat healthier. But his observation of consumer dietary behavior led him to believe nutritional supplementation was necessary.

The Supplement OWL product registry goes live

The Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) has officially gone live, with 51 Brand Names and 2,576 labels already in the product label database.

FDA sends out 14 warning letters in sweep on cancer claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters to 14 companies this week about marketing products for illegal cancer claims.

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