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Poster deadline extended by one week to December 13

Probiota 2014: Poster proposal deadline extended

Probiota 2014 – the leading conference bridging the interface of academia and industry for cutting edge science about the prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome – has extended the call for proposals for its poster sessions by one week to Friday 13th December 2013.

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Researchers back zinc citrate bioavailability

A just published study has found zinc citrate is equal to zinc gluconate and higher than zinc oxide in terms of bodily intake, research that could help battle regional deficiencies and conditions like diarrhea.

DSM elbows into astaxanthin market with synthetic ingredient

A major competitor has entered the astaxanthin ring with DSM’s launch of its new synthetic ingredient at the Supply Side West trade show in Las Vegas last week.

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Pomegranate extracts show joint and skin health potential

Punicalagins from pomegranate may offer benefits for joint and skin health by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that break collagen, according to data from cell and animal studies.

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Probiota 2014 calls for cutting edge science for inaugural Poster Sessions

Probiota 2014 – the leading conference bridging the interface of academia and industry for cutting edge science about the prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome – is calling for proposals for its poster sessions to showcase the latest research and product innovations.

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Sabinsa division wins innovation award

Sami Labs, an division of New Jersey-based Sabina Corp., has been honored by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry with a  “Product Innovator of the Year” award.

Personalized medicine will transform how consumers choose, UNPA event attendees told

Personalized medicine—nutrition and health products customized to a consumer’s particular genetic profile—is no longer a trend for the future.  According to the presenters at a recent conference, it’s happening now, and some giant companies have quietly stolen a march on the rest of the industry in figuring how to capitalize on the trend.

Dr Oz effect's dark side: Booming demand opens door for adulterated, synthetic astaxanthin

The Dr Oz Show has been a boon for the natural products and dietary supplements industries. It has brought awareness to many less well-known ingredients, boosting usage and sales and, if the efficacy of the ingredients matches the claims, presumably positively affecting public health, too.

Meta-analysis: Probiotic reduces infant skin disorders (but not asthma/wheezing)

The probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus decreases skin sensitivity in children that can reduce disorders like eczema, researchers have found after a scan of published studies – but other allergic ailments like asthma and wheezing were not affected.

More than a third of global population have low vitamin D, study finds

New data from a systematic review of almost 200 population-based studies shows that more than a third of populations worldwide may suffer from low levels of vitamin D.

L. rhamnosus probiotic shows long-lasting anti-eczema benefits for kids: RCT

Daily supplements containing the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 strain may reduce the incidence of eczema and skin sensitivity in children, according to data from a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial.

Verisol collagen supplements may offer long-lasting skin elasticity benefits: RCT data

Oral supplements of specific collagen peptides may improve skin elasticity by up to 30%, says a new study using Gelita’s Verisol branded ingredient.

Glucoraphanin from broccoli is similar to DHA: We're educating the market that not all broccoli extracts are equal, says BPP

Building consumer and market understanding of the benefits of glucoraphanin from broccoli is a lot like the DHA story, says leading broccoli extract supplier Brassica Protection Products (BPP), as it takes the ‘important step’ of self-affirming the GRAS status of its SGS ingredient.

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Missed Bone & Joint Health 2013? Listen again free, on-demand

Can you make inflammation claims regarding joint health? How do you differentiate products in the bone health sector where so many products are based on calcium and vitamin D?

Europharma supplement addresses calcium's role in soft tissues

EuroPharma has introduced a calcium supplement that addresses the mineral’s role in the functioning of soft tissues such as muscles and nerves instead of its usual role in bone health.

Brunswick Labs unveils antioxidant database to open ‘new dimensions of analysis and understanding’

Brunswick Labs – the pioneer developer and service provider for ORAC antioxidant values – has launched a new database to ‘open up new dimensions of analysis and understanding’ for antioxidant substances.

Vestiage plans to formulate and acquire its way to top of anti-aging game

In putting together his vision for anti aging product company Vestiage, CEO Scott Kimball drew up on his experience as a professional baseball player. He has assembled a strong front office, has some promising rookies on the roster and now intends to go out and acquire the best veterans to complete the team.

Special Edition: Superfruits — Old news, or still super?

Superfruits form solid basis for single-ingredient companies

Superfruits with their full suite of bioactives and their stories of hidden beginnings and discovery, have made ripe pickings for the founding of single ingredient companies.

National Dairy Council blasts 'sensational' PETA ‘Got Zits?’ anti-dairy campaign

Animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has debuted its new ‘Got Zits?’ anti-dairy campaign billboard in the US – a move the National Dairy Council (NDC) has branded as "sensational."

LycoRed's new carotenoid beadlet system enhances stability, flexibility

LycoRed has extended its line of carotenoid coatings with a new beadlet system that will function both for tablets and beverages.

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