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Vitamins: A centenary of essential nutrients

Looking forward: The emerging evidence for vitamins and health

In the last 100 years vitamins have been found to play vital roles in our health and wellbeing, but the full benefits of many vitamins is yet to be elucidated.In this special edition article NutraIngredients looks at some of the areas of vitamin research that are showing promise for the future.

New patent covers pairing of Ayurvedic workhorses

Nutragenesis, a Brattleboro, Vt.-based ingredient supplier with a history of experience with Ayurvedic ingredients, has obtained a U.S. patent in the area of women’s health for an ashwagandha/Indian gooseberry combination called Sendara.

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Tocotrienol/palm oil symposium set for Utah

Science and sustainability will take center stage at theinaugural ‘Palm Oil and Tocotrienol Symposium’, to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 11th, 2012.

Novel supplement range targeting cancer patients fills ‘huge void’ in marketplace

OncoQOL, a new range of dietary supplements specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of people undergoing cancer treatment, has been launched by Thorne Research and The Helsinn Group.

Kemin enters natural zeaxanthin market: ‘It’s a natural thing for us to do’

FloraGLO lutein supplier Kemin has bolstered its presence in the eye health market with a deal to secure exclusive access to a natural source of potent yellow antioxidant zeaxanthin.

Coffee consumption could cut skin cancer risk

The consumption of caffeinated coffee may be associated with a reduction in the risk of the most common form of skin cancer, say researchers.

Big Interview: Peter Haferman, president, Improve USA

Improve USA: Aloe is already the biggest botanical on the planet, but it’s about to get even bigger…

It might be gracing the functional beverages aisles in Costco and Trader Joe’s, but if you “ask Joe in the street what Aloe Vera is, he’ll still say it’s something you put on your skin when you have sunburn”, says the new boss of Aloe ingredients expert Improve USA.

News in brief

Last call to register for SkinCare Ingredients 2012

SkinCare Ingredients 2012 is preparing to open its virtual doors tomorrow at 2pm Central European Time and now is the last call for registrants.

NASA slams spaced-out media claims it developed 'wrinkle reducing' superfruit drink

The North American Space Agency (NASA) has told that it has nothing to do with wonder ‘space drink’ AS10, but the brand’s UK distributor insists the agency did co-develop a 'NASA Quintet’ of superfruits used in the beverage.

Beyond ORAC in an overcrowded antioxidant market: The evolution of Oligonol

While Maypro Industries can reel off impressive ORAC scores for its polyphenol-packed ingredient Oligonol, its true potential has started to emerge in more specific areas such as sports recovery and weight management as bosses have moved beyond positioning it as a 'super-absorbed antioxidant', says the firm.

Phytochem International introduces new 15% and 25% oleuropein olive leaf extracts

Botanical extracts distributor Phytochem International has introduced two new olive leaf extracts to its range in the US on the back of a recent surge in interest in olive-based ingredients.

Potent anti-inflammatory from olive juice bids for functional food and beverage fame

A suite of novel functional food and beverage concepts containing Hidrox - a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient from olive juice - is being developed by California-based CreAgri as it seeks to build on its success in the dietary supplements arena.

Oral supplements just one tool in armory vs sun damage, says new market entrant

While it would be irresponsible to suggest you can pop some pills and spend all day in intense sunlight without damaging your skin, there is a growing market for supplements that can protect skin from ‘incidental’ exposure to sunlight, says one new entrant to the nutri-cosmetics market.

Biotech firm launches bid to turn L-Ergothioneine into household name as ‘EGT’

Energy drinks and foods, eye health supplements and skin creams are just some of the products likely to emerge from an LA-based firm on a mission to turn L-Ergothioneine – an antioxidant it claims has “unparalleled” benefits – into a household name.

Aker on Antarctic krill fishing: “All we have been doing is geared toward building a sustainable industry”

In this podcast, Hallvard Muri, CEO and president of krill giant Aker Biomarine talks about the company’s heritage in fishing, evolving markets in the US, Europe and Asia, and why sustainability is driven by a company ethic that has fishing, “in our DNA”.

Horphag CEO: We’ve had our best ever three month period

Sales of Pycnogenol, a potent antioxidant from the bark of the French maritime pine, continue to drive growth for Horphag Research, as the company’s CEO reveals double digit growth.

Dispatches from IFT Wellness 2012

Professor: Term 'antioxidant' should be banished from food labels

The term ‘antioxidant’ should be banished from food labels and replaced with more specific claims about the health benefits of the phytonutrients and other ingredients in question, according to one leading academic.

Antioxidant claims continue to grow – but have consumers 'checked out' of the ORAC debate?

US retail sales of products making antioxidant claims grew a healthy 8.6% to $64.8bn in 2011, although marketers are still struggling to articulate their benefits to consumers, according to a new report from Packaged Facts.

LycoRed: ‘We are quite convinced Valensa/Parry are infringing our patents’

LycoRed has “very strong evidence” that Indian firm EID Parry and Valensa International – which distributes Parry's natural tomato lycopene in the US - are infringing three of its patents, its bosses have claimed.

Fruit and vegetable compounds associated with 'healthy' changes in skin tone

Increased consumption of carotenoid containing fruit and vegetables is associated with measurable and perceptibly beneficial effects on skin appearance within six weeks, say researchers.

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