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Valensa International

Valensa is a leading science-based innovator, developer, marketer and manufacturer of high quality natural product formulations and solutions for health and well-being. Valensa’s products are nature-based and are differentiated in the marketplace by their uniqueness, their positioning to meet condition specific needs and the high level of value they deliver to the consumer. The Company sees worldwide opportunities for health and well-being in both human and companion animal (pet) markets in the areas of nutraceutical supplements and specialized nutrition formulations

Valensa’s certified organic production facilities are located in a protected saw palmetto grove and operate primarily with botanically derived raw materials which avoid the use of toxic solvents and pesticides.

The core strengths of the company focus on providing the most innovative and advanced nature-based products in the markets we serve.  Valensa provides products that are IP-protected, cutting-edge formulations in to companies with established or emerging brand names and business. Generally, Valensa’s products are “branded” offerings that are differentiated from common ingredients. The primary product platforms of Valensa are nature-based Carotenoid and Omega-3 formulations and ingredients and condition-specific dietary supplements.  Valensa’s technology platforms include formulation, delivery/biofunctionality, proprietary extraction, and patented product stabilization. 

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