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Cognitive function


Metabolon, Inc.

Small molecule metabolites are sensitive indicators of phenotypic changes. Profiling these molecules with Metabolomics provides a “snapshot” of the biochemical changes that result from nutrient or ingredient exposure.


ChromaDex® is an innovative natural products company that discovers, acquires, develops and commercializes proprietary-based ingredient technologies through its unique business model which utilizes its wholly-owned synergistic business units, including ingredient technologies, natural product fine chemicals, chemistry and analytical testing services, and product regulatory and safety consulting (as Spherix Consulting). The company provides seamless science-based solutions to the dietary supplement, food/beverage, animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  ChromaDex offers the innovative and patented ingredients: NIAGEN, PURENERGY, pTeroPure, and ProC3G.

NATAC… The Olive & Grape Expert

Natac is an award-winning Spanish company that develops and produces value-added Mediterranean herbal extracts with a focus on olive tree and grapevine-derived ingredients.Among Natac’s shareholders we count the world leaders in the production of olive trees and vine derivatives, both renowned Spanish companies. This allows us to develop and commercialize the best olive and grapevine extracts at very competitive prices.Regarding olive, Natac develops and produces extracts highly concentrated in oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and triterpenic acids as well as other value-added ingredients such as AllOlive.In relation to grapevine, Natac extracts and purifies grape pomace, skin, seed and lees as well as vine stems and leaves, among other, to offer high quality wine and vine-derived ingredients with high concentrations of polyphenols. In addition, Natac has also developed a Full Plant Profile grapevine extract: Natavid.In our large capacity plant in the South of Spain we produce the most requested Mediterranean extracts as well as tailor-made formulations for clients looking to differentiate their products from the competition with unique ingredients.In Madrid, our renowned R&D department is committed to constant innovation as evidenced by our revolutionary Full Plant Profile ingredients: a new concept of extract developed by Natac that respects the original plant profile and dramatically improves effectiveness.At Natac we supply scientifically documented ingredients and guarantee high production capacity and flexibility. We adapt to help you grow your business.


JRS manufactures fibers, excipients, and other raw materials with the highest quality standards, resulting in excellent natural ingredient solutions for the development and manufacture of products in the nutritional industry, among others, worldwide.

Lallemand Health Solutions: your probiotic solutions provider

Supported by 80 years of history, Lallemand Health Solutions consolidates the internationally recognized probiotic manufacturers Institut Rosell and Harmonium International. Collectively they possess strong expertise in the selection, development, production and marketing of probiotic strains, and formulations that support human health and well-being.Founded in 1998 Harmonium has built a successful reputation in providing custom formulations and unique customer service to its partners, engraving its position as an important player in the probiotic category in a short time. Conversely, Institut Rosell founded in 1934, having legacy status as a probiotic company over time expanded its activities in the industry and has grown significantly and been recognized through the years via its scientific research and regulatory assets. The amalgamation of these two probiotic brands and their collective areas of expertise and skills have enabled Lallemand Health Solutions capture a leading position in the global industry of probiotics.

Kyowa Hakko USA

Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc. is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD, a world leader in the research and manufacturing of high-quality branded ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. For more than 60 years, Kyowa has maintained a constant commitment to research, innovation, and quality. Key branded ingedients include: Setria® GlutathioneSetria glutathione helps protect cells from the damaging effects of toxins and oxidative stress and plays a role in supporting immune function. Setria has been clinically studied to be an absorbable form of glutathione. Cognizin® CiticolineCognizin Citicoline is an ingredient backed by numerous scientific studies to support claims of improved attention, recall and focus. Cognizin is a pure, vegetarian, allergen-free form of citicoline designed to provide nutritional support to help combat the normal effects of aging on cognition. Pantesin® PantethinePantesin is a branded form of Pantethine, a derivative of vitamin B5, that helps the body maintain a healthy cholesterol ratio. Pantesin is the only pantethine backed by 35+ years of research. Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-GlutamineSustamine is a dipeptide of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, designed to supply the body with the protein precursors needed to rebuild muscle, replenish energy stores, and increase electrolyte and water absorption. Sustamine is tasteless, odorless, vegetarian, allergen-free and the only GRAS L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine.

Indena: botanical ingredients for the Health Food industry

Indena is the world's leading company in the identification, development and production of plant-derived active principles for the Pharmaceutical, Health-Food and Personal Care industries.Backed by more than 90 years of botanical experience and more than 30 years in the health food market, we are one of the pioneer companies in the sector, among the first to offer the market high-end standardised extracts from edible plants with efficacy that is proven and reproducible over time.Our quality standards are those of the pharmaceutical sector and are applied to health-foods, meeting market-specific regulations and needs, including Analysis and Critical Control Points guidelines and Good Agricultural and Collection Practices.To know more please visit

Vital Solutions

Vital Solutions is an innovative and fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of natural ingredients to be used in dietary supplements, functional foods, foods and cosmetics. Vital Solutions has over 30 years experience and extensive market knowledge in the natural ingredients business focusing on innovative condition specific ingredients which serve consumer demands for promoting health and help to reduce health care costs. Vital Solutions combines all key competencies necessary to turn product ideas into ready-to-use ingredients to support profitable consumer market products.The Swiss Innovation Laboratory by Vital Solutions Swiss leverages technologies such as bioassays and phytochemical analysis enabling the research and development of proprietary science-based health ingredients.Vital Solutions offers a range of natural health ingredients:Benegut®          – for digestive health  Bluenesse™       – for mental performanceEvenise™           – for even skinRecoverben®     – for motivation to exercise and quick recovery In addition the company has established a unique position by assembling a top-class product pipeline containing 7 leads for future application in key health promotion areas. Bluenesse™ is the company’s latest IP protected innovation with beneficial effects on cognitive performance. A next generation lemon balm extract with guaranteed efficacy - bridging the gap between innovative technologies and a traditional European herb.The Swiss Innovation Laboratory provides world class phytochemical and biological expertise and solutions for new product development to customer.


We are a Nutra-BioSciences company formed in 2003, headquartered in Walnut, CA, with an emphasis on safe and effective delivery technology. Our aim is to focus on delivery both to the human body, via improving the efficacy of nutrients, compounds and drugs, as well as the delivery of water-insoluble nutrients into food, beverage and supplements, for example Omega-3 EPA DHA, Resveratrol, CoQ10, Lutein and Medium Chain Triglycerides etc…

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co, Inc. (MGC)

BioPQQ® was awarded  Engredea's award, “Ingredient with the Best Science” in 2013 for MGC’s pursuit of clinical trials and deep investigation into  Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt, (PQQ). Manufactured in Japan with the highest of quality standards BioPQQ is the only clinically tested, the only pure, and the only natural PQQ ingredient available.  It is also the only PQQ filed with the FDA as a NDI!

BerryPharma® - the Expert in Berry Extracts

BerryPharma® extracts are produced at the Iprona AG manufacturing site in Lana, Italy.  The BerryPharma® brand is recognized internationally for standardized polyphenols extracted using the most modern ultra filtration technology.      In addition, our polyphenol production technology also includes high grade ethanol extraction for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  BerryPharma® Extracts are produced from European red fruits which are contracted from Growers covering many European regions including France, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine and Scandinavia. Polyphenols are extracted from Elderberry, Elder Flower, Blackcurrant, Bilberry and Aronia. Extracts are available as both liquids and powders.BerryPharma® also provides customised product development solutions.BerryPharma® Extracts are supported by extensive laboratory analysis at our own laboratory facilities as well as external institutions. In addition, we also endorse our extracts through clinical trials to substantiate the potential health claims. 

Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine Antarctic is a vertically integrated biotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable harvest of krill and development of krill-derived biotech products. The company supplies biomarine ingredients through a fully traceable value chain.Aker’s ingredient brand, Superba™ Krill, is a pure, natural source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin. Superba™ Krill’s omega-3s are largely bound to phospholipids, which are better recognized and utilized by the body. In vitro, in vivo and human clinical research has demonstrated the safety, efficacy and superiority of Superba™ Krill over other omega-3 sources in several areas, including heart and brain health.Superba™ Krill is more bio-efficient than other forms of omega-3s, which translates to smaller capsules and easier digestion. This in turn promotes a better user experience and offers consumers an alternative to current omega-3 options.Harvested in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, Aker BioMarine’s Superba™ Krill comes from the cleanest, most pristine environment on Earth. Further, only Aker's krill fishery has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification, which guarantees its operations are sustainable and 100% traceable from sea to shelf.

Lonza Ltd

Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We harness science and technology to create products that support safer and healthier living and that enhance the overall quality of life.Not only are we a custom manufacturer and developer, Lonza also offers services and products ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem-cell therapies to drinking water sanitizers, from the vitamin B compounds and organic personal care ingredients to agricultural products, and from industrial preservatives to microbial control solutions that combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 40 major manufacturing and R&D facilities and approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. The company generated sales of about CHF 3.6 billion in 2013 and is organized into two market-focused segments: Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients. Lonza’s stock is publicly traded on the Swiss and the Singapore stock exchanges. Further information can be found at

Arla Foods Ingredients

 Arla Foods Ingredients is the specialist provider of innovative solutions within the milk-based ingredients industry.

Naturex, leader in natural specialty botanical ingredients

Naturex manufactures natural specialty ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries. Headquartered in France, Naturex employs over 1400 people and has 15 production units located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and England), the United States (New Jersey and California), Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India. The group also has several sales offices worldwide. 

Nascent Health Sciences

Nascent Health Sciences is the market representative for PureQQ Prroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ), the SoPure Stevia family of products, and Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co, Ltd. products, included inositol, inositol hexanicotinate, valsartan and baicalin.

Beneo Connecting Nutrition & Health

BENEO's functional ingredients are derived from the natural sources chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat. Providing nutritional and technical benefits, they help food manufacturers to produce healthy and more balanced products. BENEO’s ingredients enable the development of products supporting weight management, digestive, bone and dental health but also giving energy for mental & physical performance. Moreover, they improve the taste and texture of food and beverages as well as their nutritional value by replacing fat and sugar as well as enriching fibre and protein.BENEO’s inulin and oligofructose are active prebiotic fibres from chicory root promoting the balance of the intestinal flora and the absorption of minerals such as calcium. Its sugar replacer isomalt is the only one derived from sugar and No 1 ingredient in sugar-free hard-candy. Isomaltulose by BENEO is the only fully digestible and low glycemic sugar providing prolonged energy in the form of glucose. BENEO’s rice derivatives include natural and organic derivatives such as flours, starches, bran, syrups, proteins and concentrates.


Prinova is the global leader in high-quality nutritional ingredients and continues to add value through innovative products and value-added services. Together Prinova will help you create the ideal sports & lifestyle nutrition and wellness products.

Ajinomoto OmniChem NaturalSpecialities

Ajinomoto NaturalSpecialities has been active for more than 60 years now, and is specialized in extraction and purification of botanicals. Today we are one of the leading polyphenol producers in the world.We are specialised in continuous counter-current extraction and have a specific experience in extracting polyphenols. Our total extraction capacity exceeds 6000 Tons of botanicals per yearWe have been producing tannic acids (also known as gallotannins) - since 1947. Tannic acids are hydrolysable polyphenols that are used in various markets such as brewery, oenology, food flavours and pharma.Tannic acid is a multi-functional ingredient whose main properties include: very strong anti-oxidant (ORAC > 40 000 µmol TE/g), metal complexation and proteins binding. We have also developed a range of grape seed extracts – OmniVin.OmniVin is the grape seed extract with the highest amount in monomers (catechin & epicatechin) on the market.Last but not least, we also perform process development and contract extraction of botanicals and fermentation broths for major players of the industry.Feel free to visit our website for more information:

Sabinsa Corporation

Sabinsa Corporation, founded in 1988, is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals and specialty fine chemicals.  Sabinsa’s mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being.

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