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'Noisy,' 'anxious' language dilutes message of omega-3s, analysts say

Omega-3s messages are “noisy” and “anxious” according to consumer insights shared during the GOED Exchange meeting taking place this week in Tenerife, Spain.

Parents and teachers unaware of mental benefits of good childhood nutrition

There is less awareness among parents and teachers of the importance of diet for children’s brain development compared to physical benefits, pan-EU research suggests.

Gilad & Gilad defends usage patent for agmatine in nerve health

Gilad & Gilad, formulators of a neuroprotective dietary supplement, have defended their patent on the usage of agmatine in a settlement with an alleged infringer.

ChromaDex closes deal to place Niagen in wide array of national chains

ChromaDex has hit another milestone in the market penetration of its Niagen ingredient with a deal that will put it into a number of national retail chains.

Special edition: Microbiome metrics & advances

Beyond microbiota: Prebiotics need hard health endpoints

Hard health endpoints, not just changes to microbiota, are needed to secure EU prebiotic health claims and bring fibre intakes up to recommended levels, according to European researchers.

Creatine forms unlikely basis of new mood support product

A product formulator has plucked an ingredient from the pre workout space and is basing a new mood support supplement on it. The unlikely new star? Creatine.

Prebiotic in early life may benefit brain health into adulthood: Research

Researchers from the University of Oxford have demonstrated for the first time the brain modulating role of prebiotics in early life 'window of opportunity'. 

Higher Omega-3 Index linked to better processing speeds in teenagers

Teenagers with higher blood levels of omega-3s may have better information processing speeds, compared with those with lower levels, says a new study.

Olive oil polyphenols may boost cognition: Nutrigenomic data

Supplementing the diet with olive oil polyphenols may beneficially affect gene expression linked to brain function, says a new nutrigenomic study from Italy.

Oat extract may improve cognitive function and memory: Study

A wild green-oat extract has demonstrated cognitive function improvement in middle-aged adults, who exhibited increased speed of performance and episodic memory in a clinical study. 

Researchers look at lasting effects of early-life exercise on gut microbes, brain health & metabolism

The immature gut may be more sensitive to environmental influences and provide a 'window of opportunity' for better health, say researchers behind a study in rats. 

Omega-3 not omega-6 linked with lower depressive symptoms: 2000-strong Japanese study

Even in countries with higher fish intakes, omega-3 may lower depressive symptoms, according to Japanese research in over 2000 people.

What’s on NutraIngredients-USA's special edition calendar for 2016?

From transparency to an in-depth look at the Ayurveda, omega-3s, probiotics, contract manufacturing, and the latest trends in sports nutrition and minerals, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2016 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

GOED updates monograph to keep up with rapidly changing omega-3 industry

In an effort to keep up with a changing industry, GOED has published an updated version of the GOED Voluntary Monograph, which sets specifications for omega-3 oils.

Pine bark extract shows cognition for Boomers: Study

Daily supplements of an extract from French Maritime Pine bark may improve decision making and attention span in people over 55, says a new study from Italy.

Curcumin, synbiotics, omega-3s & garlic: The Top 10 Science of 2015

From breakthrough studies to controversial hypotheses, it has been a fascinating year for science for dietary supplements. In this special gallery we review the top science headlines from 2015.

Sustainable seafood market extends 'whole fish' idea with line of supplements

Chicago sustainable seafood purveyor Wixter Market has developed that sustainability idea further by seeking to sell every part of the fish via a line of private label salmon oil omega-3 supplements.

Biotech start-up aims to unlock potential of the gut-brain axis

Kallyope Inc. is aiming to harness the potential of the gut-brain axis to develop consumer products and transformational therapeutics that improve human health and nutrition.

Infants, the elderly & US Air Force personnel: Abbott exploring life stages when nutrition has the most impact

Uncovering relationships between nutrition and cognition is a top global priority for Abbott, and the insights are helping the healthcare to giant create the next generation of brain health products.

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SFI adopts Bacopa through ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program

Soho Flordis International has ‘adopted’ the traditional Ayurvedic herb bacopa through the ABC Adopt-an-Herb Program.

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