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‘Heal all’ herb shows cognitive health benefits, for mice at least

Daily consumption of extracts from Prunella vulgaris var. lilacina may enhance cognitive function in lab mice, says a new study from South Korea.

Sen McCaskill calls for vinpocetine and picamilon supplements to be pulled from shelves

Senator Claire McCaskill, the ranking member of the US Senate Special Committee on Aging, has called for the FDA to suspend sales of supplements containing vinpocetine and picamilon pending an investigation.


FDA: Picamilon is not a dietary ingredient

Dietary supplements containing picamilon are considered adulterated by the US Food and Drug Administration, because picamilon is not a legal dietary ingredient, the Agency has told NutraIngredients-USA.

Multi-ingredient formula shows good results in Mild Cognitive Impairment test

A multi-ingredient formula previously studied for cognitive effects has additional evidence to bolster its efficacy in cases of mild cognitive impairment with the results of a recent study. Participants in a long-term trial showed significant improvements in memory performance and cognitive scores.

Quality of vinpocetine, picamilon supplements questioned by Ole Miss-Harvard study

A new analysis of over 50 dietary supplement products containing vinpocetine or picamilon has found that wide ranges in levels of the bioactives, with some products not containing anything at all.

Berries may enhance motor performance and improve cognition, says study

Strawberries and blueberries may boost brain health by enhancing motor performance and improving working memory, says a new study.

Curcumin close to status where benefits implicitly understood by consumers, manufacturer says

Curcumin is becoming so well known among consumers that it has almost gotten to the point that the mere name on the label is enough to market its many benefits, said Cheryl Myers, of supplement manufacturer Europharma.

College students more likely than general population to use dietary supplements, says survey

Sixty-six percent of students use dietary supplements at least once a week, says a survey of students from five universities.

Aker’s chief scientist: Let’s stop talking about bioavailability & focus on what happens to omega-3s in the body

Studies investigating the bioavailability of EPA and DHA from different oil forms are a waste of time, says Aker BioMarine’s chief scientist. A real effort must be put into researching how EPA and DHA from different forms are taken up and used by the body.

Omega-3 supplements may help attention for kids with and without ADHD

A daily dose of the omega-3s DHA and EPA may improve attention in kids with and without attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says a new study from Unilever.

NeuroGum raises more than $10,000 in two days to take on the energy & cognition categories

If Indigogo investors’ overwhelming interest in the upcoming launch of NeuroGum is any indication, the self-proclaimed focus-boosting gum could be a formidable competitor in the cognitive and energy food and beverage categories. 

JAMA study links low vitamin D levels to ‘profound’ and ‘rapid’ cognitive decline

Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency may have “substantial” accelerating effects on cognitive decline in the elderly, says a new study from UC Davis and Rutgers University.

$35 million for cognitive & metabolic resilience, women’s health & cutting edge technologies: NIH’s natural product research projects

Five research centers will focus on topics ranging from high-throughput functional annotation of natural products to botanicals for women’s health, with funding coming from the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

Guest article

Omega-3s and cognition: dosage matters!

Yet another study questioning omega-3 efficacy has been picked up by the mainstream press. Why finger the nutrient when the dosage is all wrong? argues Adam Ismail, executive director of the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), in this guest article.

FDA sends warning letters to five marketers of bulk powdered caffeine

The Food and Drug Administration has taken another step in its war on powdered caffeine. The controversial ingredient linked to a pair of deaths was the subject of a slew of new FDA warning letters to companies selling the substance to consumers.

Cannavest gets CBD oil products on natural channel retail shelves amid mounting losses

Cannavest, a Las Vegas, NV-based company active in the CBD marketplace, has reported a sharp increase in losses in its second quarter, 2015 earnings statement. But the company also hit the retail market with its PlusCBD Oil product and secured significant new financing in the quarter.

1 day to go! NIU’s Cognitive Health Online Summit to lifestages, market dynamics and key ingredients

How does Abbott Nutrition design cognitive health products for key lifestages? Where are the knowledge gaps for omega-3s and brain health? How much science is there behind the main ingredients? And how is the market performing? 

With no study showing how CoQ10 eases statin side effects, it's two steps forward, one step back for ingredient

A recent article in The New York Times that hinged on the side effects of statins had nothing to say about CoQ10, despite widely available information about the ingredient’s potential benefit in dealing with these side effects.

Could caffeine supplements boost your golf game?

A caffeine-containing supplement may improve golf scores and longer drives, according to results of a new trial from Auburn University.

Lutein/zeaxanthin and cognitive health: New study supports macular pigment as potential biomarker of brain health

Measuring macular pigment offers potential as a biomarker of cognitive health, and Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to be seriously deficient in carotenoids, say data from two new studies.

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