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Lutein/zeaxanthin and cognitive health: New study supports macular pigment as potential biomarker of brain health

Measuring macular pigment offers potential as a biomarker of cognitive health, and Alzheimer’s patients are more likely to be seriously deficient in carotenoids, say data from two new studies.

6 days to go! NIU’s Cognitive Health Online Summit to lifestages, market dynamics and key ingredients

How does Abbott Nutrition design cognitive health products for key lifestages? Where are the knowledge gaps for omega-3s and brain health? How much science is there behind the main ingredients? And how is the market performing? 

“Omega-3s, from fish or supplements, should be consumed throughout life," says GOED

Omega-3 supplements fail to halt cognitive decline in the elderly, says AREDS 2 data

One gram per day of EPA plus DHA omega-3s does not appear to slow normal age-related cognitive decline in people over 70, suggests data from the AREDS 2 eye study.

Canadian company claims its liposomal delivery massively boosts CBD bioavailability

Despite the regulatory haze that clouds the picture of hemp ingredients, innovation continues at an unrestrained pace. In the latest development, early stage company Lexaria says it has developed a liposomal delivery system to boost the bioavailability of cannabidiol (CBD), the most-researched fraction of cannabis beyond the narcotic fraction tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

Over 90% of Twentysomethings have suboptimal vitamin E status. What does that mean for health?

Huge proportions of the US population are consuming sub-optimal levels of vitamin E, according to a new study from DSM Nutritional Products and Cornell University which raises questions about potential detrimental health effects.

Tate & Lyle Ventures invests in Evolve BioSystems for newborn probiotics & prebiotics

Evolve BioSystems is receiving a $2 million investment from Tate & Lyle Ventures to support Evolve’s ongoing clinical activities and preparations for commercial launch of its novel probiotic and prebiotic products.

Supplement may drive brain benefits in ‘action planning’

People consuming the food supplement GABA may have an enhanced ability to react to and prioritise different actions, say researchers.

Brain boosting bioactives, Part 1: From omega-3 to vitamin E

Memory, attention and focus, development, mood; there are numerous ways that a nutrient or ingredient can affect cognitive health. But which have the most science, how do they work, and how are they performing in the market?

Brain boosting bioactives, Part 2: From citicoline and curcumin to resveratrol

In the run-up to the NutraIngredients-USA’s Cognitive Health Online Summit on September 2, 2015, we’re taking a look at the leading ingredients… 

Cognitive Health Quiz: Do you know your DHA from your PhosphatidylSerine?

Do you know which ingredient has a FDA qualified health claim for reducing the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly? What percentage of the total carotenoids in the pediatric brain tissue is lutein? Or which CPG company has led research into L-theanine?

Remember to back up memory claims with precise substantiation, expert says

Losing one’s memory continues to be one of consumers’ number one health concerns. While that represents a healthy market opportunity, companies seeking to address that concern with a dietary supplement need to be very careful about what they say about their products to avoid stepping over FTC boundaries or inflaming the ire of legislators, a claims expert asserts.

‘Omega-3s: Always a Good Idea’ posts positive results but did not fully return the market to growth

An integrated marketing campaign to change the conversation on omega-3s and reverse declining sales has contributed to a 3% improvement in year-over-year monthly unit sales in the food/drug/mass channel, says GOED.

‘The US market is ready for stress management supplements’, says Lipogen CEO

Consumers are looking for natural products to manage stress, says the CEO of Lipogen as the company  

‘Groundbreaking’: Citicoline supplements may improve attention in adolescents

Daily supplements of citicoline may improve attention in adolescent males, and boost motor speed and decreased impulsivity, says a new study using Kyowa Hakko’s Cognizin ingredient.

'Limited evidence' for vitamin B12 & neurological function in elderly: Oxford University review

Proof of an association between B12 status and neurological function in older people is limited, a review of 12 studies has concluded.

Memory supplements with data to back claims should be acknowledged, says developer with 8 studies to his credit

Thomas Shea, PhD, the academic driving force behind the development of Perceptiv, a memory support dietary supplement, said he was pained to see memory support products tarred with a broad brush via recent statements made by Sen. Claire McCaskill. While some products deserve the Senator’s ire, that shouldn’t cast aspersions on those products which really do have solid science connected to their formulations, he said.

Oak wood extract may boost energy levels, reduce tension: Pilot data

Supplementation with an extract from French oak wood may improve energy, tiredness, and tension, says a new study.

‘Expanding the innovative ingredient options’: Glanbia launches omega-3 powder

Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a new omega-3 powder for inclusion in multi-ingredient applications, including tablet, capsule, melt and powdered beverage applications.

High-fat diets may change gut microflora and signals to the brain: Rat data

A high-fat diet may affect the bacterial populations in the gut and detrimentally affect satiety signaling to the brain, says a new study using lab rats.

Science and market build for Kemin’s spearmint extract for cognitive health

Daily supplements of Kemin’s Neumentix spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) extract may improve the quality and accuracy of working memory in older adults, say data from a gold-standard randomized controlled trial.

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