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Fish oil may help your genes to ward off inflammation

The role of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFAs) in inflammatory diseases involves a diverse and complex set of mechanisms, reports a recent study in Nutrition.

Amarin's ITC case against omega-3s players decried as attempt to corner EPA market

As the concentration levels of omega-3 dietary supplement products have steadily risen, pharmaceutical manufacturer Amarin has moved to protect its competitive turf by filing a trade complaint against a number of suppliers and finished goods brands. Some trade groups alleged the move was a de-facto attempt to create a near monopoly in high concentrate EPA products.

Market report shows growing trend toward integrative medicine

A new market survey from consultancy Pure Branding claims that more and more doctors are incorporating concepts of integrative medicine into their practices, a development that can be seen as good news for the supplement industry.

Spore-based probiotic supplementation may reduce symptoms of ‘leaky gut syndrome’

Supplements containing a combination of spore-based probiotics may counter the chronic immune activation and inflammation associated with “leaky gut”, says a new study.

HerbalGram Herb Market Report for 2016

Ayurvedic herbs’ rise continues as turmeric & ashwagandha post big YOY growth

Turmeric/curcumin continues to be a standout performer in the herbal sector with data from the HerbalGram Herb Market Report for 2016 showing massive growth across both mass and natural retail channels.

Multivitamins, vitamin D & omega-3s most popular supplements for older Americans: Survey

Dietary supplement use among older Americans is high, with women twice as likely as men to use the products, says a new analysis of the 2011-2014 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Personalization cracks open can of worms in manufacturing operations, experts say

True personalization of dietary supplements could run up against formidable manufacturing compliance challenges, consultants say.

Special Edition: Personalized Nutrition

Push toward personalization will create new legal risks to manage, experts say

Offering personalized dietary supplements could open manufacturers up to legal risks, some of which go beyond those they are already subject to, experts say.

ChromaDex-Elysium fight highlights glitches in NDI and GRAS processes

The tussle between ChromaDex and Elysium Health highlights again the curious dance between a New Dietary Ingredient Notification and a GRAS affirmation as a way to bring ingredients to market.

ChromaDex alleges in petition that Elysium Health product is adulterated

ChromaDex has taken the somewhat unusual step of filing a citizen’s petition with FDA alleging that Basis, the dietary supplement manufactured by Elysium Health, a one time customer, is adulterated and should be removed from the market.

Sharks circle Vitamin Shoppe as stock price continues slide

On the wake of weak earnings at least eight prospective shareholders lawsuits have been announced against Vitamin Shoppe Inc. in recent days.

More vitamin C means less risk for cardiovascular disease, new study suggests

Results from an 11-year-long study on 13,421 participants revealed that participants with the highest vitamin C intake had a lower risk of cardiovascular mortality by 70%.

Rimfrost says review of two of Aker's US patents gives it leverage

A ruling by the US Patent and Trademark Office has reignited the krill wars, with Norwegian company Rimfrost AS claiming the ruling could invalidate all of the claims relating to two patents held by rival Aker BioMarine AS.

Cyanotech claims to be getting handle on production issues

Algae products producer Cyanotech has made progress in nearing reliable profitability by focusing on cost cutting and more consistent cultivation.

Online curriculum could boost supplement knowledge among doctors, paper finds

Online training of physicians in integrative medicine could help boost the number of family doctors educated in the value of dietary supplements in health and prevention.

Omega-3 supplements may slash cardiac death risk: Meta-analysis

Consumption of omega-3 supplements may reduce the risk of cardiac death by an average of 8%, according to results of a new meta-analysis that pooled data from over 70,000 people.

Study on choline intakes suggests eggs or supplements are only way to get enough

A study published this month using NHANES data reinforces that choline is an underconsumed nutrient, and concludes that it is very difficult to get enough in the diet without eating eggs or using a dietary supplement.

Study backs multivitamins' ability to prevent nutrient shortfalls with hard data

A study published last week in the journal Nutrients adds another brick in the wall backing the ability of multivitamins to fill in nutrient shortfalls. While this notion is taken for granted among experts in the dietary supplement field, it is still sometimes discredited by health influencers and in the mainstream press.

Study supports safety of pomegranate metabolite, urolithin A

Extensive toxicological data supports the safety of urolithin A, a metabolite from pomegranate compounds and an emerging ingredient positioned for its anti-inflammatory properties and for boosting mitochondrial and muscle function.

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