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Special Edition: Tackling diabetes: Formulating for healthy blood sugar

Glucose management ingredient gets UAE distribution, ‘needs to be in food supply,’ founder says

Sometimes the best way to build a new market is to step back. 

Mulberry leaf extract latest botanical to get a boost from Dr Oz

Mulberry is the latest ingredient to benefit from a Dr Oz mention. Since the ingredient was featured on the show on Sept. 27, demand for all things mulberry has spiked in the US, a supplier reports.

Sabinsa gets FDA no objection letter for GRAS status of its Curcumin C3 Complex

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a letter of no objection to Sabinsa for the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status of its Curcumin C3 Complex for use in food and beverages.

FDA permits qualified health claim about whole grains and type 2 diabetes, but is the wording so qualified no one will use it?

The FDA says it will permit qualified health claims on the relationship between eating whole grains and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but is the wording it has proposed so qualified that no food manufacturer will want to use it?

Resveratrol shows fat cell shrinking potential: Human data

Thirty days of supplementation with resveratrol were associated with a reduction in the size of fat cells, with genetic tests showing various pathways for fat breakdown, researchers from the Netherlands report.

Infographic: Dietary supplements for smart prevention

Dietary supplement regimens may save hundreds of millions of dollars – and in some cases billions – of healthcare savings by reducing the number of disease-associated medical events, says a new report, but what do those numbers look like?

‘Game changing’ economic report: Supplements could save billions of dollars in health care costs

Dietary supplement regimens may reduce the number of disease-associated medical events, representing the potential for hundreds of millions of dollars – and in some cases billions – of savings, according to a new report by Frost & Sullivan and commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Foundation.

Two studies hail resveratrol type 2 diabetes potential

Supplemental resveratrol should be considered as an adjunct to standard anti-diabetic agents in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, according to two studies conducted at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran and JSS University in India.

Baobab fruit extract shows blood sugar management potential

Formulating functional foods with extracts from the baobab fruit may help manage blood sugar levels, says a new study.

FDA warning letter disallows 14 Metagenics products as medical foods

Metagenics, a prominent California-based dietary supplement manufacturer that specializes in medical foods and supplements sold through the practitioner channel, has received a warning letter in which FDA says a number of its medical foods are mislabeled and have claims that make them unapproved new drugs.  The action signifies an FDA push toward reigning in the category, an expert said.

'Cobiotic' delivers dramatic decrease in fasting blood glucose and 'virtually eliminates' diarrhea caused by Metformin in type 2 diabetic: Case study

A new-onset type 2 diabetic who developed diarrhea after being prescribed the drug Metformin resumed regular bowel movements, lost weight and experienced a dramatic reduction in fasting blood sugar after taking a novel ‘cobiotic’ ingredient, according to a case study published in Beneficial Microbes.

Amino acid supplements may offer diabetes hope: Mouse data

Supplementation with the amino acid arginine could help to improve glucose metabolism by as much as 40%, according to new research in mice.

HP Ingredients launches maqui berry extract for blood sugar management

Formulators of products for blood sugar management have a new option, as HP Ingredients announces it is the new exclusive North American sales and marketing agent for Delphinol, a purified, concentrated standardized extract of Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis). 

Mulberry leaf extract shows blood sugar management potential: Human data

Daily ingestion of a mulberry leaf extract may lower blood sugar spikes after eating and help reduce the risk of diabetes, suggests data from a randomized clinical trial with 50 healthy people.

Vinegar beverage shows blood sugar management potential

Vinegar (acetic acid) should be ‘purposefully’ integrated into more food matrices, say the researchers behind a new study which reports the potential blood sugar management potential of a vinegar beverage.

Medical foods guidance could open avenues for dietary supplement disease claims, attorney asserts

FDA may have opened a disease claims door for some dietary supplements when it shut another via its recently issued revised draft guidance on medical foods. That’s the contention of Peter Arhangelsky, an attorney with the law firm Emord & Associates.

Use of oral nutritional supplements cuts hospital stays: Abbott study

A study funded by Abbott Nutrition has found that providing oral nutritional supplements to patients was associated with significant reductions in length of stay and hospitalization cost. Additionally, the 30-day readmission risk was significantly reduced for patients with at least one known subsequent readmission.

Sesame seeds can aid pre-diabetic blood glucose levels: Study

A herbal blend based on sesame seed lignan extracts can help reduce blood glucose levels among a growing proportion of the population classed as pre-diabetic, according to Indian researchers.

"An amazing result with possibly enormous implications for the treatment and even prevention of the greatest public health issue of our time"

Microbiome breakthrough: Gut flora implicated in metabolic disorders

There is a distinct link between the composition of our gut bacteria and incidence of obesity related conditions including heart disease and diabetes, according to new data from the MetaHIT project.

Cinnamon offers ‘hopeful effects‘ on blood pressure, but it’s premature to make recommendations, says meta-analysis

Supplementation with cinnamon may lower blood pressure in pre-diabetic and diabetic people, but it’s too early to make recommendations, says a new meta-analysis.

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