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Cardax puts synthetic astaxanthin finished product on market

A synthetic astaxanthin finished product has reached the market with the release of ZanthoSyn, by Hawaiian firm Cardax.

Cardax puts synthetic astaxanthin finished product on market
Guest article

Embracing the future: The dietary supplement industry comes of age

Duffy MacKay of CRN argues that there is much in FDA's newly released New Dietary Ingredients draft guidance that represents a step forward for the industry.

Can shrimp byproducts be a source of shelf-stable astaxanthin?

Researchers in Spain observe the characterization and shelf-stability of astaxanthin from  L. vannamei shrimp processing waste.

Literature from trade show booth puts company in hot water with FDA

A recent FDA warning letter emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistent messaging about a product to avoid crossing the disease claims line.

Cordyceps fungi supplementation may improve high-intensity exercise

Industry study suggests an increased tolerance of high-intensity training when study participants consumed the cordyceps-containing PeakO2 blend.

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