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FDA releases adverse events data for supplements, foods, and cosmetics

Motivated by transparency, the US Food and Drug Administration has released tens of thousands of adverse event reports for dietary supplements, but does the data actually allow for any conclusions to be drawn?

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FDA offers guidance on how to determine fiber status of prebiotic ingredients

In a draft guidance, FDA has shed more light on how to determine what’s a fiber and what might not be—information that is critically important for the marketers of prebiotics.

Could glucosamine and chondroitin support a healthy colon?

Supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin may support colon health via an anti-inflammatory mechanism, according to data from two big US cohorts.

Accumulating science boosts MitoQ as it launches products for new indications

MitoQ, a company whose products are based on a special form of CoQ10, has seen solid growth since the ingredient was launched in supplements in 2013.

Nutrition-focused program for hospital patients reduces readmissions by 30%: Study

Screening incoming patients for malnutrition and prompt initiation of an oral nutrition supplement program may shorten a patient's length of hospital stay by 25% and reduce the risk of readmission by 27%, says a new study.

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Naturopathica supports ABC’s Adopt-an-Herb Program for arnica

Naturopathica has adopted arnica (Arnica montana) through the ABC Adopt-an-Herb Program.

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