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Special edition: Supplements for Pets

Navigating the regulations around supplements for pets

While many ingredients and trends for animal supplements are the similar to those found in human dietary supplements, the sector lives in a pre-DSHEA environment for regulations, explains Bill Bookout, president of the National Animal Supplement Council.

Navigating the regulations around supplements for pets

Milk protein producer not ready throw in towel to whey

Milk proteins continue to carve out a strong niche in sports nutrition despite’s whey protein’s dominance, supplier Milk Specialties Global said.

Special Edition: Supplements for Pets

Easy observation of effects makes joint health prime pet opportunity

Joint health is probably the easiest thing for pet owners to measure, which makes it an important opportunity for the suppliers of ingredients for pet supplements, experts say.

Study supports efficacy of HolisFiit polyphenol-rich formulation for 'mind and body well-being'

A polyphenol-rich formulation may enhance the benefits of mind-body practices, such as yoga, Pilates, and Taïchi, says a new study from Europe.

‘No valid conclusions’: Omega-3 trade body fires back over prenatal DHA supplementation findings

A randomised trial follow-up found little benefit of prenatal DHA supplementation on the IQ of children at age seven, academics in Australia have reported.

NutraIngredients-USA’s state of the industry survey: Have your say today

NutraIngredients-USA is running a state of the industry survey to gauge your views about the current state of the nutrition and supplements sector, and to discover the issues that are of most importance to you.

Citrus compound protects against effects of high-fat diet, study from Korea and Japan reports

Long-term supplementation with low-dose nobiletin can protect against high-fat diet induced inflammation, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia and liver disease, despite not contributing to weight loss, a study by Korean and Japanese academics found.

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