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The Supplement OWL product registry goes live

The Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) has officially gone live, with 51 Brand Names and 2,576 labels already in the product label database.

The Supplement OWL product registry goes live

Hong Kong billionaire to pour $25 million into ChromaDex

ChromaDex, an ingredient development and analytical testing firm, has announced a large investment by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing.

Dispatches from Experimental Biology 2017

Curcumin may boost recovery and maintain performance during workouts

Dietary supplements formulated with highly bioavailable curcumin may allow for faster recovery after competition-level training, and blunt training-related decreases in performance , says new data presented at Experimental Biology 2017. 

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine launches ‘Forever Juice’ powder supplement line

Former bodybuilder Carlo Filippone launched a prepared meal company back in 2013, geared to help consumers eat healthier. But his observation of consumer dietary behavior led him to believe nutritional supplementation was necessary.

Kyowa Hakko launches new amino acid blend, revamps quality message

Kyowa Hakko has launched a new amino acid blend called Setria Performance Blend to capitalize on the growth of the sports nutrition sector.  The launch also coincides with a new emphasis on quality, the company says.

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5-Hour Energy counterfeiter gets 7 years in federal prison

Around $15 million and some time for one of the main defendants of what has been dubbed as the first-ever US criminal prosecution for food and beverage counterfeiting.

'New generation' bilberry extract to compete on price and quality

A 'new generation' of bilberry extract is being launched with a focus on eye health and sports nutrition, say those behind the launch. 

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