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Kudos! DHA supplements during pregnancy could save US healthcare system $6 billion

Universal supplementation with DHA during the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy may save the US healthcare system billions of dollars, says a new study.

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Can innovation pump up deflating bone supplement sales?

It’s not just about calcium anymore. From collagen to creatine, the market is ripe with opportunity to create innovative, scientifically-backed bone health products, experts say.

Sunfiber blunts blood sugar spikes among glucose intolerant subjects, study shows

Taiyo has announced the results of a peer-reviewed pilot study that explores the effect its Sunfiber ingredient has on blunting postprandial blood glucose spikes among glucose intolerant subjects.

Marine & plant-based omega-3s may lower risk of heart attack deaths

Eating both seafood and plant-based omega-3s could mean a lower risk of dying from heart attack, a meta-analysis has found.

Rat study finds whey protein hydrolysates effective in suppressing muscle mass loss

As the world’s aging population grows, researchers are churning out studies to combat conditions such as decreased mobility. 


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Perluxan: Addressing an unmet need for safe joint discomfort treatments

Joint discomfort is a major problem. There is a need for therapies that manage minor pain without side effects. Perluxan could meet this therapeutic need.

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