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Marine Ingredients launches platform pairing omega-3s, phytocannabinoids

Marine Ingredients has announced the launch of a new product platform that combines the benefits of omega-3s with those of phytocannabinoids.

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Pre-workout supplementation of phenylalanine may aid fat oxidation in men

Taking the amino acid phenylalanine as a pre-workout supplement may stimulate whole body fat oxidation, known colloquially as ‘burning fat,’ according to a new study.

Research supports immune benefits of Ganeden’s new Staimune ingredient

Inactivated Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086A has similar immune activation and anti-inflammatory effects as live cells, says a new study using Ganeden’s recently launched Staimune ingredient.

NattoPharma debuts 'full spectrum' form of Vitamin K2 to mimic what's found in cheese

Norwegian company NattoPharma will debut a form of Vitamin K2 that includes more of the menaquinone forms found in natural fermented cheese.

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Disagreement about carotenoid research raises again the question of what ‘natural’ means

A disagreement between researchers and an ingredient supplier about the import of recent carotenoid research raised again the sticky question of when processing steps might convert a natural ingredient into an artificial one.

Body’s fat-metabolism wards off sugar's effects and promotes healthy ageing: Study

The chemical link between a low-carbohydrate diet and healthy ageing could be explained by new scientific evidence showing that the body’s own fat-metabolism protects against sugar’s harmful effects.

NutraIngredients award winner launches new product development venture

The formation of a new company aims to ‘bring an external eye inside health and nutrition projects,’ with its founders looking to bring a new model of project management to the industry.

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