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Analysis reveals big costs savings for DHA supplements during pregnancy

Supplementing pregnant mothers with DHA omega-3 could lead to significant costs savings for patients and healthcare systems, according to a new analysis from Australia.

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NPA to roll-out online TruLabel registry portal to industry in early 2016

The Natural Products Association is making its TruLabel registration database available to the industry for voluntary registration and the general public with a new online portal database set to be launched in early 2016.

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Deadline for AHPA Awards nominations fast approaching

The American Herbal Products Association is still accepting nominations for its 2016 AHPA Awards, with the deadline for submissions set for Friday, Dec. 4.

Sustained release powdered CarnoSyn opens doors to new markets, applications for beta-alanine

Natural Alternatives International’s new sustained release CarnoSyn powder significantly expands the appeal of the muscle-building and endurance-boosting beta-alanine ingredient beyond just hardcore fitness enthusiasts to women, the elderly and consumers seeking general wellness support, according to the company’s new president. 

Could kimchi reduce the risk of eczema?

Increased intakes of fermented foods like kimchi and beer are associated with significantly reduced risks of atopic dermatitis (eczema), says a new study from Korea.

Iodised salt is not enough to fight deficiency in pregnant women: Researchers

Mandatory iodisation of table salt in Turkey has helped iodine deficiency in school children, but pregnant women still require a boost from supplements, according to researchers.

'no evidence of benefit in this population'

Study quashes claim probiotic reduces NEC, sepsis & death in preterm infants

There is no evidence that the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium breve can reduce the risk of necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), late-onset sepsis and death in preterm infants, a study of 1315 infants has found.  

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