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Claims on adaptogens might overreach, but the herbs really are powerhouses, experts say

The comprehensive properties of adaptogens could lead marketers to overblown claims, but experts familiar with these ingredients say their many benefits really do lend themselves to ‘magic pill’-type language.

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Vitamin D, calcium supplementation don’t reduce cancer risk… or do they?

Four years of supplementation with calcium and vitamin D did not produce any statistically significant reductions in the risk of cancer in older women with sufficient levels of the nutrients, says a new study.

GRMA launches website ahead of releasing consensus-based GMP standard for dietary supplements

The Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance (GRMA) has launched to encourage participation in the ANSI standards development process.

Colostrum supplements may reduce muscle damage and inflammation post-exercise: RCT

A daily supplement containing bovine colostrum may reduce markers of muscle damage and blunt inflammation after exercise, says a new study with soccer players.

NutraIngredients-USA’s state of the industry survey: Have your say today

NutraIngredients-USA is running a state of the industry survey to gauge your views about the current state of the nutrition and supplements sector, and to discover the issues that are of most importance to you.


VIDEO: Why New Zealand’s long-awaited Natural Health Products Bill is needed now more than ever

Trade body Natural Products New Zealand is hoping new industry regulations – which it believes will help boost exports – can finally be passed before the nation’s elections in September.

Supplements and exercise effective for malnutrition and frailty: Review

The overlap between malnutrition and frailty is such that both conditions could benefit from combining oral nutritional supplements and physical activity, a review has concluded. 

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