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Nutrition program could save hospitals up to $3,800 per patient

Tackling malnutrition in American hospitals could help save millions of dollars by shortening hospital stays and lowering readmission rates, says a new study conducted in four Chicago area hospitals.

The total economic burden (direct & indirect) of disease-associated malnutrition in the US is estimated to be $157 billion each year (JPEN, 2014, Vol. 38, No. 2, Suppl 77S-85S). Image © iStock/Ridofranz

Disagreement about carotenoid research raises again the question of what ‘natural’ means

A disagreement between researchers and an ingredient supplier about the import of recent carotenoid research raised again the sticky question of when processing steps might convert a natural ingredient into an artificial one.

Proper calibration, personnel training key to successful use of in-house testing equipment

A lack of identity testing is a frequent failure cited in warning letters issued by the Food and Drug Administration. But even when tests are being done, they need to be done in the right way and with properly calibrated equipment.

New rat study backs Aquamin’s benefit over traditional calcium for bone health

Oral ingestion of Aquamin—a form of calcium derived from calcified red marine algae—may lead to less deterioration of the trabecular bone structure, according to a team of researchers from various institutions in Ireland.

High-dose supplementation cuts vitamin D deficiency in severely premature babies

Preterm infants given the highest daily doses of vitamin D3 saw significant reductions in deficiency prevalence, say researchers.

GanedenBC30 gets Health Canada ‘no objections letter,’ expanding formulation, claims flexibility for manufacturers

Products on the Canadian market containing the probiotic GanedenBC30 can now print new health claims on pack.

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